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Teaching kids to do chores

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Our parents taught us everything we need to know about household chores and I am thankful that they did. I remember hand washing and pressing our clothes, sweeping the ground with broomstick, dusting furniture and removing cobwebs, washing and drying the dishes, making our bed in the morning and night, and even cleaning the fish and cooking the rice when I was young. It was all fun for me, I never thought of it as hard work. I grew up knowing everything about house keeping. I am now married with two kids and I am far from my mom but I am not worried because I know how to take care of my family. Every little things I learned from our parents, I thank them for it, and it is also good to mention that I have another mentor, my moms youngest and only sister taught me a lot of things too. I owe it to them and thank you because you prepared me for my future which is now.

Last weekend, I posted a photo in Facebook of the kids helping out in the kitchen.  My dear darling daughter requested some crispy fish fillet for lunch and she wanted to cook it herself, I was there to guide her. She was satisfied at how her dish tasted. 

We used white frozen fish fillet, thawed, seasoned with salt and pepper and squeezed with half lemon juice

Then dipped in egg, white flour and panko bread crumbs

In a frying pan, I added some olive oil and we fry the fish fillets in batches

Turning it after about 5 minutes or until sides are crispy

Here's Mica transferring the last batch to the serving plate

While me and Mica were busy with cooking, the little guy wanted to join the fun but he can't cook. He pulled a chair and climb to see what we were doing and then he found some dirty dishes on the sink. He wanted to wash them so I let him do it, of course I supervised and guided him to avoid mess and from breaking the plates and glasses

Look at how diligently he is doing it :)

Other than just washing the dishes, Prince also helps me in setting the table, I assigned him to put the fork and spoon after I put the plates on the table. He enjoys it a lot and he is a very helpful and cooperative. I know that it's like all play with him now but giving him a part of the responsibility makes him feel valued and part of the family and I am sure that he will benefit from it in the future as I lay for him the groundwork of good habits.

In the evening, I took them to the nearby park to play, say a reward for a job well done.

I am glad that at a young, the kids become aware of the things they can do to help at home, it teaches them responsibility and it is fun doing it together, our bonding time while our dad is at work.

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Prince Basketball Prowess :)

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Prince loves basketball. His dad plays basketball and this helps Prince to be interested in the sport. He started playing ball when he was two and a half years old and his interest in it is growing. His dads dream is to see him become a professional basketball player someday. It is too early for us to say what he will become when he grow up but whatever it is he chose to be in the future, we will always be behind him supporting all his endevours.

Prince used to be a chubby kid but with his new found skill in basketball, he has lost weight and now is physically fit. We even bought him his own MJ ball and a ring to use at home and he does use it daily.

I am glad that he has got something else to do at home apart from watching TV amd playing games in the computer. Kids nowadays are into so much gadgets which is not good. We should always balance their activity, it is also for their own benefit. 

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Tips and Tricks on Potty Training Prince

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I did it!

Peeing standing up wasn't an issue for Prince, he learned it quite very fast and he is a natural. He is less than three when he learned to pee on his own and also stays dry all night and only had very few accidents. He had his dad and his 4 year old cousin to copy when they are in the toilet doing their business they are his role models but something was left out, he relied on diapers for bowel movement. I was worried that he will get used to it and cling on it, I wanted him to understand that pee and poo both belong in the same place - the toilet - so when we run out of diapers, I did not get another pack so he will be encourage to use the potty. 

We showed him again his cars potty seat we bought many months ago-his choice of course, place it on the toilet seat for him to use. He was not comfortable with this idea, he would sit for few minutes and then stand up. On the third day, he probably could not hold it longer and he sit and succeeded. We are all proud of him so we rewarded him with his favorite chocolate. He was also proud of his accomplishment and promised to use the potty seat next time. That next time took two days, not bad right and hopefully it will be down to one day like everyday.

They say boys are longer to potty train compared to girls and it holds true for my daughter and son. If you are potty training your son right now you need to remember that

one: he needs a role model - dad or older brother or cousin (boys)
two: buy the necessary equipment like potty seat or potty - let him to chose
three: rewards and praises works

Do you have extra tips and tricks on potty training, please feel free to share it here. 
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Framing Artwork and Creating Photo Collage

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I heart everything, I see them everywhere, why not put it in my daughters room?

For this project I got a white card stock, pair of scissors, a black marker, a red pen and an old frame

Out of the white card stock, I cut out a square that fits perfectly to the old frame, I used the black marker for writing  I and Micaela and for the black frame on the edge of the paper while I used the red pen to draw the heart and color it. This was a pretty very easy-to-do art. I stick the art on the frame and mount it on the wall.

