Maternity Wear (Part III)

Hello there! Welcome to Maternity Wear Part III.

I am happy with this series that I've come up with. I am hoping that I am able to give you some ideas on how to dress yourself up when you are pregnant. Hopefully I can share more ideas before the big day.

Some women feel that they are looking ugly at this period because of so many reasons and that one needs constant encouragement that she still looks beautiful at this time. We ladies always wanted to look charming and sexy especially to the eyes of our partners. I advice those husbands to give extra compliment and show more sweetness to your wife this time that she need the boost of morale.

Thank God it's Thursday! Weekend again! Thursday is our jeans day in the office but sad to say, I don't fit in my regular jean size anymore and I am not planning to buy any maternity jeans at all so this is what I wore today. I could not think of any particular outfit this morning but I remember a colorful stripes tank top that Jeah gave me last Christmas. Thanks again Je :D. Here are the accessories that go with the outfit. This time I stick to silver and black. I always value comfort most especially for clothes and shoes. So far here is what I have come up with. Three wardrobe capsule that I really enjoyed putting together and wearing as well. Much of the influence in blogging about the outfits I am wearing daily now came from a blog called you look fab dot com. Being more fashion concious is such a pretty good idea for me. Thank you Angie and to all yfl forum members.

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  1. you are a lovely soon-to-be-mom!

    these are nice tips, too.


  2. Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng "fashionistang" buntis! : D

  3. bakit nga bihira ang mag model ang mga buntis :)

    btw paki sama sa prayer mo ang Pinakamamahal Nanay Namin na maging negative ang result ng CTscan. thank you and God bless!

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