Highest View Lounge For A Romantic Pre-Valentine Dinner l Gevora Hotel Dubai

Gevora Hotel Dubai holds the Guinness World Record title of the Tallest Hotel In The World. With the tallest title comes the Highest View Lounge, the highest restaurant in the Middle East situated 280m from the ground with 360-degree views of the Dubai skyline. It is at HC Level or the 75th floor.

Ferald surprised me with a pre-Valentine dinner date at this restaurant last Thursday. Trying something new, something quite fancy this time. This a welcome change from the usual daily errand dates we used to make. If you get what I mean. (hahaha)

It was a lovely night, all of Dubai was twinkling. It was an incredible view. A bit chilly since we are only in February but I am not complaining. It was actually great up there and since we were dressed for the occasion, we didn't need to ask for a blanket but if you ever need it, it is provided. All you need is to ask.

He booked at 9:30 pm and we were seated at the most coveted table. We were initially seated at a different one but the husband trying to give me the best experience requested that we move to this one after it got vacant. Luckily, the couple seated here left just before our food was served.

It is a dry restaurant, not sure about the hotel though, the owner prefers not to serve alcohol here and we were okay with that. I ordered their signature mocktail THE HIGHEST VIEW (Mango, lime, vanilla syrup, passionfruit, fresh mint, crushed ice with soda or water.) Such a refreshing drink.

Ferald had his favorite Mojito in Passion Fruit.

For Starters, we had a light OSCAR STEAK CARPACCIO (Shaved beef tenderloin/balsamic requote/red onion/parmesan souffle/smoky lemon dressing) and some warm LOBSTER MAC & CHEESE. Prince our son would definitely adore this dish.

For our main course, we ordered WILD SALMON STEAK and SEAFOOD PAELLA. 

This paella was loaded with all sorts of seafood and it was wonderful. I think it uses Arborio rice which is a type of long-grain rice instead of Bomba, which is traditional paella rice. Nonetheless, it was delicious.

The salmon was perfectly cooked, nice and flaky. It also has two side dishes. We opted for the mashed potato which was nice and stir-fry vegetables but turned out overcooked and too salty for our liking.

Otherwise, the food was really delicious. Dessert would have been nice but we were too stuffed to have some so reserved it for another visit.

We really enjoyed the night. Every moment spent with my husband/BFF/adventure buddy is great, this one is just extra special. 

Here's a short video of our Dinner Date at Highest View Lounge, Gevora Hotel.

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