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Lance Gabriel's First Time!

I had a detailed ultrasound yesterday at Al Wasl Hospital Obstetric clinic at 12 pm. My husband was not allowed inside the ultrasound room but I came prepared, having my camera with me, ( we knew from the start that he will not be allowed to enter as we were informed during the first ultrasound that it is the first and last that he can come with me inside) but I was able to capture the scanning and he viewed it right after the check up. I am happy that again for the second time, a Filipina hospital staff assisted me, she was very kind, and thanks to her however I am not able to get her name.

She ask me to lay down, lift my clothes up until my whole protruding belly shows up, she put a towel tissue underneath my pants to protect it from the ultrasound gel and even warned me beforehand that it's cold. She took the hand held ultrasound device and started rolling it in my tummy.

I kept my camera handy and I of course asked her permission before I shoot. She tilted the monitor so I can take the video clearly; I zoom in and zoom out until I have the best view.

She started her work and we are done is less than 30 minutes. She even printed for me a copy of the whole fetus so I can show to my husband, it’s for free for me, because if you want a printed copy, the hospital will ask you to pay AED 10, and she said to keep it immediately so nobody sees it. :) I feel that it would be selfish of me not to share to you the video so here is the live ultrsound scanning I-we had.

Today I just came back from Al Badae Clinic where I used to have my regular checkups. I was late and Dr. Amna told me not to come this late as she leaves the health center by 3:00 pm and I arrived at 2:15. Actually, I was not late, I came early on the given schedule but there was no one at the registration counter when I get there and I have to wait for few minutes until the attendant came and get my paper to register. After registration I headed to the gynaecology clinic and it was 2:15 already and so she declared that I am late despite the fact that I am not even with all my explanations. I was not complaining though, because she is a very nice doctor after all.

As usual, the nurse took the stats- weight, blood pressure, check urine and write her findings on my file and in my antenal card. After that I was called to go to the doctors room, lay down again, shirt up and the doctors assitant check the babys heart beat-its normal. Then I was ask to remove my undergarments so they can get a swab for lab test. She told me that I have an infection but these kinds of infection during pregnancy are normal so I have nothing to worry about. She gave me a suppository medicine which must me inserted once in three days. I am only worried that this medicine might give me an itchy feeling because I have experience it during my first pregnancy, it is very uncomfortable. I have to abide by it as I dont want my birth canal to be infected during the delivery since a VIP will be passing from there. :) After swabbing, we are done, she gave me another paper to get an appointment and another for the lab test. My next appointment will be on March 21-better not be late! We are expecting on the first week of April, OMG I can't wait! Do you really think so, di kaya madaling manganak!!! (It is never easy to give birth and will never be.)

I prefer normal birth, even with Lanna, I never thought of going thru the knife, I prefer it the old fashioned way. It is easy to heal and there are not too many restrictions after compare to c-section, you cannot nurse your baby immediately and so many disadvantages. Call me old fashioned but that's just fine with me.

How about you, what was your experience? Did you go under c-section or normal birth, which one do you prefer? For my male readers, what do you prefer for your wifey?