Hot summer days are over...

at Ski Dubai. The temperature inside is at minus 4 degrees but it records minus thirty on the wall thermometer. This giant indoor ski resort in Mall of the Emirates is the first and only one of its kind in the Middle East. Since it opened, it became one of the leading attractions here in Dubai.

For someone like me who have not seen snow and wanted to see real snow, entering Ski Dubai with that perfect winter setting is like a dream come true. I feel like I am in a fairy tale or in a movie. With only my daughter in tow we enjoyed chilling (literally :D) and playing in the park for about two hours, more than that and we would have frozen (we're not built for the weather you know). After two hours I felt that my fingers and toes are aching, the same freezing effect of holding ice in your hand for a long time. Only kids from age three and older are allowed inside so my two year old son Prince and his dad went to Magic Planet instead. Just like me my daughter is seeing snow for the first time and I can tell from her face that she is excited yet uncertain of what to expect but as you can see my little explorer is everywhere.

The famous character of Ice Age movie series Scrat and Sid are both present at Ski Dubai to entertain kids. More so there was the five playful penguins in the Penguin Show.

We would have stayed longer if our body allows us to do so but we don't want to be the first case of hypothermia here :D. I promised Mica that we will be back at Ski Dubai next time but we have to wait for Prince to turn three so dad and him can tag along, it will be more fun I'm sure.

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  1. Wow mukhang matatagalan na ulit ang pagdalaw ko sa dubai pero sana sa susunod e hindi na ko mamahalan sa entrance hihi :) nice photo set!

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