Thursday, June 09, 2011

Boyfriend Blazers-Sweet

Today's outfit was unplanned because I didn't prepare my clothes last night so I just pulled the pieces from the closet randomly this morning while imagining how it will look when I put them on together. I bravely sport the boyfriend blazer style which I immediately voted sweet when I read the article from youlookfab. I like it because it's trendy and playful. I paired the blue pinstripe jacket with a white T and a pair of jeans and then  added a bronze heart shape long necklace for a 70s edge. There were no regrets even though I fall short with the animal print ballet flats because they are comfy and my feets loves them. My sister suggested that a black patent two inch heels shoes will actually nail the look.

I am always cold in the office so the jacket keeps me warm all day plus it gives a more polished look

The silver Citizen 21 jewels watch was my moms and it is something that I treasure, love wearing it too.

Next time I must follow Angie's tip about length and my sisters 'bout the shoes to elongate the leg line . I will soon update this look. ciao for now.

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