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Maagang Pamasko from PEBA-MYB @ No 8

I would like to thank Pinoy Expat Blog Awards 2011 and all its core members and volunteers and to express my sincerest appreciation for the award given to My Yellow Bells  in the recently concluded awards night last December 9, 2011. It is such an honor to be a recipient of this award ♥.   I would also like to congratulate my fellow bloggers, OFW or not, for their commendable and very inspiring articles and blogs. And of course kudos to my fellow UAE blogger McRich (ikaw na ang Rich-sa tagahanga) who bagged first place (Top 1) for this year. Dear PEBA, Thank you for keeping the spirit alive, thank you for giving life and uniting us all in one faith and advocacy to inspire many and to share the OFWs expereinces to the world. This years winner of PEBA 2011-OFW Blog Division TOP 1 Ako'y Magbabalik, Hatid Ko ay Pagbabago blissfully RICH, Abu Dhabi, UAE Richard M. Macarubbo TOP 2 The Boomerangs and the Three Hunters JP Quidores' Window,

the joys of baking

These are my freshly baked homemade cinnamon rolls, baked it with my darling mica last night. While preparing our baking needs, mica asks me of a particular question as to how to delete friends from facebook. I wondered why? I jumped into conclusion that she must have had a bad day at school and I am guessing that it is about her girlfriends. I hugged her tightly and make face to make her smile and then I asked her if she is sure she wants to delete some friends and what if after some time they kiss and make up? She thought about it for a while and changes the subject of our conversation."Every mother is a great chef", she said to me and even I heard it the day before, it is like a beautiful song ringing in my ear and then another hug before we proceed with baking. "Baking makes me feel super happy", she said again, in hearing this, I thought that it is not the baking that made her feel happy but the companionship, an undivided time, a bonding moment of a

How to get an OEC

A lot of our kababayans here in Dubai are very happy that the Philippine Consulate and POLO-OWWA in Dubai are right in one place now and in a newly built huge twin villa opposite Al Qusais Police Station. (it used to be in two different offices far from each other and POLO-OWWA's office was the one that is difficult to locate) It is visible from Beirut Street and it is just behind lighthouse cafeteria, very easy to spot, just look for the Philippine flag that hangs on a pole in front of the offices. We were there yesterday to get our OECs (Overseas Employment Certificate). It is a document that certifies us as OFWs in UAE and it is mandatory for returning or vacationing workers in the Philippines. Immigration officers will be looking for it as well at the passport control by the time you are leaving the country to go back to your host country. It was as early as 8 am when we reached, outside the Philippine Consulate were like a hundred people waiting while POLO-OWWA have only