5 Easy Steps for a Smooth Philippines Passport Renewal in Dubai

When our passports expired in August last year, I dreaded the renewal process. Philippines passport renewal in Dubai can be tedious but surprisingly this time around, it wasn't as hard and lengthy as I expected it would be. It was easier and faster compared to the process I've gone through five years ago. Even with two kids in tow whose passports are also to be renewed, we didn't feel annoyed or waited too long in line.

There is no secret to this, all we did was come prepared with all the requirements in hand and do what we needed to do.

Here are a few steps you can follow for a smooth Philippines passport renewal in Dubai:

Step 1. Book an appointment here.

The link above will take you to the Consulate General of the Philippines Dubai's official passport appointment booking site. There's no need to go to the consulate anymore for an appointment. I'm glad because I've saved so much time because of this.

In order to book online, you must have an access to a computer and the internet and you will need your email for registration. Register first to have a username and password to log in.

As suggested, use the Mozilla Firefox browser. I used Chrome and it was fine, see what works best for you.

Important Note: (Applicants are advised to avoid making multiple bookings as this may lead to the cancellation of the appointment.)

Book an appointment early, at least a month or two before the passport expiry date. For frequent travelers, it is ideal to renew six to eight months before the passport expires because some airlines and consulates require a passport with six months of validity and sometimes even more.

Children 5 years of age and younger don't need appointments, so I didn't have to book for Prince. My daughter on the other hand is age eleven so I have to get a separate appointment for her.

Keep in mind that the date you want might not be available so make sure to have an alternative date or simply chose a date from the ones available on the appointment booking page that suits your schedule.

I logged in last week and the appointment availability shows one month from that day.

It is best to prepare all that you need for the passport renewal ahead of time. Here's what you need.

1. Duly filled the passport renewal form, and ensure to write legibly.
2. Printed appointment confirmation email
3. Two color copies of your passport with visa page and emergency contact page, bring extra just in case.

Step 2. Personal appearance at the consulate

Arrive at the consulate office at least fifteen minutes to half an hour ahead of the given time so as not to feel rushed. Dress appropriately, they do not allow entry for people wearing shorts, sando, and slippers.

The passport renewal section is on your left from the main entrance of the consulate not in the main villa. When you enter the door, go straight to the counter and place your passport along with the requirements in the tray that is marked with your appointment time. Attach your documents to your passport with a clip so they will not be misplaced or mixed up with other applicants' documents.

Sit down and wait for your name to be called. They will issue you a receipt and you have to go behind the main villa to the cashier to pay.

Step 3. Pay the fees at the cashier (Room No 3)

The cashier is behind the main villa of the consulate. It is wise to have the exact amount in hand to shorten your cashier transaction time. The passport fee is 240 dirhams as of this writing.

Absentee voting registration (Room No 4)

This is an extra step I needed to do when I renewed my passport last year because of the upcoming Philippine national election this year. Everyone renewing their passports at that time until the end of October 2015 has to register for AOV which was fine by me.

Step 4. Passport encoding and Biometrics enrollment (Next to Room No 4)

Here, the staff will need your old passport to encode all the information needed. Take your fingerprints, photo, and signature. A printout will be given to you to verify all the information are correct and has no typographical errors, this form requires your signature.

Keep your receipt safe as this is your ticket to collect your brand-new passport.

Step 5. Check here for available passports for collection.

It will take 4-8 weeks before your passport is ready. Ensure to check one month after submission. Ours took only a month and I am glad about how smooth and fast the process was.

Bring your receipt for passport collection. This time the collection is inside the main villa of the consulate at the passport releasing room.

Philippine Consulate General of Dubai
Al Qusais 3, Beirut Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel. No. + 971 4 2207100
Sunday to Thursday
Consular Services : 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Passport Releasing : 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Philippine Visa : 8:00 am - 11:30 am
Marriage: 8:00 am - 3:30 pm ( Sunday to Wednesday only )

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