Dubai Miracle Garden

This post was long overdue since we visited Dubai Miracle Garden a few days after Christmas but I guess it is just the right time to post it in celebration of Spring.

The park was full of people and there was a long queue outside until the parking lot but it did not discourage us to see and explore this beautiful place. We were among the many who cannot stop taking photos, selfies, and groupies at every turn.

With more than 45 million flowers thriving in this garden under the desert sun is a true miracle and quite a challenge to the park management but a delight to all its visitors every year

It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies, we bask in the warm winter sun as we walk and marvel at the artistic work done here.

I feel like Alice in Wonderland who fell into the rabbit hole and woke up in this magical kingdom

Actually, it wasn't just flowers, take a look at this Burj Khalifa, made with preserved lemons and oranges

It was so colorful, even the food court was covered with colorful umbrellas for a roof.

Just outside the food court, we found these bikes, and Mica and I just had to have our photos taken, they are so adorable. For a moment, I wished that we can take it for a ride around the park.

Can you tell that my favorite color is yellow? To be honest, I like the yellow color so unconsciously.

Our tired feet and some soothing saxophone music led us to the open amphitheater where we had pretty much a bird's-eye view of half of the park

After resting and enjoying the sounds, we moved to the other observatory deck where the view is nothing short of gorgeous, actually even better.

If you come here on your birthday, don't forget to take your photo by the clock.

Down below, there was far more to see

This one looks like it came out of a painting

My social butterfly

I think we spent a good four hours exploring Dubai Miracle Garden but it was not enough to take in all that beauty. I actually can live in this garden and I will be glad to wake up each morning next to the flowers. Wait, that sounds like a very good idea, what about a chalet to rent in this garden for the weekend? I don't see why not.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Ciao for now!

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  1. Beautiful! I think it's bigger than the first time I visited it. Or maybe they just have a lot more displays? I'm sure that there was no amphitheater though when we went there. :p

    1. It was absolutely beautiful! Yes there's an amphitheater, it was nice to sit and rest there after all the walking we did while listening to the sax player, not sure though if he is there daily

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