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The Palm and Burj Al Arab Sightseeing Boat Tour with Xclusive Tours Dubai

It is not every day that we see the whole of The Palm and Burj Al Arab from the other side of the city, from the seaside. There's just one way and it's to go on a Dubai sightseeing boat tour or on a yacht cruise around The Palm islands.

Xclusive Tours Dubai offers a 90 Minute The Palm and Burj Al Arab Sightseeing Tour and a 30 Minute Dubai Marina Tour

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago in the United Arab Emirates, created using land reclamation. It is one of three planned islands called the Palm Islands (Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira). However the smallest, it has many beautiful hotels in its branches with Atlantis The Palm Hotel, a major attraction located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah island.

Burj Al Arab, on the other hand, is the only seven-star hotel in the world, another feat of UAE. It stands on its own island and known as the iconic building of Dubai even before Burj Khalifa and other iconic buildings in Dubai were built.

We chose the 10:30 am sightseeing tour but we had a medical emergency that we had to re-book for the 2:30 pm - afternoon tour. It's a good thing that Xclusive Tours Dubai was still able to accommodate us despite the late notice.

It's time to board the boat and our tour guide Ajas was already waiting for us, the rib boats are anchored just behind their offices so no rush. I guess the only thing rushing is my adrenaline.

After a short introduction about Xclusive Tours Dubai and some safety briefing, we wore our blue inflatable life vest (that automatically inflates once you hit the water) and one by one boarded the boat. They have a separate orange life vest for children if the blue one would not fit.

This was our boat route, exiting from the left side of the palm, circling it, passing by the Burj Al Arab and back from the right side entree point.

The tour was exclusive for the four of us but the boat can actually accommodate up to 8 people and it would really be nice if you go with friends or family.

I was worried that it will be hot but nah, it was just perfect, with the sea breeze blowing you wouldn't even feel the heat. Also with the weather turning to our favor, it's the best time to go.

We kicked off right on time, the boat moved leisurely in the waters of the Dubai Marina canal.

Ajas showed us Dubai Marina Mall, Pier 7, The Address Dubai Marina and other hotels that dot the Dubai Marina waterfront. He gave away facts and statistics about these buildings that would really impress. Although these are not new to us, I watched my kids in amazement, listening intently to what our tour guide was saying absorbing every detail.

The next thing Ajas showed us was the Bluewaters Island where another iconic structure is taking shape. Dubai Eye or now renamed as Ain Dubai. It's two or three times the size of UKs London Eye and it is set to become the world's biggest Ferris wheel.

Ajas then informed us that we are about to speed off, hold on tight and just enjoy the ride. It was windy and the tides are bigger but they have the permission from the coast guard to sail.

Maneuvering the boat a little, he gave us a bit of a splash and with a quick u-turn the boat slowed down and stopped off the coast of JBR and we are looking at its skyline.

On the left you can see the Cayan Tower - with a 90-degree twist, in between are the Jumeirah Beach Residences Towers and on the right side is the Ain Dubai leg and hub that will hold the wheel with 48 capsules and a holding capacity of up to 1,400 visitors at any given time

We sped off again until we reached Atlantis The Palm. Ajas stopped the boat facing the iconic hotel and gave us its nitty-gritty.

"Atlantis, The Palm, opened on 24 September 2008. The 1,539 room nautically themed resort has two accommodation wings, also referred to as the Royal Towers, consisting of the East and the West Tower, both linked together by the Royal Bridge Suite. It is complemented by the Aquaventure water park and the locally popular Nasimi Beach, which frequently plays host to concerts and other events.-Wikipedia"

The wind was strong and it was simply a perfect day for sailing.Took me a while to get these shots, but really it's impossible to stay still

plus we're also moving now headed to our next stop, the Burj Al Arab Beside it is the five-star Jumeirah Beach Hotel and beside the hotel is Wild Wadi Water Park.

Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs) stands on an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) from Jumeirah beach and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. The shape of the structure is designed to mimic the sail of a ship. It has a helipad near the roof at a height of 210 m (689 ft) above ground

I think Ajas mentioned the rate per room per night here but I wasn't actually paying attention this time. I just stared and take all in the glorious beauty of this structure radiating in front of us.

It's time to go back now to the marina. We sped off for a while and slowed down as we reached the Sheikhs Palaces area as there's a speed limit in that part of the sea.

Here's what Ajas said that caught our attention, something we were not aware of.

After the Burj Al Arab, there are 11 palaces. 4 belongs to the Emirate of Dubai and the rest of the 6 are for each emirate of UAE. Then there's the Logo Island, owned by Sheikh Maktoum-the ruler of Dubai and apparently a gift to his wife, Princess Haya.

On the way back to the marina, the view didn't stop being gorgeous. It stuns you literally!

where a selfie is a must

while we're taking selfies I wonder what this other two was talking about but they seemed to be pleased of the subject matter

Can't help but snap even more photos. When we thought we've seen it all, the view from the sea was actually even better.

Stunning...bedazzling...and it creates more ideas (in your head) of more fun things to do in the future on this side of town.(hmmm)

Before we know it, we are back to the busy canal of Dubai Marina.

passing by more pretty buildings and mosques

It was about 4 pm, the sun was still high up and we have plenty of time to stroll around the waterfront.

We are back to anchor Xclusive Tours rib boat in its berth where another group was waiting for their turn.

We ended our Xclusive Tours 90 Minute The Palm and Burj Al Arab Sightseeing tour in high spirit. We have plenty of time in our hands so we added a walking tour of the Dubai Marina waterfront. We are already in this beautiful place so might as well take advantage of it. You get 2 for 1 on that.

This tour is highly recommended especially for families like us. We didn't know what we're missing until we've tried this tour. We loved it I'm sure you will too.

Xclusive Tours Dubai
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