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Little Manila Celebrates its 1st Anniversary with the Biggest Pizza in the UAE

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Little Manila is celebrating their 1st Anniversary today, September 14, 2016.

Happy 1st Anniversary Little Manila from us here at My Yellow Bells!

To mark this festive occasion and make it all the more historic, Little Manila is officially launching today the biggest pizza in the UAE. A whopping 27 inches in diameter pizza with four different flavors - Pepperoni, Margarita w/ jalapenos, Hawaiian and Vegetarian.

I was thankful to be part of the food tasting committee that Little Manila organized a few days ago and I can safely say that I am impressed, with the taste of the food, the service and the overall ambiance of the restaurant. Little Manila has come a long way since they've opened and they have drastically improve in all aspects of business.

(L-R) Sir Milo Torres, Pamela of Glimpses of Pam, myself, Sir Juni of Buhay sa Dubai, MM of MMinDubai and Mar of Butter N Corn
Presenting...(drum roll please) the biggest pizza in the UAE

Biggest Pizza in the UAE (the photo shows 6 flavors for food tasting purposes only)
Priced at AED 360 only which is good for 10-12 pax inclusive of choice of pasta (carbonara or bolognese), 12 Buffalo Texas wings and choice of red tea or regular cola.

Bring your barkada and be the first to try the biggest pizza in the UAE!

For smaller groups, they have the 21 inches at AED 205 good for 7-9 pax inclusive of a choice of pasta (carbonara or bolognese), 12 Buffalo Texas wings and choice of red tea or regular cola, and the 14 inches at AED 70 good for 2-4 pax served with choice of  red tea or regular cola

The pizza crust is made of foccacia bread (a flat oven-baked Italian bread product similar in style and texture to pizza doughs), it is soft and chewy and everything that we love about foccacia bread. The toppings are fresh and cooked nice and even.

I love each and every flavor but my favorite was the Queso Loco di Pimento or Margarita with 3 cheeses and jalapenos and the Centura grande or the super supreme

I've mentioned pasta earlier, it is inclusive when you order pizza of 21 and 27 inches respectively

pasta and buffalo wings inclusive when you order the 21'' or 27'' inches in diameter pizza

Buffalo Texas wings
The chicken is tender and juicy with just the right sweetness and zesty flavor. It comes in 12 whole wings, a very generous serving of buffalo wings.

pasta bolognese and pasta carbonara
Both the pasta bolognese and pasta carbonara were cooked al dente topped with a generous amount of sauce.

The pasta carbonara is rich and creamy with juicy chicken pieces with enough cheese to add saltiness to the dish. On the other hand, the bolognese was also delicious although I find it a little oily for my liking. Chef Jojo explained that the oil came from the three way infused tomato sauce.

The cap off the food tasting event, the new Double Decker Choco Fudge Cake was served. It was indulgent, not too sweet nor bitter. If you've been reading my blog, you know that anything not too sweet is a winner in my books.

The new Double Decker Choco Fudge Cake is available at the bread shop at AED 100/1 kg. You can ask them to write your message on the cake too.

To sum it all up, our experience tasting the new addition to Little Manila's menu was a success. I personally liked the new dishes, not being biased here but because the food speaks for itself.

Visit Little Manila today to join in the celebrations. If you are like me who missed the festivities in the Philippines, it is best to go there now.

You will also be happy to find that Little Manila brought it's own jeepney and you can have your souvenir photo taken, its for free.

Sakay na!

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PAX Italian Restaurant and Lounge

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Hello everyone, how was your Valentines date?

Mine wasn't so bad, since I knew that the husband will be working on that day, we already went for a pre-Valentine's dinner last Friday. I'm very glad to receive my annual bouquet of red roses and box of chocolate on the day itself from the loving and ever supportive husband and that's all about it coz...

I don't want to bore you about my V-day date story but instead I want to show you this. Awesome isn't it?

This was our view the last time we were at PAX Italian Restaurant and Lounge at Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai.

A lovely restaurant that serves honest-to-goodness Italian food. 

PAX Italian Restaurant and Lounge was recently awarded the Certificate of Authenticity set out in the Ospitalità Italiana Seal Specification, under the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE for 2014-2015 joining the stellar list of certified Italian restaurants in the world

We were invited to sample its menu for February about a couple of weeks ago which was designed for winter or cooler months. Dishes hailed from the cities of Piedmont, Venice and Tuscany in Northern Italy, all orgasmically delicious and surprisingly affordable.

We started off with cream of pumpkin with amaretto flavored crisp. Our waiter recommended that we dig in while it's warm. It was love at first sip, so creamy and satisfyingly good.

Crema de Zuca al Crocante D' Amaretto AED35

For antipasti, Vitello Tonnato is not much to look but I tell you underneath that tuna caper sauce is a delightfully appetizing pink thick slices of slow-roasted veal in a bed of crunchy red cabbage.

Vitello Tonatto AED45

First course was risotto with green asparagus, radicchio and teleggio cheese. I don't know about you but most risotto dishes I've tried at Italian restaurants tend to be a little too salty for my palate. Maybe it's just the way it should be but I tell you if this wasn't the case, it would have been a perfect rice dish for me. The risotto rice was cooked well and the asparagus has a bite to it which added texture to the dish.

Risotto con Asparagi, Radicchio e Taleggio

We also had beef ravioli tossed in tuna veal jus, forest mushrooms and spinach of which I have all the praises. The ravioli was cooked al dente and it was perfectly seasoned with enough sauce to keep it moist. The spinach in a pasta dish is new to me but I welcomed it with open arms.

Ravioli Di Manzo Al Sugo D'Arrosto Fungi E Spinachi Novelli (Piemonte)

For our main course, we had grilled corn-fed baby chicken, roast potatoes and grilled vegetables with herb extra virgin olive oil. The chicken was crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. I love chicken dishes but unfortunately it was served with a very strong contender...

Galleto Alla Grigla Con Patate Arrosto, Verdure Alla Griglia In Salsa Alle Erbe E Olio D'Oliva (Veneto)

...the star of the night - the grilled T-bone steak with pan fried zucchini and capsicum.

Costata Di Manzo Con Zucchine E Pperoni Saltati in Padella (Tuscany)

Look at those beautiful grill marks and juice that sits on the meat (gosh writing this make me salivate and crave for it right now). If you have a big appetite then this is good for one but can also be shared by two person and still be sated.

The juicy succulent meat was so flavorful and tender with fat that melts in you mouth, yum. I promise to return to PAX with the husband just for this part of the menu.

We cap our dinner with greetings of happy birthday to two of our friends Sheila of AB and ME and Kenneth of Ken Surat and shared an oh so creamy half pound cheese cake and two cups of tiramisu for dessert.

It was indeed a lovely evening spent with good friends over good food.

So will I bring more friends to PAX?

Yes definitely and I do suggest you trooped with your friends too and let them try the t-bone steak and you'll never go wrong with it. The service was quick but not rushed and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Discover a little bit of Italy at PAX Ristorante & Lounge
24th floor, Dusit Thani Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
Lunch: 12:00 to 15:00 | Dinner: 19:00 to 23:30
For reservations 04 317 4515
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Per Te is For You

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There is a little bit of Italy in Jumeirah and it is called Per Te with which we had a privilege to see the grand opening two weeks ago.

It is just behind Jumeirah Plaza but getting there is a little tricky so follow the instructions carefully.

Take first right after Jumeirah Plaza, take right again and immediate take a left turn on the next street (12 C) and head straight until the road bends and there it is.

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