Uno: The Cutest Doggie on the Planet!

This is Uno, the cutest doggie on the planet :D (Syempre, bias ako :D)

Uno was a our friends dog. We asked her if we can borrow Uno even just for a week. We just wanted the kids to experience having a dog to care for. We also fostered a cat before but on the cat's second week with us, my eldest allergies flared up, so we had to return Katina to its owner asap. Despite that, we know that the experience of taking care of a pet cat is something beautiful the kids will remember until they grow up.

Back in the Philippines, Ferald and I grew up having dogs as pets but our kids, unfortunately, were born in Dubai where dogs are considered inconveniences in apartment living. It is simply not permitted by many building owners and managers, it is even included in the lease agreement that pets are not allowed in the apartment. It's probably easier if we live in a villa.

When our friend went to Philippines for a short trip, we took Uno in. (sshhh, that's our little secret ok) The kids were super excited to see the dog home for the first time. Mica was at ease after their first meeting but Prince was hesitant and trying to avoid Uno in the beginning but became good friends in a couple of days.

The main reason we wanted to try a dog at home is to see if any of the kids are allergic to it. I can safely say that no one in the family showed any signs of allergy while Uno was with us.

Another reason we want to borrow a pet is for the kids to understand that having a pet comes responsibility which my eldest displayed pretty well. She cleans after Uno and give him his water and food on time. On the other hand my youngest was probably not as ready as his sister when sometime during the week, he blurted out a question with hand motion addressing everybody "why nobody told us that having a pet is not easy?" Daddy and I had to sit and explain to him that dogs are just like humans, they have life and they needed attention and caring too.

The kids misses the cat and the dog from time to time and I miss them too. We are looking forward to the day that we can own a dog.

Thank you to our friends who let us borrow their furry friends and for allowing my kids to experience such a wonderful bonding moment with them.

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