Zaroob Comes to Sharjah

Zaroob is that colorful, eye-catching and unique restaurant along Sheikh Zayed Road somewhere around the DIFC area. It is a owned by Zuhour Group, Zaroob specializes and famous for their authentic and traditional Levantine street-food inspired dishes.

It has been in my radar for a while now but never had to chance to check them out.

The best thing, they are now in Sharjah along Khaled Lagoon (Sharjah Corniche) after the Central Park and just a stone throw away from our place. Since the weather is still pleasant, the kids and I just walked our way to it to check them out on their opening day

We were seated al fresco with the best view of the Khaled Lagoon.

and later joined by a friend and blogger - Ion of Boy Dubai.

So many people came down during the opening day and all were giddy to have Zaroob as an addition to the growing food scene in this area.

The restaurant opening set menu

Our friend here poured us cups of free flowing and very refreshing tamarind juice. The kids are new to it and did not drink it but I liked it, it brings back good memories.

Back home in Bulacan - the province where I grew up, I remember my dad making tamarind juice for us when it is in season. It is sweet, sour and very refreshing.

There was hoummus, tabouleh, fatoush, arabic bread, falafel, warm foul, wrapped turkey ham Man'oushe and chicken shawarma for sharing.

I haven't eaten foul before even if it was always available in most restaurants I've been to that serves Arabic food, I tried it this time and I'm glad I did as it was delicious.

I still haven't tried the koushari that day as I am already full giving me an excuse to visit Zaroob again.

After brunch, the kids and I walked back home feeling extra happy.

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