Ice Cream and Desserts at Morelli's Gelato Dubai Mall

We found ourselves at Morelli's Gelato Dubai Mall branch the other night with a big appetite for ice cream and decadent desserts waiting to be satisfied.

Morelli's Gelato is an ice cream parlor with the white and unmistakable violet decor at the lower ground of The Dubai Mall with a beeline of giddy ice cream lovers.

Morelli's Gelato is an institution. Founded in 1907, they've been serving Italian ice creams for five generations. In Dubai, we are lucky to get three branches. The other two is in Mall of the Emirates and Jumeirah Beach.

We figured out that our Morelli's experience has to be a sit-down sundae business rather than a take away on a cone one so we grabbed a table for four. Maria greeted us giving each of us a purple menu.

Our order was prepared and was served right away. Gelato, unlike other kinds of frozen desserts, contains less air and more flavoring making is denser and richly textured. It also melts quicker so we took photos on a whim and dug in.

Coincidentally, our unique choices were from all of the four themes they have

Nutella chocolate filled crepe from Crepes and Bella Nutella from Choc-Oh-Lah were my daughter's choices. Berry Pavlova Sundae from Tutti Fruitti for Prince and Knickerbocker Glory from Old Flames for Ferald.

I didn't order for myself but I am happy with what they've taken. I always try not to order up a storm, ensuring we will not have too many leftovers (because kids)

Most restaurants in Dubai have huge servings and the ice cream and desserts at Morelli's Gelato is not an exception. They're good for sharing... or NOT... if you have a sweet tooth.

As for me, I shared this Nutella chocolate filled crepe topped with fresh banana and strawberry with everyone.

Prince willingly shared his Berry Pavlova Sundae with me with just one condition. He gets the wafers and hardened chocolates and I can eat all the berries. I couldn't agree more.

While Prince and I are spoon sparring in our tall cup of a sundae, my daughter and husband quietly indulged with their sundaes.

Ella with her Bella Nutella.

Then I finished the last bits of crepe left with a cup of cafe latte

Fueled by sugar, we conquer Dubai Mall - Dubai biggest shopping mall hopping from shop to shop until late and up until we felt hungry again and went to find dinner.

Ooops, no one said we can't have desserts first!!!

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