I haven't done a food post in a while. Today I am going to share with you how I cooked nilupak, one of my all-time favorite afternoon snacks back home. Ferald was also craving it in a while so when I chance upon some cassava/ tapioca/yucca in Safeermarket in Sharjah, I bought about a kilo for 10.35 Dirhams. That's three pieces of the nice long fresh root crop.

This is how it looks unwashed and unpeeled.

Nilupak is a mixture of boiled and mashed cassava, condensed milk, and margarine. You may add sugar, butter, grated coconut, and cheese as you like. I would suggest not adding the coconut like I did because your nilupak will easily get stale and spoiled. In some provinces like my husband's in Batangas, they don't put grated coconut in it at all.

The first thing to do is to wash the cassava to remove all the dirt. Peel and boil in water until tender by not soggy.

Grate it, mashed it, or use a food processor to bring it to a very fine texture. Here I added the grated coconut which I shouldn't have as I told you earlier. My cassava was coarsely grated only.

Add condensed milk

 Add margarine or butter

I also added some cheddar cheese. Mix it until well combined. Roll it into bite-size balls, or bigger as you like. This is how I remember nilupak. Hubby posted the photos on Facebook and friends were asking so will soon be making another batch.

For the measurement you may check this, mine was cooked instinctively. Serve and enjoy.

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