Pinay Scandal-the battle continues

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As per Google trend "Pinay Scandal" is one of the most searched tag in the Internet by the web surfing Filipinos and "Maniac" web surfers around the world. When you google "Pinay" it will give you loads of  sexy, hot, exotic , mail order brides instead of "Pinay" meaning a Filipino Woman in its true sense. It saddened me because I am "Pinay", my mom is "Pinay" and so is my sister and daughter. Let us continue to battle until we reach the equilibrium or more than that so next time when people search for the word "Pinay" they will stumble upon your article or mine and let them know that Pinay is a word to be respected because it actually pertains to a female human being residing in the beautiful island of the Philippines.

this is an experiment...I am bit scared, I hope Yellow Bells will not get blocked by Etisalat just because of the title.

I wanted to see for myself if this is true, people attesting to it, if it happens to them then it can happen to me. I am not apologetic, if you landed on my blog searching for a piece of Filipina or Pinay Scandal, well as I have mentioned above, this is an experiment. many says that Pinay Scandal can generate traffic so here it is.

I am happy that I learned about this campaign, finally I am writing something for a common cause, thanks to Marhgil Macuha’s SEO Pinay Scandal Experiment.

On another note

I started blogging five years ago however I am not very active in writing for my blog all the time. There were times that I actually want to delete my account. I even asked myself why was I blogging, what's the point of writing about my life and sharing with anyone who stumble upon my blog.

There are only three reasons why I created a personal blog: and so I thought...

1. To make money online-when I learned from a program on TV long time ago that a Filipino was earning big bucks from blogging and that I can get paid by writing, I became so interested I wanted to start my own blog right away, I did not even make an adept research on how I am suppose to do that and how I will succeed. Life goes on, four blogs and no luck until I learned about Google AdSense, I signed up and incorporate adverts on my blog that is now known as "Yellow Bells". This blog was actually dedicated to my dad and why I call it Yellow Bells? that's another story. As I was saying writing, I chose Blogspot as my flat form because I saw that it has a monetize tab where I can follow my clicks and page earnings but as you can see below, I have none. :( we will see if this one works

2. Enhance my writing skills-even if  I am nose bleeding, even I am a graduate of mass communication major in broadcast communication, my English writing skills needs enhancement so I try to communicate in English as much as I can. I should have taken journalism instead.

3. To have fun and have more friends-I have loads already, you can be one if you wish to.

I said three reasons but that's not all anymore...there is another reason why I wanted to keep Yellow Bells running

4. I wanted to write for a cause, I wanted to write in order to promote change but for the the better and benefit of many readers.

5. This is my online journal, someday soon my siblings will grow up, I want them to see what is their moms idealistic view as well as critic nature.
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President Noynoy Aquino III Inaugural Speech on OFW

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"Layunin nating paramihin ang trabaho dito sa ating bansa upang hindi na kailangan ang mangibangbansa para pakapaghanap ng trabaho ngunit habang ito ay hindi pa natin naaabot, inaatasan ko ang mga kawani ang DFA, POEA, OWWA at iba pang katulad na ahensya na paigtingin ang pagtugon sa mga hinaing at pangangailangan ng ating mga overseas filipino workers" said President Elect Noynoy Aquino.

Isa ito sa mga aasahang pangako ng bagong halal na Pangulong Noynoy Aquino III lalo na ng milyon milyong OFW sa buong mundo. Sabi nya ito na ang simula ng pagbabago at katapusan ng pamahalaang manhid sa mga hinaing at paghihirap ng ating mga kababayan ngunit ito rin ang simula ng kanyang kalbaryo sa pagpasan ng kahirapan at mga suliraning kinakaharap ng ating bansa. Hindi daw siya ang gumawa at nagpasimula ng pagbabago kundi tayong mga mamamayang nagluklok sa kanya sa pagkapangulo. Ipinangako nya rin na sisikapin nya sa abot ng kanyang makakaya na mgakaroon ng pagbabago ang ating bansa. Hindi daw sapat ang pwede na.

Fingers crossed, mataas ag ekspektasyon ng lahat ng OFW kay P.Noy lalo na kaming mga tunay na bayani na naririto sa Dubai at sa Gitnang Silangan. Maasahan mo palagi ang aming suporta sa pagtupad mo ng iyong tungkulin, nawa ay basbasan ka ng Panginuong Maykapal ng sapat na lakas, tapang, katalinuhan at kakayanang itaguyod ang Pilipinas lalo na ngayon nasa kamay mo na ang kapangyarihan. Umaasa kami na ito na nga ang simula ng isang maunlad at may pag-asang bayan, malayo sa kahirapan at korapsyon. Totoo naman kasi ang naging kasabihan nang :Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap" sapagkat lahat ng salaping pumapasok sa kaban ng yaman ng Pilipinas ay naipamamahagi sa lahat.

Ipagpautloy mo ang mithiin ng iyong mga magulang. You did not fall far from the tree, katulad ka rin ng iyong ama at ina na nagtaguyod ng Pilipinas na may mabuting layunin para sa ating bayan.

I am proud to be a Filipino. I am happy that I have witness this historic event and that I am looking forward to a better and wealthy Philippines. A place where I can safely return after our hardships abroad, knowing that it is free from poverty and corruption, and live a good life.

Mabuhay ka President Noynoy Aquino III.
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I Miss Pinas-1,000x

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I was about to finish an article yesterday, I wanted to publish it but on the second thought I wanted to write another post, something fun and can lighten up my day, something that can make me happy and my readers happy.

Actually, I miss a lot of things about the Philippines, don't you? It's been a while that we are away, isn't it? I miss things like...

