Co-Sleeping With Parents

When to know that a child is ready to sleep on his or her own?

Some people believe that co-sleeping is not good for both the parents and siblings. That is not true for my family. My 6 year old daughter still co-sleep with me and my husband, in fact from the day that we take her home from the hospital, she sleeps with us without a fuss, we never even thought of buying a cot or a separate bed for her. She is happy with the set up and so are we.
A week ago, she came to me with a piece of paper, she ask me to write the names of the furnitures that she wants for her own room, after that she run along, write something on the paper and gave it back to me. She was asking me to buy those things for her.It was so cute, I lovingly smiled at her and ask if she doesn't want to co-sleep with me and her dad and if she is ready to sleep separately from us? I received a nod with a smile. :D*cute*
Now that a new family member is coming, I am planning to ditch our queen size bed for a single bed, for me and my husband and a bunk bed for her and for him, but we really love to hug and cuddle each other so certainly that will still remain as a plan until someone will really insist in having her own bed.

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  1. I guess it’s inevitable that as a child grows older, she wants to be independent in her own small way. Luckily our daughter still can’t sleep without her Daddy’s arm around her.

  2. That's a good strategy/signal coming from your kid that she is starting to entertain some sense of privacy. =) Nice doodles!

  3. Oh, she'll be coming back some nights for your hugs if she get to have her own bed later.

    I remember in my vacation last year, I went to my parents' room and slept with them in their bed =)

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