Will you grow up to be a detective?

When you ask a kid what she/he wants to become when he/she grows up, you get typical answers like doctor, nurse, engineer, singer, artist, etc. My daughter wants to become a detective, an agent!

I was in awe with her answer, I wasn't expecting that at all. I was wondering how and where she got the idea, she used to want to become a paleontologist before because she was watching Dino Dan - a kid who imagine interacting with dinosaurs in his everyday life and Dinosaur Train where in a train for dinosaurs go to every dinosaur era and learn things about the traits of those dinosaurs.

An agent, a detective just like the spy kids in the movie and kid detectives from e-junior TV channel is what she wants to be when she grows up. It leveled up from just a dream to role playing when she wrote in her letter to Santa Clause that she want a CSI detective kit for her Christmas gift. Oh me oh my, I know right.

When I imagine her as a detective, I see her working in the military or the police force and I get scared, it is a dangerous job. It will be astig to see my little girl grow up to be one of them but as a mother/parent I worry for her safety. I know I am over reacting, children will change their mind a thousand times until they are sure of what they wanna do.

We got her what she asked for, who knows this is what she will really become so better support her from now on.

Look at my little girl while she open her present.

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