Ava's Flower Arrangements

I needed to get some flowers for the office, it was some last minute preparation for the board meeting due to a change of venue. I was suppose to have them from a flower shop at the DIFC but since they require to pre-order the arrangements, which I didn't :o, I had to locate some flower shop who can make them customized to my requirement without having to follow a catalogue. I was lucky to go to Rose Studio along Sheikh Zayed Road from time to time to print my photos as I suddenly remember that half of the photo studio was a flower shop.

I got lucky once more when I saw that a kabayan man the counter "Thanks God" I whisper to myself, not only that, to me he looks like a talented angle from heaven sent to me to arrange beautiful flowers. Indeed he was the perfect person to help me at this point and on the first look, I know that he knows his craft.

After our short greeting, I explained to him what I needed and in a breeze he present me these beautiful flower arrangements.

 long and low  for the board room - blue and white

tall and pretty for the reception - red and white

Ava as he calls himself is indeed a talented person, I learned from our conversation that he hails from Tarlac and he has been in the UAE for the last six years (as we joked, beterano na sa Dubai :)) like me, we laughed even harder when I told him that I was way ahead of him, nine years.

Like his vibrant attitude, his flower arrangements gives a room or weary corner a warm glow. A million thanks to you Ava. Mwah!

Rose Studio - Sheikh Zayed Road
+971 4 343 5600
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Types of veils used by women in UAE


Only the burqa is not popular in UAE, I have only seen it in a movie called "Kandahar" but the rest are seen worn by women everywhere. I sometimes thought of wearing it even I am no Muslim, as a type of face and head protection from the heat during summer. Well I fancied wearing the abaya too with niqab plus some arabic make up. How about you? would you like to try it on too?
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Rain washed away my fears

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It rained last night, heavy (like how I feel), drenched almost all parts of UAE. A hint of summertime ♥ love it ♥

The best thing was it made me feel good inside when I stepped out of my apartment this morning. It was cloudy but everything looks radiant and fresh, like spring time. Plus some good news from my dearest made my day. I reached the office at 7am, still early. I stare at the window for a while after I switch on my computer. As usual to pass the time (we start between half past eight and nine o’clock) I logged on the FB to see what’s going on at the other side of the world. I browsed every update and I hopped into someone’s photos – a friend of a friend whom I barely know. Her photos tells a story, it was inspiring and again inside I felt better, got inspired to take some photos from the rooftop of our building and they are amazing.

the Dusit Hotel and the Complex Defense R/A

Dusit Hotel

DIFC Gate Drive

Some Towers

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A month of celebration

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April is the birthday month of my kids Prince and Mica, that's how I like to call them. Mica was born on the 30th and Prince was born on the 6th of the same month. My big sister Jhoce was born on the 5th while her daughter Erin came out on the 16th. My cousin Jojo celebrates his on the 4th before Jhoce. Our nephew -  my sister-in-laws son's birthday is on the 12th. That's a total of six people in our family celebrating their birthday in the month of APRIL. This post is dedicated for all of you guys.


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