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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Max's Fried Chicken "Sarap Kapiling"

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It is one of those restaurants in Dubai that can help you cope up with your life as a Pinoy expatriate in the UAE, food wise, believe me. Whenever we crave for authentic Pinoy food, we run to Max's.

Sarap Kapiling eh!!!

Max's Fried Chicken became famous because of its signature fried chicken, created initially for the GI's by the owner and founders niece, now the best comfort food that all Filipinos love and grew up with. Without a doubt Max's Fried Chicken is also very popular because they are one of the restaurants  in the Philippines that serve the tastiest and most delicious Filipino food, now also serving in Dubai and Sharjah.

News Flash!!! On Monday, 13th April 2015 is the Grand opening of their Al Ain Branch.

We usually frequent their Sharjah branch but this time we went to dine at their Bur Dubai branch, near Bur Juman Center just next to Spinneys. As always, they are busy but despite that, we have always been well assisted by the staff. We were ushered to our table, the one at the corner tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

We ordered our all time favorites and tried some of the new addition to the menu.

While we were waiting for our food, drinks arrived and they are purple, white and brown. Exotic milk shakes we didn't expect to find, not new but something different, usually served as desserts now a drink. Ube macapuno (purple yam and young coconut) and buko pandan (young coconut and pandan flavored gelo) milk shakes. Yumminess overload!!!

Then the food parade started...

My vote is divided between the Beef Sisig and the Prawn Gambas con Aligue but it's going to be unfair to choose one because both dish are remarkable. The beef sisig reminded me of Aling Lucing's sisig and its really good I had to ask for extra rice to enjoy this seafood dish a little bit more. (Aling Lucing or Lucia Cunanan from Angeles Pampanga is the woman who invented variants of sisig that soon became nationally famous, she is dubbed as the "Sisig Queen" thus making her city Angeles the Sisig Capital of the Philippines) The Prawn Gambas con Aligue is so good I had to recreate it at home (for the love of prawns).

Juicy succulent Prawn Gambas con Aligue (aligue is the crabs eggs and fat that line its shell)
Maxs nailed it with their new Beef Sisig

Of course a meal at Max's is never complete without the chicken that built and made this restaurant famous for, lo and behold, Max's fried chicken served with sweet potato fries on the side. Crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside.You can order half or full or a meal.

Another new on the menu is the Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon or Salmon head in tamarind based broth loaded with asian vegetables served on a clay pot (just the way we like it). My son Prince couldn't get enough of the sour soup while I devour the soft savory fish and crisp veggies.

We also had spicy fried rice and crab meat fried rice (all time favs) to go with our viands.

I must say that Max's beef sisig is by far the best beef sisig we have ever tasted in Dubai. I am actually craving for it while writing this.

We came to the end of our meal but still high with excitement because we knew what's coming. Max's dessert sample it our favorite. You get all four desserts in one plate.

gooey brownie topped with vanilla ice cream / silky smooth leche flan (creme caramel) / creamy buko pandan / melt in your mouth ube panna cotta

served with a hot cup of coffee with a bonus of a caramel square. It is simply the best way to end our dinner.

Sometimes somethings so good you cannot get enough of them, no worries because Max's have a corner for baked goodies you can order a take-away. My recommendation, try ube macapuno swiss roll.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Max's Restaurant Sharjah

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Max's is a family business dating back to 1945.After almost 70 years, from a single restaurant it now boast more than a hundred branches all over the Philippines and still expanding. Expansion reached the UAE with two branches, one in Karama and Sharjah City Center.

We entered the restaurant already starving; it was I guess after 10 pm, we had a very late dinner last night. We went grocery shopping first before deciding where to eat. 

You know you really cannot confuse a good Filipino restaurant because it gives you the feeling of nostalgia, it is something that you know by your heart and it always makes you feel home. Max's was like a time machine and it transports us to home. This was the first time we are dining in here after it opened its branches in the UAE. 

The restaurant is no longer crowded like the earlier time when we pass by it, did I say we are eating xx minutes past ten? So we were ushered to our table, there were only few tables occupied by diners so we almost have the whole restaurant to ourselves.

The menu consists of all time favorites from kare-kare to pancit to sago't gulaman for drinks. My sister-in-law attest by the taste of the crab fried rice so we were enticed to order three plates not knowing that one plate is good for two to share and it is so good that we finished it all up.

We also had fiesta plate for ate and Max's tapa for Mica. The only disappointing piece on my sister's plate was the lumpiang sariwa because it looks so good, big, and fresh on the photo but it lacks this quality once served, it looks more like unfried spring roll to me.

While Mica was without complain about her food. It came as a surprise to her to have two yolks in an egg but by the looks of it, I think these are two eggs cooked together actually.

This is the fried chicken that built the house, must be millions of these. It's a sin not to have it if you're at Max's Restaurant,  :p it has a secret recipe that's been concocted by Nanay Ruby (pictured above.), evidently we are sold. As always this chicken is crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside like the way we want our fried chicken. It comes with some sticks of fried sweet potatoes on the side.

And what's a fried chicken without ketchup? They are selling these ketchup bottles for AED 5

We washed down our sumptuous dinner with iced tea and sago't gulaman

All meals should have sweet endings and a dessert plate sampler was a beauty but before I could even snap a photo of it, my kids were already digging in so yeah just to give you a view I nabbed a picture from a fella who have a very good review of Max's too.

That concludes our dinner and we left the restaurant happy and sated but we didn't leave without taking a picture with the ever hot papa endorser of Max's - Coco Martin un oh!!!!

And the kids with the chic! :)

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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I haven't done a food post in a while. Today I am going to share with you how I cooked nilupak, one of my all-time favorite afternoon snack back home. Ferald was also craving for it in a while so when I chance upon some cassava/ tapioca/yucca in Safeermarket in Sharjah, I bought about a kilo for 10.35 Dirhams. That's three pieces of the nice long fresh root crop.

This is how it looks unwashed and unpeeled.

Nilupak is a mixture of boiled and mashed cassava, condensed milk and margarine. You may add sugar, butter, grated coconut and cheese as you like. I would suggest not to add the coconut like what I did because your nilupak will easily get stale and spoiled. In some provinces like my husbands in Batangas they don't put grated coconut in it at all.

The first thing to do is to wash the cassava to remove all the dirt. Peel and boil in water until tender by not soggy.

Grate it, mashed it, or use a food processor to bring it to a very fine texture. Here I added the grated coconut which I shouldn't have as I told you earlier. My cassava was coarsely grated only.

Add condensed milk

 Add margarine or butter

I also added some cheddar cheese. Mix it until well combined. Roll it into bite-size balls, or bigger as you like. This is how I remember nilupak. Hubby posted the photos on Facebook and friends were asking so will soon be making another batch.

For the measurement you may check this, mine was cook instinctively. Serve and enjoy.
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