Maternity Wear (Part I)

I have less than thirty days in my pregnancy and believe me I am starting to grow tired of waiting. You know that feeling when the deadline is near? I have mixed emotions already. :D.

The most challenging stage of working while pregnant is corporately clothing a growing belly. Now that I am in the last month and is expecting to pop any time soon, I still wanted to look my best.
I really had a hard time working on my maternity wardrobe as I cannot use the ones I had during my first pregnancy, they became old and worn out through the years, my first and second child’s gap is five years, so imagine how long they are hanging out in my closet and even I kept them on proper storage, they still don’t stand the test of time. I did not buy a lot of maternity clothes but what I did is invest on important pieces like good maternity pant/slacks, my sister-in-law hand me down 2 cute little dresses, a large size pants and I used the rest of available pieces in my closet and I survived the last eight months.

I wanted to keep pictures of me while pregnant, like a memorabilia. Apart from that, I want my child to see how his mommy looks like when he is still inside my tummy. I have very few photos of me when I was pregnant with my daughter, I will post it here soon. For now, this is what I wore today in the office.

Please forgive the photos they are mobile downloads.

Brown Sleeveless Peasant Top: Human
Pants:? sil-hand-me-down
White Top (for layering): Zara
Shoes: Clarks
Long Beaded Necklace: Baguio Ethnic Shop

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  1. Fab mommy =)

    I guess it's the feeling of uneasiness when we are preggy that we find a way to get out of, sa dressing na dinadaan.

    The right pix/pose should hit maternity magazines =)

  2. Beautiful mommy :) Hindi halata na galing sa mobile ang pix.

    Pag malapit na talagang lumabas si baby, ang monny palaging uneasy at saka yan yung stage na palagi nanamang nayu-urinate.

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