Happy New Year - 2013

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Nine hours from now 2012 will be gone and here comes 2013. I thank God that we are still here and that end of the world speculations were completely a hoax. I am also thankful to him for so many blessings. I am glad that I can still celebrate the new year with my family and watch Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world showcase its tallest fireworks display in the world to be recorded tonight by Guinness. Thousands of people will be flocking downtown Dubai and I am scared to face non moving traffic, over crowding, and getting home at 3 am in the morning not to mention waiting almost four hours to witness the event unfold.

We were not in Dubai last new year, we celebrated it in our home country the traditional way but the year before that we were here at the foot of the Burj Khalifa witnessing the change of year from 2010 to 2011. I don't know what to expect except that the management is closing many points of entry to Downtown Dubai. Metro will be packed and Sheikh Zayed Road will be like Karama parking area. But I will set aside my worries, this is the new year and I am excited as a child

I did not realized until today that I haven't shared our experience in New Year 2010. Here are some photos back then. I wish you all a Happy New year. MYB

Dubai Mall fountain dance all night to differenct music pleasing everyone

The crowd is growing every minute at Burj Park where we stayed. Prince was still a baby back then, about eight months now he is two and a half.

Burj Khalifa after the fireoworks display covered in smoke. 

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Fast Lane multi tiered parking

Prince is two and a half and can't write to Santa yet but we know he likes Ben 10, Barney and Thomas and Friends. Shopping for Prince wasn't easy compared to Mica, it took us more than an hour to decide what to give to the kiddo. We were rounding Toys R Us boys section so many times. I almost bought a Thomas and Friends Lego but Ferald did not like it. He wanted to give him something with cars or train, he know better what boys like so I did not argue. It was a good decision to get this gift coz Prince love it.

Of course after opening the present, Prince immediately ask his dad to build it, here with my brother helping to put up the multi tiered parking

The seal of approval is ours!!! :D

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Will you grow up to be a detective?

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When you ask a kid what she/he wants to become when he/she grows up, you get typical answers like doctor, nurse, engineer, singer, artist, etc. My daughter wants to become a detective, an agent!

I was in awe with her answer, I wasn't expecting that at all. I was wondering how and where she got the idea, she used to want to become a paleontologist before because she was watching Dino Dan - a kid who imagine interacting with dinosaurs in his everyday life and Dinosaur Train where in a train for dinosaurs go to every dinosaur era and learn things about the traits of those dinosaurs.

An agent, a detective just like the spy kids in the movie and kid detectives from e-junior TV channel is what she wants to be when she grows up. It leveled up from just a dream to role playing when she wrote in her letter to Santa Clause that she want a CSI detective kit for her Christmas gift. Oh me oh my, I know right.

When I imagine her as a detective, I see her working in the military or the police force and I get scared, it is a dangerous job. It will be astig to see my little girl grow up to be one of them but as a mother/parent I worry for her safety. I know I am over reacting, children will change their mind a thousand times until they are sure of what they wanna do.

We got her what she asked for, who knows this is what she will really become so better support her from now on.

Look at my little girl while she open her present.
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Christmas isn't over yet

We hope you all have a very merry and meaningful Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead of you.
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DIY Glitter Greeting Cards

Don't you just love making personalized cards for your friends? I know, technology is so advanced and it is super dooper easy to type your message and greet your friends but sometimes nothing beats the old fashion way.

Today is my daughters last day of school, its their winter break and it's also the holidays! Last night, Mica mentioned about a classmate who will be saying goodbye to their class because he is going back to his home country together with his family for good, the problem was the boys dad could not find another job after he lost his job or something like that. If the head of the family is jobless in Dubai, it is really very difficult to get by. Jobless expatriate families eventually would need to decide to leave UAE for good and go home. Unlike other countries, here we don't get citizenship so it is very important to have a job which means having a visa and having a visa means being able to stay and work in Dubai legally. It was a sad story but one way or another, we have to face reality and what is happening to her classmate is the reality and this I explained to Mica so she would understand.

We lighten up a bit, she wanted us to buy something for one of her classmates, they are going to have an exchange gift. It is one of her girlfriends ideas that they exchange gift because it is Christmas and so an amount for AED 25 is set for the gift. We got one for a boy and wrapped it nicely.

After wrapping up her present, we had another idea, we made some lovely glittery greeting cards for her BFFs.  These DIY stencil Christmas greeting cards were made using white card stock, different glitter colours, glue and a little bit of hard work and a lot more fun :)

Behind the card she'd written her message to each one of her friends.

I made the stencil using hard plastic for binding. This project is easy and fun to make. Something I'm sure your kids will enjoy.

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It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Dubai

Rain is one thing that people in Dubai love to see happening. It doesn't happen often here and mostly in December only that's why it is always welcome. It brings old memories, we all become nostalgic with every drop. It makes us missed our home countries though and we feel homesick much but still it warms  our hearts

Captured this video yesterday morning while its pouring and I felt like we are driving in a highway like NLEX or SLEX in Philippines.

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