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Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai's Impressive Friday Brunch


Ferald and I were invited to a Friday Brunch by our good friend Doc Gelo to join him celebrate his 10th-year anniversary in blogging.

The venue, the 24th Floor of Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai where three of the hotel's finest restaurants joined together to create one impressive brunch offering. PAX ItalianBenjarong for Thai, and The Californian, their all-day dining restaurant for Arabic, Mediterranean, Indian, Mexican and other international cuisines.

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Dubai Food Scene: Tuesday Asian Night at The Avenue Restaurant Gloria Hotels and Apartments

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I am sold to those who give reverence to Filipino cuisine and I am elated to know that The Avenue Restaurant in Yassat Gloria Hotel and Apartments serves Filipino dishes in their Asian Themed Nights every Tuesday. Something that we seldom see in other restaurants who offered Asian themed nights dinner.
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Dinner Buffet at Lamesa Restaurant

Lamesa restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Dubai now among our Filipino compatriots for celebrating special occasions or hanging out with friends over dinner. Located at the 5th floor of Asiana Hotel in Deira, it is spacious with many tables although it tends to be over crowded as told by one of my friend who celebrated her birthday over there. We had dinner there on a Friday so it is expected to be full Dinner service starts at 6 pm and lasts till 10:30 pm and it is best if you come early. The place was well lit and AC was working just fine even it’s full of diners.

The table given to us was under the AC vent and it was too cold to the point that it wasn’t comfortable to eat because we are cold and the food on our plate easily gets cold. We requested them to move us to the next available table and our request was granted promptly with the help of the kind wait staff assisting us.
We started our dinner with crab and corn soup, it wasn’t hot enough to calm our growling tummies. We quickly drank our soup and started helping ourselves with the food on the spread

My first plate had some pad thai noodles, pancit canton, three pieces of vegetable maki and siomai dumplings, there are no sushis and sashimis to go with it and I didn’t touch the salads, I wanted to come back for the macaroni salad but already forgot about it. They also have pizzas in this selection if you fancy some cheese.

My second plate includes chef’s special fried rice, fried fish fillet, mixed seafood and kare-kare with bagoong. The main dish also had plain steamed rice, kungpao chicken and grilled chicken.
The pork station is my best bet, they got sisig, lechon kawali, crispy pata, boiled pork that looks like sliced lechon, menudo and spare ribs adobo, all mouth watering; all you need is a bottle of beer. Yes they do serve alcohol since the restaurant is in a hotel and hotels are allowed to serve alcohol here in UAE except of course during Ramadan. If not with our kids, hubby and I would have ordered a bottle for each.

You see my plate of pulutan, I mean pork dishes, I didn't eat it with rice as I like it that way with loads of pickled cucumber.

Since Lamesa is a Filipino restaurant; they have buko pandan for dessert and what's unique is their a create-your-own halo-halo station. Apart from that tropical fresh fruits are available and different variations of cheese cakes and brownies.

They have an ample selection of drinks - hot and cold, juices, sodas, beer, whines, etc.

At 89 AED / person without drinks it’s not that bad because of the wide variety of dishes available. They also have Friday brunch for AED 79 and weekday daily lunch of AED 49.

Our total bill was AED 392 for three adults and two kids but Prince eats for free because he is just 3. :)

For reservations call 04238 7777

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Another Sibling Reunion at Pizerria UNO Chicago Grill

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My favorite and only sister :p who works in Doha is coming to Dubai every week for her training. We are thankful for the opportunity because we get to see her more often. Her career is advancing and mandatory training is conducted in their company HQ in Dubai.

We are only three and all of us are expats. My sister lives in Qatar with her family while me and our Kuya are both living and working in Dubai. Last Monday while she was here, we went out for dinner at Pizzeria UNO Chicago Grill in Deira City Center. Uno is famous for its deep dish pizza made from authentic Italian spices and quality tomatoes and loads of cheese. We did not order pizza, we skip any appetizers and directly ask for the mains which are serve in really big portions.

It was the middle of the work week so its not crowded.

Hubby took this shot before we dig in.

I had grilled seafood trio with mash potato and steamed veg on the side.

Ate ordered blackened chicken fettuccine, forgot to take its photo though. Kuya and hon both had an 8 oz steak.

The last time we ate here was long time ago but the taste of  food and quality of service was still excellent. We love the food here at UNO Chicago Grill. Will surely keep them on our dining list.

Our total bill including beverages in average per person is AED 83.

UNO Chicago Grill
Deira City Center, Dubai

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