Spathiphyllum Flower

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Finally my peace lily blossomed and as promised in my article a year ago about peace lilies, once it flowers, I will be sharing it with you guys and here it is, sooo pretty!

have a good weekend everyone!
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Qatar Mall Fire Tragedy-Fire Safety Concerns

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I still can't get over with the Qatar mall tragedy. My sister works in the same mall, in a store near the nursery itself from where apparently the fire broke out. My heart leaps with fear once I heard about the fire and called her up immediately. I was only relieved after I have spoken to her and confirmed that she is at home and her shift was an afternoon shift, the fire happened at around 11:00 in the morning and they were told not to come to work anymore. The following day as I read the news, I was so devastated, it's like someone stabbed my heart, thirteen kids ages 18-24 months died in the fire including four teachers and two firefighters.

Today's news pictured a father carrying his sibling in his arm wrapped in white cloth taking him to his grave. It is too painful to see it, how much more for the parents and relatives who lost their kids in the fire. My deepest sympathy goes to all of you.

Too many questions were brought up by this event that lead to summoning the owner of the mall and the nursery, director of the mall, deputy director and assistant of security head. Someone has to answer all these questions, why the fire equipments are not functional, where are the emergency exits, was there an exit plan in case of fire and so many more questions still left unanswered.

The rescue teams as pictured above had to dig their way to the nursery from the roof since the stairs leading to it already collapse. Thick black smoke and heat kept them from penetrating to the area where the kids were trapped. Those two who tried harder lost their lives. They are heroes and I guess I will do the same if I knew that 13 kids are there and I would try to do everything just to save them.

This tragedy is a wake up call for everyone, as we are expecting that a nursery or the school should be the safest place for our children, still we should check the facility very well and ask questions if fire system is in place and operational just like when we are checking what food they serve in the canteen or if the teachers are efficient, fire safety should be one of our main concerns as well.
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Expat Blog in UAE


I am a member of Expat blog for quite sometime and I find it very helpful in finding new blogs and information about my region. Expat Blog is an online directory for expatriates by expatriates all over 223 destinations helping and providing vital information for people who wants to live and work as expats. It help readers to discover new cultures. It's aimed to share experiences of people while living abroad.

Recently expat blog launches two dedicated sections to Jobs and Housing in the United Arab Emirates.

Anything you need about housing (buy, sell, or rent) is available here.

You will be able to post or build your CV online too with its job section upon chosing a category on the category list. There is a huge list of categories where you can search for jobs here in the UAE.

And if you have any questions in mind, expat blog forum is a perfect place to post your queries.

The man behind expat blog is Julien Faliu, he launch expat-blog dot com in 2005. He himself is an expat since 2003, being able to relate to expats made it easy for him to develop the directory knowing what expats need.
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Dubai + Summer = Fun at the Beach


The mercury rise to 41 degrees today and as the summer sets in, we are expecting higher mercury levels here in Dubai. Summer here can be very hot, humid and boring that's why many expats and even locals seek comfort in cooler places outside of the country after the school closes in June. Thanks to the many malls that dot the city who organizes loads of acitivites for children and adults alike and where air conditioning is set to coolest. Aplenty of beaches in Dubai are also flocked by thousands of people during summer where it's breezy and one can enjoy a dip in the water to freshen up.

It's actually ideal to go to the beach between March until early May or September to November particularly  in the morning or late afternoon if you don't want to get too tan, don't forget that most precious sun screen to protect your skin. Some beach are accessed only from the parks or shall I say some parks have beach access. If you are going to the park with a beach access, I suggest you to bring in some meat kabob or sea food and veggies for barbecueing, anyway what is summer without grilling, eh? You know that you can do a lot of fun things at the park so squeeze all the fun ideas in your head and head on before it gets too hot.

Have a good weekend folks :)

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Toys for two year olds

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We are amazed at how fast our son learn things, he can now say a lot of words and can even form broken sentences, he can even ask questions and sings/hum whenever he hears a song. The toys that are lying around the house that used to be teether before are now being played with and are now keeping him busy.  The kid size kitchen of his sister is one of his favorites, he also likes to play fencing with spoon and fork and so we bought two foam swords from the toy store for him and his sister to play with.

Everyday, when I reached home, he will come to the door to give me a hug and then directly pull me to his room to play. I can't say no to this even I am tired, it is such a precious moment in my life as a mom to be able to play with my little guy and to be the center of his attention and it's a shame if I won't revert it back.

The shape that is suppose to be for the turtle became tower blocks. Another thing he likes to do is to complete the puzzle of ABC's.

