Batangas: Family Day Tour at Tierra Mercedes Nature Resort

When I am in the Philippines, I like to immerse myself in lots and lots of greenery and nature tripping for I know that when I'm back to Dubai, I will miss it so much.

When we were looking for a place to treat the family during our last vacation in the Philippines, we found a beautiful mountain resort located in Cuenca, Batangas, the province where my husband Ferald grew up.

We found Tierra Mercedes Nature Resort. It is a beautiful property by Mt. Maculot trail and it has 7,000 sq. m. of resort space.

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We left Laguna early to be at Cuenca Batangas by 9:00 in the morning. We wanted to maximize our time to enjoy the facilities and to do as many activities as we can.

Before heading to the resort, we stopped by the local market of Cuenca to buy some fresh seafood. There are grilling facilities at the resort so we were able to cook the things we bought from the market. The resort has its own restaurant but they allow guests to bring in cooked meals. We brought with us some of our favorite Filipino dishes like chicken adobo, longanisa, and salted egg mixed with tomatoes. We grilled some aubergines, milkfish stuffed with onions and tomatoes, tiger prawns, and pork marinated in barbecue sauce.

All this for our boodle fight-style lunch later that day.

The resort has two kiddie pools, two adult pools, and water slides including an 80-meter giant slide.

I am an adrenaline junkie and adventure lover but one thing I am still scared of and sometimes hesitant to do is to slide on a giant slide like this one. I conquered my fear and slid down anyway but I made sure Ferald was waiting for me at the end of the slide because this helps lessen my fear.

The resort also offers day tour cottages and rooms if the guest would like to stay overnight. Other attractions which we made sure we tried crossing and taking a photo at the hanging bridge.

We also tried their zip line.

My son Prince getting ready for his zip line ride alone. This was his second time, the first was in Sabang Zipline in Palawan. He said he was so nervous but he was actually so brave he did it on his own.

Ferald and I did both the zip line and the air bike. I was so scared at first. My knees were shaking but once I stepped on the pedal and started moving, I wasn't so scared anymore. I even looked down and it gave me a different high. It was one unforgettable experience for us.

The resort has many facilities to keep you busy. There's a billiard table, private KTV rooms, and a basketball court where the Roque boys didn't pass the chance to play ball with their uncle.

It was a beautiful day of bonding with the family. It has been more than two months since we are back to Dubai and when I look at these photos, it made me miss home but at the same time, my heart is full knowing that we had a wonderful time together and it's a memory all of us will never forget. It's for the kids, we wanted them all they remember that they have a wonderful family.

Tierra Mercedes Nature Resort
Geronimo Cuevas Street, 
Brgy. Siete, Cuenca, 

Rates here


From Manila, take SLEX and STAR Tollway. Take the Lipa exit and turn left to JP Laurel Highway. Continue straight for 3.5 km, then turn right to Lipa-Cuenca-Alitagtag-Sta. Teresita Provincial Road. Continue straight for 8.5 km. Turn right to Zamora, right to B. Laqui, left to Maculot, right to G. Del Pilar, and finally, turn left to Geronimo Cuevas. Continue straight for 500 meters and you will have arrived at the resort gates.


From the Cubao or Buendia terminal, take the bus headed to Lemery. From the Cuenca Market, take a tricycle to Tierra Mercedes.

Have you been to Tierra Mercedes Nature Resort? Share your story in the comment section below.

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