Eating champorado (hot chocolate rice porridge) poured with alaska or carnation evaporated milk and tuyo cooked by my mom and/or sister-in-law while it is raining cats and dogs outside. There is no school and work due to high storm signal,  Goto and sopas are some of my favorites too

Dancing and running in the rain with relatives and friends- a childhood experience I will never forget, I love stomping my feet on puddles over and over again while hearing our crisp laughter reverberate in thin air

Hear the sound of potpot in the morning for the pandesal (bun) and bowling (another kind of bun) matching with my favorite dairy cream, the smell of fresh bread for breakfast and taho in the mid morning sipping it while its hot and sweet, rice cakes and binatog for merienda and how about balot at night while the moon shine full oh wow...

An interesting and relaxing afternoon siesta and tea time while chatting with aunts and cousins at the veranda overlooking the main street hearing kids play soccer ball, bicycling and rollerblading...

In the province, you get fruits for free like mango, caimito, santol, guava, tamarind, avocado, suha, buko and a lot more tropical fruits availble unlike here where you have to pay for everything

The roosters cry that signals the beginning of new dawn and the noise of the busy street already packed with cars

In the place where I grew up, I used to hunt for butterflies, dragonflies and damselfly, me and my siblings with our cousins used to swim in the fresh clean water of the river beside our hut, it was clean until the erruption of Mt. Pinatubo and now its filthy.

To top it all, I miss my mom 1,000 times. I long to be with her, to be under her care and my kids and my family as well. I wish she is here with us or the other way around.

I said I want to make my readers happy instead I think I made you feel homesick like me, that's ok it's nice to remember and talk about the things we used to do back home, it keeps me sane, dont you?
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Irritated Eyes

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blink, scratch, blink again, scratch, blink harder, scratch more...

oh my this is getting harder. what on earth was I thinking, I should have changed my contact lenses right after it get smeared with mascara last Tuesday. I shouldn't have cleansed, stored and use again. Now its a disaster. imagine me struggling to write this article, oh I get red and teary eyed.

one of my colleague came to me and saw my eyes like this, red and tired, and told me that I should have with me my glasses, an eye drop and my contact lens container and solution. Right, I know, but I am so stubborn I keep thinking that I don't need them and that my contacts will work just fine everyday for the whole day while I am at the office, boy I am wrong...with air conditioning this high and cold, with so much dust outside and with the sweltering weather...I should have what?

deal with it and wait until I get my hands on my spare contact lenses at home.

I don't remember when I started using contact lenses, I used to have my Prada eye wear but I grew tired of wearing it, I feel old when I am wearing it so I put it away, I only wear it when I am at home or when I don't have my contact lens on. I still have it though, the frame is quite expensive say like $270 so I don't want to give it up, I just have to upgrade the lenses, that's all.

the contact lenses that I am using costs $44 for three pairs,each pair is good for a month.The lady who assisted me from Visual Optics DIFC branch gave me another new pair to wear so I don't have to open the new J&J box of contact lenses that I bought. Great, that's the discount part. :) 
Lesson learned, keep the essentials on the bag so when accidents happen, I am well prepared. 
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Dads Day ArtCraft

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"Dad, you are the best dad in the whole wide world." "I love you!"  "We love you so much!"Lanna said.

My daughter never fails to say those words to her dad all the time even if it is not Fathers Day but today is Fathers Day so we wanted it to be special.

There are thousand ways to surprise dad on his special day and we thought of making something out of paper. Yes, paper.

It is already summer and no school so Lanna is always at home. I wanted to keep her busy as much as I could and artcraft is one thing I can teach her. We are going to make No 1 badge and I love dad banner today. We only needed creep paper, color paper, paste, scissors, old color magazines, stapler and ribbon which is already available at home. She was very excited and was very cooperative and eager to finish our project before dad comes home. We finished it in no time and by the time dad reached home our paper art craft is ready and even Feralds' requested viand for dinner is ready.

We presented him the badge and he was happy about the I love dad banner we stick on the wall. We love you dad and happy fathers day. Hurray to all fathers in the world. Happy Fathers Day to Daddy Ben and Daddy Ray as well as my kuya Dinoh and Kuya Jho.

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Capital Gate vs Pisa Tower


Capital Gate, the project, owned and developed in the UAE capital by Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC), has been built to lean 18 degrees westwards is indeed the most and furthest leaning manmade tower after being certified by the Guinness World Records dethroning the longest record holder, the Pisa Tower (Torre pendente di Pisa)
The project is expected to finish this year after a rigorous work done since 2007 and it will house the five star Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel and some 20,000 mm2 office space.
With the advancement of technology in architecture, designing such magnificent tower seems to be a piece of cake for RMJM who designed it.
Capital Gate building is a landmark development for Abu Dhabi and gaining such recognition from Guinness marks it in history.
On the otherhand, the tower of Pisa, having been a leaning tower from time immemorial has so much to boast of its history. Not at all an office building nor a hotel but a Campanile, or freestanding bell tower of the Cathedral of Italian City of Pisa was built over three stages over 177 years. It has no elevators and it is a major attraction in Pisa,Italy.
The construction started in 1173, the Pisa tower started sinking in 1178 after reaching its third floor due to foundation being set in a weak unstable subsoil. In 1272, contruction begin again and more floors were added. In 1319, the seventh floor was completed and only in 1372 that the bell chamber was added. The largest bell was installed in 1655. From 1990 to 2001 after almost 10 years of structural restrengthening, the tower is undergoing gradual surface restoration.
The identity of the architech has long been a controversy.
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