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DIY Ideas: Wall of Frame

This is how it looks like until I get bored of them. To make things a little happier and to add a little color, I bought a can of orange spray paint and did a little bit of spray painting. These frames with the same photos now belongs to a new area of the house which also used to be a boring white wall. This is how it looks like now. The entry looks happy and interesting now. Happy weekend everyone!

Cremation, Burial or Repatriation Procedures in Dubai

This procedure applies for natural deaths in Dubai. I read about this in a local newspaper more than a year or couple of years ago and I never imagined I will be looking for it later on, honestly speaking, rules and procedures might have changed over the course of time but basically, the death graphic below shows how it is done here in Dubai. Due to an unforeseen event last night, I felt the need to understand once more the repatriation process for people who died of natural causes in Dubai. Completing the documentation to burry, cremate or repatriate bodies of loved-ones can be painfully-time-consuming and burdensome to bereaved families leaving them almost no time to mourn. I hope that this information will be viewed helpful for those on the same situation. photo credit: for pdf file

My parents wedding photos in a photobook

It's here! :D My parents wedding photos are now in a photobook. A more sophisticated way of printing  photos. Thank to Ms. Jo of witandnuts and to Photobook Philippines for the support extended to me during the ordering, payment and delivery process. The photos below were taken with a camera phone and uploaded on Facebook by my sister for me to see. thanks ate xoxo I did enjoyed doing the layout and editing of the photobook myself  although I cannot do more for the sepia colors of the pictures since it is originally like that. It wasn't that hard to do the layout at all. Before setting off to do the photobook, I look at other ready books to see how it is done. I downloaded the software that's available in the website, uploaded the scanned wedding photos of my parents and started doing the layout the way I like it. It is easy to navigate the photobook designer, everything needed to design and style the book was already there so it is up to the person to get acquaint

Al Ain Paradise at Last

I don't know how many roundabouts we've passed and missed looking for Al Ain Paradise last Friday while chasing and asking taxi drivers for direction. If we only knew that this new park is a just a stone's throw away from Al Ain Zoo, it would have been easier to find it since we have been to Al Ain Zoo many times before and we exactly know how to get there. Apparently, Al Ain Paradise is located at Zakher Area, Sweifi Disctrict but we are missing on the road signs, non of it gave us a hint. We try to follow Town Center hoping it will give us a clue but to no avail. One taxi driver was very helpful when we ask for directions, he ask us to follow him but it seems that we are way too far from the desired destination so we stopped for awhile as he gave my husband more road directions, we followed it until we have reached the R/A heading towards Al Ain Zoo and from there we turn right, went straight to the next R/A, went straight again and took a U-turn on the next R/A back