Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our First Flying Experience with Philippine Airlines

Our first flying experience with our national carrier Philippine Airlines was our flight from Dubai to Manila last July of this year. It was a good flying experience for us with just a few reservations. If you will ask me would I book with Philippine Airlines again? Yes, I would. Flight PR 659 Manila bound uses Airbus A330-300 if I'm not mistaken and it is quite a big airplane, however full with passengers, it was a quiet flight for us.

Few days before our flight, the kids were dreading the nine-hour flight (we don't fly often) and the nonexisting in-flight entertainment of Philippine Airlines or so we thought. I planned on bringing some activity materials for the kids but I was too overwhelmed by the things I needed to complete at work before our vacation plus just thinking about packing for a month-long trip was exhausting. I didn't have time to work on that plan so I just relied on the available games on the iPad hoping it would entertain them. I chose a night flight so we can all just go to sleep after we ate our food and when we wake up, we will all be in the Philippines.

While checking in at the airport, we were surprised that Philippine Airlines passengers can download the myPal Player app. We are vacationing to the Philippines after five long years. It's our first time to fly with Philippine Airlines so we're not aware of this app. myPal Player app lets you enjoy movies, TV shows, and music for free on your own device. Isn't that exciting?

My daughter and I are both movie buffs. I personally look forward to a movie marathon each time I fly so imagine my excitement. I don't sleep when I fly and I really can't sleep in the airplane maybe even with the most comfortable seat in the economy class of Emirates Airlines. We don't fly business or first class (because expensive duh!) unless someone is kind enough to sponsor it then maybe I can sleep. So yes, watching a movie is one of my comforts when flying. I actually finished three movies on our flight to Manila that day.

twinning with my daughter - always wear comfortable clothes when on a long haul flight
Checking in at the Dubai International Airport terminal 1 was quick, except for the queuing which really takes time. Philippine Airline's baggage allowance is pretty big. They allow each passenger 2 pieces of 23 kg luggage. We are four passengers so we have more than enough. People with disabilities and families with small children are given priority at boarding time so that's a good thing for us as well. A friend recommended that we waited for everyone to finish boarding and let us be the last so that we don't have to wait longer but the kids are so excited they wanted to get into the airplane first.

Our flight leaves Dubai at 17:45, take off was smooth and uneventful, thank goodness. When we were airborne, the kids unfastened seat belts and started checking everything they see especially my son who is ever so curious. We saw that the crew started serving food but it was only by 21:00 that we were served food and the kids were already starving. We only had halo-halo from ChowKing at the departures area food court so imagine how hungry they were. I kept it in mind to bring some snacks in my bag next time we fly so I have something to offer them in case the food is late.

There are chicken and beef but they ran out of beef so we all had chicken

We liked the food except for the potato salad because it was under-cooked.

My son is six years old and he can eat on his own. The last time he was on an airplane, he was barely a year old. It was difficult back then but now I am just there to make sure he is comfortable, fed and entertained.

After dinner, I watched the Lego Movie with the kids. Prince fell asleep after some time while my eldest stayed up watching another movie. I watched movies on my iPhone. Our daddy was seated on a different row so he had a good night sleep as well.

Before we knew it, it was sunrise and we are in the Philippines.

The crew switched on the lights and ask the passengers to freshen up an hour before landing. They started serving sandwiches for breakfast, coffee, some snacks, and newspaper.

Above the clouds, we seldom have this view from our window so we stared at it to our heart's content

Land ho!

Just happy and excited faces. Our little guy woke up fresh and fully charged.

Ferald has motion sickness so I made sure he took 2 pills for drowsiness before the flight. He woke up happy and I'm happy.

The night was uneventful, no heavy turbulence, the landing was smooth and we reached the Philippines safe and sound. We landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 3, it was smaller but with better facilities. It was chaotic at the baggage claim area but we got all our luggage and they're all intact.

Our flight back to Dubai was tumultuous, not because of a turbulence but because of a toddler who doesn't want to leave the Philippines to go back to Dubai and a two-hour delay in the flight. Nonetheless, we reached Dubai safe and sound.

We also flew with Philippine Airlines on our trip to Palawan and we are very happy with the service. 

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