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Blogger keeps on evolving. I could not have been happier if I did not use blogger as it is so user-friendly that even a non-techie like me can maintain her own website. I couldn't thank you enough, the people behind Blogger, you guys are genius.

Another tab was added recently by Blogger, the STAT Tab, with this tab I don't need to subscribe to a third-party application anymore just to see the traffic report of Yellow Bells. With the STAT Tab, I am able to check where the traffic in my blog is coming from, who is viewing my site, which entries are popular, and things like that. Popularity-wise, my entry for PEBA 2010 "Their heart is my home" is top on the list for all time while an entry entitled 8 Ways to Break a Man's Heart is next to it but tops the monthly category more than my scandalous post-Pinay Scandal-the battle continues which I wrote for the purpose of driving traffic to my blog. Here are the stats of my popular post, it is not huge but does serve its purpose. Thank you guys for reading my posts.

Not only that, the article 8 Ways to Break a Man's Heart ranks first on the google search when I type "ways to break a man's heart'. Due to curiosity about its popularity and ranks seventh when I typed "breaking a man's heart" I Google it and here is the result. Hmmm...that's why...

How to Break A Man's Heart

My Yellow Bells

Carla is a lifestyle blogger based in Dubai who's thankful to call this ever-evolving city her second home. The pages of this blog are filled with stories about her expat life in the sandpit. It features dining and travel adventures in and around the city and beyond. It also features food recipes, parenting tips, and fashion style.


Please feel free to share your own story or views here.


  1. hi there yellow bells, im a dubai blogger and i am creintroducing my blog pls add me to your roll. its i added u already! shukran!

  2. mahusay! makadaan nga mamaya.. ay ngayon na pala.

  3. I think the tab is cool. And your stat is cool, too! Galing naman, first sa search results.

    It's funny but one blogger once emailed me and asked, "Do you often check your stats?" And I asked back "Pano yun saka para saan ba ang stat?" Pinagtatawanan ako kasi di ko alam mga yun hehehe. I've been blogging at for almost 2 years now and these things never really crossed my mind. Sabi niya sa akin "Hindi ka po ba concerned kung may nagbabasa ng blog mo?" Sabi ko "Hindi" hahaha. What I meant was, I do not expect na may magbasa. Hindi na ako nag-set ng any expectation. Basta makapag-express, happy na ako. Because it is also my diversion from the crazy world of work hehehe. That's why when I get comments, it always, always makes me smile. Yung isipin ko lang na may taong nagtiyagang magbasa at mag-isip ng komento niya, at mag-type ng comment niya to share his or her thoughts, sobrang nakakataba ng puso. Kaya everyone who reads my blog is now part of my life's puzzle. Including you. Because kahit sa blogging man lang, our paths have crossed. And I recognized the many soulful exchanges we all have in the blogging world :)

  4. hello oslek, i already added you! will be visiting your site from time to time. see you around

    hi there PH, i really like your blog kasi parang si france na lagi ako napapatawa kapag binabasa ko ang mga post mo

    Ms. N, i sooooo love your blog, i hope that i can contibute sa pencils of hope mo soon! People will always go back to your blog sarap kasi basahin very inspiorational and i like the way you share your thoughts thru words!


  5. Hala, humaba naman masyado ang hair ko sa mga sinabi mo hehehe. Sana di lumaki ang ulo ko haha! Damo nga salamat (That is "Thank you very much" in my native Waray).

    New layout ha, I like it better :)

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