My little guy is very playful, always smiling and hyperactive. I honestly don't know where all his energy is coming from. I was warned that boys are different from girls but I wasn't told how active boys can be and now I am learning from experience. :)
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Pinoy: nililitis sa Dubai dahil sa pagnanakaw ng iPad-huli sa iCloud

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Isa na namang pinoy ang nililitis dito sa Dubai, ang dahilan: ang pakuha, pag-angkin at pagamit ng isang bagay na hindi kanya. Ayon sa balita, isang Indiang negosyante ang bumyahe mula sa kanilang bansa patungong Dubai at nakaligtaan nito ang kanyang iPad sa eroplano. Ayon sa namamahala ng eroplano, hindi nila umano natagpuan ang hinahanap. Matapos ang ilang araw, nadiskubre ng may-ari kung sino ang nang-umit ng kanyang tablet sa pamamagitan ng iCloud - isang storage system na ginawa ng Apple upang maitago at seguraduhing ligtas ang lahat ng impormasyon sa iyong iPhone, iPad at iPod. Matapos makalap ang detalye ng taong nagnakaw ng iPad mula sa kanyang Facebook account, itinawag ito ng asawa ng negosyante sa airline na mismong piagtratrabahuhan ang Pinoy at ibinigay ang kanyang detalye, di umano ay isa itong enhinyero na sa kanilang kumpanya mismo nagtratrabaho. Sa bandang huli ng paglilitis inamin ni kabayan ang kanyang ginawa.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. wala akong ibang maramdaman kundi ang manghinayang para sa kay kabayan at sa kanyang pamilya. Naririto tayo sa ibang bayan at maayos na naghahanap buhay, kumikita para sa ating pamilya pagkatapos mauuwi lamang sa kulungan dahil sa pagkatukso sa isang kumukinang na bagay na maari naman pag-ipunan. Maging aral nawa ang ganitong pangyayari sa lahat ng OFW dito sa Dubai. Wag po tayong matukso sa maliit na bagay at bigyang halaga natin ang ating pagkatao at trabaho para sa ating pamilya

news info

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Texas Roadhouse Dubai Mall

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Thai, Chinese, or Steak? I asked this question to myself while I was thinking where to take my family to dine and celebrate my daughters 8th birthday last Friday. You know a mother needs to weigh her dining options too with regards to the food preference of the family members. As much as I want to try some Thai food that day, I couldn't since I have a bunch of meat lovers with me so steak wins unanimously.

Texas Roadhouse offers hand-cut steaks, award winning ribs, fresh baked bread, and made from scratch side items, the branch in Dubai Mall is located in the Fountain Restaurant Area, Lower Ground Level Tel: 04-3253862

It was half past eight and we were all starving, the restaurant was full so we were asked to wait between 20-30 minutes although it didn't took that long to get a table for eight, just after 10 minutes we were already giving out our orders.

The combo appetizer includes boneless buffalo wings, tater skin topped with cheese and bacon bits (potato skin), and rattlesnake bites (potato balls with jalapenos) all perfectly cooked until golden brown and it was gone before I knew it.We also had Caesar salad which I find a bit salty but the lettuce are fresh and crunchy while the chef’s salad was just plain ordinary.

The kids ordered ranger meal chicken critters with mashed potato on the side and orange juice. Mica couldn't finish her food, she was busy counting her kidzos but when I asked her she said it was spicy that's why she didn't liked it so is her friend.
My brother ordered 12 oz medium rare rib eye steak, he shared it with me forking juicy cut pieces to my plate while I shared with him some of my grilled salmon with steamed veggie on the side. The servings are big and ideal for sharing. My husband was seated across me on the table and he was eating quietly enjoying the tender and flavorful half slab ribs he ordered. The grilled chicken and shrimp was shared by my sister-in-law and Sarah with their rice side dish, I am salivating by the looks of it but I couldn’t comment further. We washed down our meal with some fizzy drinks, not even a beer they don't serve alcohol.

Someone was celebrating a birthday at the table next to us and it seemed traditional for Texas Roadhouse wait staff to ask the celebrant to seat in a chair resembling a horse saddle just like a cowboy to his horse while they announce and greet him for his birthday. After our sumptuous dinner, then it's Mica's turn to be cowgirl.

What is a birthday without blowing a candle in a cake but instead I ordered a big brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and smothered with melted chocolate and that's our sweet endings
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Manny Pacquiao is a National Hero of the Philippines according to CNN

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Have you seen this?

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Please don't mislead the world about our country's facts, he is not our national hero although he is a national icon now for his success.

I can't believed CNN can do this, simply put Manny right next to Jose Rizal unless otherwise they mean something else in doing so but whatever is their reason it's not acceptable. period.
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