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Might Be Second to the Last

Hello there! Salam to everyone! I have been busy the last few days, pardon me for not being so active in here recently. As usual work, work, work and work and family of course.

Todays antenatal check up at Al Badae Clinic I had might be second to the last. I am on my 39th week and I can give birth anytime soon. I visited Dr. Amna today in her clinic and had my routine check of listening to the babys heartbeat and a simple physical checking of the fundus size. The baby is now head down, ready for delivery, thanks God hindi magiging suhi ang baby ko. (Thanks God, the baby will not come out feet first), if so its going to make the delivery a bit complicated for me.

I was adviced to keep taking my vitamins elevit and the calcium supplement. Walking as an exercise will help ease up the delivery and so I was adviced to do so as well. In case I feel any pain or the baby shows no movement, make sure to go directly to Al Wasl Hospital. Yes DOC. I will definitely do that.

Our nine months journey is soon to end and we will welcome a new beginning of a life. A gift from up above and an angle on earth below.

I migth be inactive for quite awhile, it only mean one thing, i am busy with the new member of the family.

So, I will see you guys soon to give the good news.