Another Sibling Reunion at Pizerria UNO Chicago Grill

My favorite and only sister :p who works in Doha is coming to Dubai every week for her training. We are thankful for the opportunity because we get to see her more often. Her career is advancing and mandatory training is conducted in their company HQ in Dubai.

We are only three and all of us are expats. My sister lives in Qatar with her family while me and our Kuya are both living and working in Dubai. Last Monday while she was here, we went out for dinner at Pizzeria UNO Chicago Grill in Deira City Center. Uno is famous for its deep dish pizza made from authentic Italian spices and quality tomatoes and loads of cheese. We did not order pizza, we skip any appetizers and directly ask for the mains which are serve in really big portions.

It was the middle of the work week so its not crowded.

Hubby took this shot before we dig in.

I had grilled seafood trio with mash potato and steamed veg on the side.

Ate ordered blackened chicken fettuccine, forgot to take its photo though. Kuya and hon both had an 8 oz steak.

The last time we ate here was long time ago but the taste of  food and quality of service was still excellent. We love the food here at UNO Chicago Grill. Will surely keep them on our dining list.

Our total bill including beverages in average per person is AED 83.

UNO Chicago Grill
Deira City Center, Dubai

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