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Ice Cream and Desserts at Morelli's Gelato Dubai Mall

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We found ourselves at Morelli's Gelato Dubai Mall branch the other night with a big appetite for ice cream and decadent desserts waiting to be satisfied.

Morelli's Gelato is an ice cream parlor with the white and unmistakable violet decor at the lower ground of The Dubai Mall with a beeline of giddy ice cream lovers.

Morelli's Gelato is an institution. Founded in 1907, they've been serving Italian ice creams for five generations. In Dubai, we are lucky to get three branches. The other two is in Mall of the Emirates and Jumeirah Beach.

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Scoopi Cafe Jumeirah

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"Life is short, eat dessert first!" and "Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts!"

These were the words written on Scoopi Cafe's wall that actually defines our day, the day we visited the gourmet ice cream and chocolatier shop in Jumeirah. 

Scoopi Cafe serves what might be the most expensive ice cream in Dubai - the Black Diamond which cost a whooping 2,999 Dhs or 817 dollars per scoop. We didn't see it though but I did check it out online and it looks like this, it is topped with 24 karat gold, edible of course.

Instead we choose our own ice cream flavor and toppings from the menu. The ice cream was made fresh using liquid nitrogen every time and it was ready in minutes. Each scoop is 15 dhs, plus 7 dhs for an additional scoop.

I chose Saffron Pistachio topped with pistachio nuts on a sweet and crispy waffle cup. It was light and so refreshing, perfect for a very hot and very humid day.

Mica had Italian Nuttella Chocolate with European Chocolate topped with Oreo and Ferrero Rocher chocolates on a chocolate waffle cup. Prince had his favorite, a scoop of simple vanilla topped with Oreo after he finish his first scoop of Italian Nutella.

Ferald had a scoop of strawberry cheesecake topped with ferrero rocher. 

We definitely had one chilled afternoon and a delightful meeting with friends

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