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Life Updates!!!

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Finally, I have the time to post an update, and honestly, I don't know where to begin. How about this?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!! 

I know, I'm too early for next year hahaha :D but better late than never sabi nga nila!

OMG, I got so busy and caught up in all the action during the holidays, I never even had the chance to post a greeting here on the blog. To make up for the lost time and to ward off all the dust and cobwebs here, I'll just give you a random update of what has transpired with our life during the holidays.

The first thing I remember now is how much fun we had during the bloggers Christmas party. 2015 was my year of friendship, these are the wonderful bloggers and their family I am privileged to be friends with online and offline. Beautiful, unique and witty people!

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Free Summer Getaway with Radisson Blu and Park Inn by Radisson

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The heat is on and summer in the UAE is in full swing.  

School summer vacation also started a week ago which means an extra hour of sleep for me and a less chaotic commute to work for us.


Who wouldn't want to escape to this? 

So have you planned your summer holiday yet? I haven’t but I should, soon.

Since the kids are off from school and summer in the UAE is that time of the year when we get the best hotel rates and offers here.

Actually even if you haven’t planned yet just like me, Radisson Blu and Park Inn by Radisson have got us covered with “The Big Summer Giveaway”

Receive a scratch card for a complimentary one night stay in any of their nine hotels within the UAE with every AED 500 you spend on food and drinks at Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson, and Radisson Royal restaurants from 1st July to 31st August.

The hotel where you get to stay for free is mentioned on the scratch card as well as the month when you can actually redeem it.  Booking must be made directly from the given hotel and room is subject to availability. 

This is a sponsored post.
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NYE 2013 and the lost car key

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One week before the new year, we have an on and off plan to be at the Burj Khalifa to watch the fireworks with the kids and some friends. On and off because I have two kids with me and the thought that EMAAR is expecting 2M people to usher 2013 in this venue, it means chaos, traffic jams, over crowding, waiting long hours and coming home after 3 am in the morning.

Then the day came, 31st of December, before I went home, me and my husband already decided to bring the kids there and be with everyone and celebrate the new year with a bang! oh yeah! Then its already time to go home from work, he is late, I wonder where could he be. I ring him and with a weird awful voice he said "hon the car key is missing". The news froze me from where I was standing. We only have one key and no spare so I told him to try to find it and maybe he just misplaced it. In the meantime, I went to the nearest grocers to buy the things for our media noche. Once I'm done, I ring him again, still no luck. I dread to commute with my high heel shoes, two heavy shopper bags, and my handbag, I can see the metro station from where I was standing but it is a few meters away still. I asked for help and help came. I asked to be dropped in a place where there is easy access to taxi, I hailed a cab and went home.

I was hoping that when I reached home, I will be able to help my husband find the key. We searched everywhere. The kids don't know either. We kept searching until all things were turned in the house but there is no clue at all. We were so down and the spirit of the new year's eve celebration is almost leaving our bodies. But it is not the end of the world yet so I tried to uplift our moods and wrapped my arms around my husband. I told him that there is this bigger force upon us who is deciding our fate. We are on and off with our decision and suddenly when we finalized, something came up that would make us stay home. Maybe it means something. I encourage him and the family that we will celebrate the traditional way and we can take the kids to Sharjah waterfront hoping that they have prepared some fireworks too.

Happy with our plan, I change my clothes and start cooking our food. Prepared the table and laid all the food that we cooked. Have dinner at 11 pm and walk our way to Sharjah waterfront by 11:30 pm. Sadly the management did not have any fireworks but just the colorful fountain that we normally see everyday. After the water fountain show we head back home still a bit more disappointed, at least it's the new year they could have made more effort. Few days back there was the Sharjah water festival and in the last three days, there were fireworks display, maybe they finished all the budget for this and forgot about the new year. Its meant to be a joke but maybe it could also be true. I don't know.

Three days after we lost our car key, we are still hoping we will find it but we can't wait for it to come out. We have to make a new key otherwise having a car would be useless without a key right. We have to shell out AED 750 for a new key and thank goodness we got it the same day.

What I have learned from this experience

1. Not everything will go as planned
2. Be careful with your belongings even at home and mind where you keep things
3. That a BMW key or car key is very expensive - AED 750 or $230 is the cheapest we can get it, it can go as high as AED 1200 or $326
4. Have a spare key but that is also AED 400 or $ 108
5. Be content of what is given to you and keep high spirit always
6. Always be on top of the situation
7. Never lose hope

So I haven't seen the majestic fireworks of the Burj Khalifa that night but I saw it online on You Tube
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Oh Christmas Tree

The weekend was still great even I was sick as a dog. I promised the kids the other week that we will put up the Christmas tree, I don't want to leave them disappointed. Ferald was at work that day hence we waited for him to come home. Decorating the Christmas tree has always been a family affair for us and the kids enjoy it the most. This Christmas is Prince second year and he was given the chance to put the star on top of the tree after we finished decorating it with gold and red ornaments. This tree was the biggest tree we ever had, it is 6 ft tall and require a bigger floor area. I am yet to buy those twinkling lights aka Christmas lights to complete it.
After having the tree ready I suddenly realize that Halloween is not over yet. I checked the web for events in Dubai for the Halloween, all are paid events and are happening quite far from our place. I was thinking of asking neighbors to join trick or treat, those who would like to participate can decorate their doors with spooky designs. We live in an apartment building and I actually have second thoughts in doing that as I am not sure how it will work. Still mama needs to find something for the kids this Halloween.
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Eid Mubarak!

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This photo was a print screen from the DIFC CEO Eid Greeting video I received. Truly the view of Dubai at night is mesmerizing, like glistening diamond crystals at night. I don't know how many times I played the video to see the above scene again and again. It truly makes a good impression.

See the video here. I bet it will go viral.

Anyways, its Thursday and the last day of the work week here in Dubai and it is also the beginning of a long weekend. Enjoy your holiday and Eid Mubarak to our Muslim brothers all over the world.

To my brother, Eid Mubarak bro. we love you.

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