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Arabesque All The Way!

Arabesque is Arjaan by Rotana - Dubai's signature restaurant. It prides itself in serving home style food amidst spacious and elegant Arabian setting with floor to ceiling glass windows. Our family weekend staycation is inclusive of a complimentary Friday brunch, dinner and breakfasts. With just a cup of coffee in the morning before checking in, we were pretty hungry by midday. We drop off our bags in our room and went down to have lunch at Arabesque. Seeing that we have kids with us, the smiling and friendly wait staff who addressed me by my first name ushered us to a table for four near the kids zone.

Arjaan by Rotana l A Family Weekend Staycation

If you are in Dubai Media City, there is a building that truly stands out from the rest of the skyscrapers in the area. This one is a beauty that one cannot mistake for another as it has a Moorish design, simply stunning inside and out. Arjaan by Rotana-Dubai was our luxurious home for a couple of days over the last weekend. We didn't go for vacation to the Philippines this year hence we are making the most out of our local annual vacation in Dubai. We were warmly received at the reception and check-in was quick and easy. Parking was never an issue as valet is available 24 hours a day.

BBQ Friday

Fridays in Dubai are meant for brunch, church mass (for my family ), mall hopping, shopping, movie time, beach days for many and dinner with your closest by night fall or just a relaxing day at home, it actually depends on how you want to spend your weekend. We love BBQ brunch and the good news is there are plenty of places in Dubai that offer Friday brunch that includes pool access. The kids want to go for a swim so we went to try  Rihab Rotana 's BBQ Friday  last month. The rooftop pool and snack bar was all prepped up for the afternoon happenings when we arrived. Skewers of marinated meats and colorful veggies are already roasting on the grill, tables lined with pure white linen covers with huge umbrellas above them, blue sunbeds lined the side of the pool and the turquoise water was mirroring the sky. It was so enticing, it made the kids giddy and ask us if they can start swimming. We allow them to enjoy the water for a few minutes before sharing a good meal

BurJuman Arjaan by Rotana: Our City Escape

Ferald and I needed a break and some time alone together but most of the time life gets in the way whenever we start to plan. Going beyond city limits is not an option if the kids aren't coming. Then came the opportunity to spend a night at BurJuman Arjaan - one of Rotana's many beautiful and luxurious managed properties in Dubai. It was for a Thursday check-in and Friday check-out which suits our schedule really well. I couldn't be any happier to accept the invitation. It was also a week before Valentine's day. A luxury boutique hotel apartment -  BurJuman Arjaan by Rotana  is at the heart of the city and part of a multi-functional complex that includes upscale office tower, exquisite boutiques and an endless choice of restaurants and caf├ęs within the BurJuman Centre and is located conveniently in front of the BurJuman Metro Station. It was our home for just one night but our experience is nothing short of amusing and fun. Check-in is normally at 2 pm but you kn