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Blog Statistics

Blogger keeps on evolving. I could not have been happier if I did not use blogger as it is so user-friendly that even a non-techie like me can maintain her own website. I couldn't thank you enough, the people behind Blogger, you guys are genius. Another tab was added recently by Blogger, the STAT Tab, with this tab I don't need to subscribe to a third-party application anymore just to see the traffic report of Yellow Bells. With the STAT Tab, I am able to check where the traffic in my blog is coming from, who is viewing my site, which entries are popular, and things like that. Popularity-wise, my entry for PEBA 2010 "Their heart is my home" is top on the list for all time while an entry entitled 8 Ways to Break a Man's Heart is next to it but tops the monthly category more than my scandalous post-Pinay  Scandal-the battle continues  which I wrote for the purpose of driving traffic to my blog. Here are the stats of my popular post, it is not huge but does serve

Tulog Lamok

malamlam ang talukap ng 'yong mga mata ultimo babagsak sa konting ugoy ng bisig ng ina't ama ang iyong panuro'y patupat na kaagapay sa hele at awit na kay tamis sinasambit bumagsak na nga at napadpad na ang iyong ulirat sa alapaap ng panaginip ang katahimikang nababanaag sa anghel mong mukha'y walang kapantay ngawit at bigat ay di tagalan nahimlay ng ikaw ay bitiwan umasang mahaba at mahimbing at may magagawang kabanata uminat at humikab sabay pumikit nagpasalamat sa muling paghimbing kaunting kaluskos ikaw ay nagising tulog lamok, tulog lamok halika na ikaw ay bubuhatin sa panulat ni Yellow Bells ika-17 ng setyembre 2010 11:11 am

Magimpok sa Bangko

I am frequenting PNoy website  since its launch last August 2010 to read news and current events about what his new administration is doing as well as voice out opinion and participate in the forum. I liked TITO NOY page  that's why I made the poster that you can see here using the humble MS Office paint application, I also submitted the same to . Fingers crossed, hope it is good enough to be published in his website. :) I believe in teaching the young ones the core values of our society for them to grow as responsible individual who will not burden the country but contribute in its progress. Teaching the kids the value of money and savings will not only make a child learn to value his possessions like money but will also benefit him in the future. If you would like to submit your work please click here  on read the invite below

Eid-ul-Fitr Greetings!

Here is to all who had triumphantly finished the whole month of fasting! To my dearest Kuya, wishing you a very happy eid-ul-fitr, i hope that you receives Allah's blessing everyday of your life, i love you bro, always take care of yourself, we are always here for you!

Henna Art & Eid Al Fitr

Henna art has long been a tradition in the Mediterranean and a growing popularity among other countries. It is widely used as a body art during weddings and other occasions and festivities like Eid, Diwali and Passover. My hand with Henna Art (Floral) waiting to dry. Henna is a flowering plant use to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. The henna plant is native to regions of Africa, South Asia, and Northern Australasia however it is widely and commercially cultivated in countries like the UAE, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, India, Iran, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan. These countries are wide users of processed henna used to adorn young women's body as part of social and holiday celebrations. Speaking of celebrations, depending on the sighting of the moon, tomorrow or the day after (8th or 9th September) will be Eid Al Fitr or the end of Ramadan (a month long fasting of our Muslim brothers). "Eid" is an Arabic word meaning f

Camerons Camel Campaign

How much have you paid attention to our environment so far? Are you one of the people who cannot leave the supermarket with only one plastic bag in hand (yes say it, you want more because you reuse it as garbage bags at home)? Do you say  NO when ask by the cashier to purchase reusable and biodegradable bag for only .50 fils and then free to change for life? Have you been negligent of the water bottles you emptied and left it everywhere unnoticed or are you the person who always have a trash bag inside your car to put your trash and throw away when you find a garbage bin? Which type of environmentalist are you? Are you the protective or destructive type? I say I am still in the middle, sometimes guilty of the things I ask you above, I still have to polish that protective side of me for mother earth. As a mother, I have the responsibility to teach my kids to be protective of their environment too and make them aware of dangers that humans post to nature. The love for nature and env