June 27, 2011

Kangkong - Chowking Style

I recently discover how to cook kangkong (swamp cabbage, native in China and South East Asia) - the chowking style and I am ecstatic because Ferald ate it, he usually eats kangkong in sinigang (Filipino sour soup/stew) only. Ferald is a veggie picky eater so when I saw him eating kangkong cooked differently, it makes me feel happy. It makes me more determined to introduce more veggies to him. I just don't understand why some people like my husband won't eat all veggies when I myself can live on veggies alone. (sigh :( )

Let me share to you how I cooked the kangkong - chowking style, just a note to my readers, I did not google this nor bug a chowking wait stuff to get the recipe, it was all an unexpected discovery in my kitchen.

Bunch of kangkong (swamp cabbage)
2-3 cups of water boiling hot
1-2 tsp of olive oil

Remove the hard stalks of kangkong using a knife, hold the bunch and cut
Wash in running water to remove dust and dirt then place it in a sauce pan
Pour in boiling water (tip1: this is to keep that bright green color)
Put on a stove and continue to boil for 2-3 minutes (tip2: boiling only for few minutes and just soaking in in boiling hot water keeps the stems crisp), and then drain the water
Put kangkong on a plate and drizzle with olive oil
Served with bagoong (shrimp paste) and enjoy

I also fried two aubergine (egg plants) and galungong for last Fridays lunch. It was boiling hot outside last Friday but in Philippines it was raining cats and dogs. Reminiscing the rainy days, we had this all for lunch.

Oh, they also celebrated the feast of St. John The Baptist last 24th of June, I missed those days of basaan (wetting) (we throw water to passers by too :) but that sometimes lands us in trouble *wink*)


  1. wow! hakatakam-takam! Wala pa ring tatalo sa kangkong at talong!

  2. Nakakagutom dito..Sarap ng Kangkeng at ng Taleng..:)

    tnx sa recipe...now i know..Olive oil lang pala..:)

  3. sarap nito! lulutuin ko rin ito ha, ha!

  4. how can you claim this is chowking style? it's not even stir fried...just boiled kangkong!

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for noticing, I did not notice it myself when I was writing this before but yes its boiled but it is even better than the stir fried version.


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