Dubai Water Canal by Night

When we learned about the permanent closure of Jumeirah Beach to make way for the Dubai Water Canal Project, we were saddened. It's one of our favorite beach parks in Dubai.

Fast forward to today, we are happy to see the project came to being and now has become another popular (still shaping up) and newest destination in Dubai. Knowing that Jumeirah Beach is undergoing re-development makes us all the more excited. I am sure it's going to be bigger and better than ever.

Dubai Water Canal Project is an extension of the Deira Creek linking Business Bay to Arabian Gulf. The part where you can find the pink waterfall is called the Crystal Lagoon and the land soon to be developed along the canal is called the Public Realm.

This waterfall is right on the bridge along Sheikh Zayed Road. With a built-in sensor, it automatically stops exactly on the part where a boat is passing through. The waterfall is not always pink, it changes into many different colors.

We went to see it on a Friday evening on a Dubai public holiday with the kids. We started off enthusiastically but the kids went a little grumpy a little later and we needed to leave quite soon. Needless to say, we couldn't explore the whole development plus it was packed with observers making it harder to take pictures.

Ferald and I went back on a weekday after work to take some material for the blog. Not only we had better pictures this time, we also got to sneak in some alone time together.

Although not yet fully developed, Dubai Water Canal is already well equipped. With the tech-savvy in mind, the developer put charging stations on all the lamp post and free Wifi is easily accessible.

It has benches, walkway and pedestrian bridges with elevators.

Dinner cruise boats are already passing through the canal

It's currently a perfect spot for a stroll whether in the morning or at night. A place to spend some time with your dearest with the ever evolving and impressive Dubai skyline watching you. Best part, it's free of cost.

To get to Dubai Water Canal, you can take the Dubai Metro and alight at the Business Bay station but you still need to walk a little further about 15 minutes. Take a cab otherwise. If you have a car, there many access to the canal and parking spaces are available.

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