For the photo collage, I printed small pictures of Micaela in the places she's been to. Arranged it and stick together to a frame and mount it on the wall with a double adhesive tape. The letter L stands for Lanna my daughters first name. This was a jewellery holder I got from Claire's during a sale. The pink bear is Mica's lovey toy posing as my model.

I printed these pictures randomly and later on I realized that the pictures are from different experiences of her (from left to right top to bottom) By the Burj Al Arab, By the Burk Khalifa, Skii Dubai, Dream Land Aquapark, Dubai Zoo, Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque, Dubai Dolphinarium, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Crabbing in Um Al Quwain, Enchanted Kingdom, Hersheys Dubai Mall-Largest Chocolate Bar, Fujairah Open Beach, Rotana Abu Dhabi, Top of Jebel Hafeet with Aero, Tagaytay Horseback Riding Compound, Abra Ride at Dubai Creek, Malaysia International Airport and Bulacan Butterfly Garden.

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Shared Room - Creating Two Rooms in One

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We are used to co-sleeping, in fact our kids co-sleep with us until a week ago before I decided that they get their on beds and separate bedroom.

My daughter is turning nine this April and she was very eager to have her own bed (again). Since I divided the room in two parts using an Ikea wardrobe unit, we are literally still in the same room and she is not going to sleep alone. My dilemma before when I allow her to have her own bedroom was she's staying up late. I would put her to bed early, read her her favorite book and sing her lullaby's and leave the room when she is sleeping and since I went to bed thinking she's asleep, I didn't know that at some days she stays up doing some stuff which I discovered later on. My solution to this was to go back to co-sleeping since she really goes to sleep when we are also in bed. At present this is no longer a problem because she easily goes to sleep after I put her to bed knowing that we are in the same room, she is also a lot older now and enjoys her own space.

My son on the other hand is not very difficult to train. He likes his own bed immediately, his own space. The only thing now is one of us will have to put him to bed every now and then, it depends on to whom he is most attach during the day, it so happened that he likes us alternately so me and my husband take turns givings us more hours of sleep, oh but bottle feeding him at night stays my husbands duty :P (harhar) We like the idea that Prince likes his bed, he doesn't want to sleep on our bed anymore except during the afternoon nap.

We now have our own space too and we are loving it. Because of the wardrobe unit I used as a divider between our room and our children's room, we win back our privacy. We have two rooms in one room and everyone was happy, it was a win win situation.

The above move is part of the plan to de-clutter and redesign our room to a more inviting space for relaxing and sleeping.

This is the kids room in progress, here is the list of things I still want to do for their room.

Purchase bunk bed AED 450 or $122 from Sharjah Immigration Road Furniture Store
Add frames stop Mica's headboard (Create fremd art)
Add storage unit for Mica and Prince
Buy them both a themed bed covers and pillow cases
Add frames atop Prince headboard
Create a reading corner where the lamp shade sits right now
Install then each a reading lamp

As much as I love them to have warm feet in the morning by adding some carpet on the floor, I am ditching the idea since they both very sensitive to dust and carpets are dust magnets. They have both their house slippers and that will do the thing.

Our side of the room is not picture worthy at this time, it is still evolving but I will sure share it with you.
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Will you grow up to be a detective?

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When you ask a kid what she/he wants to become when he/she grows up, you get typical answers like doctor, nurse, engineer, singer, artist, etc. My daughter wants to become a detective, an agent!

I was in awe with her answer, I wasn't expecting that at all. I was wondering how and where she got the idea, she used to want to become a paleontologist before because she was watching Dino Dan - a kid who imagine interacting with dinosaurs in his everyday life and Dinosaur Train where in a train for dinosaurs go to every dinosaur era and learn things about the traits of those dinosaurs.

An agent, a detective just like the spy kids in the movie and kid detectives from e-junior TV channel is what she wants to be when she grows up. It leveled up from just a dream to role playing when she wrote in her letter to Santa Clause that she want a CSI detective kit for her Christmas gift. Oh me oh my, I know right.

When I imagine her as a detective, I see her working in the military or the police force and I get scared, it is a dangerous job. It will be astig to see my little girl grow up to be one of them but as a mother/parent I worry for her safety. I know I am over reacting, children will change their mind a thousand times until they are sure of what they wanna do.

We got her what she asked for, who knows this is what she will really become so better support her from now on.

Look at my little girl while she open her present.
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WiWi aTO!

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Potty Training Prince

It comes in naturally to parents the need to potty train their children as they see signs of readiness. I read a lot of articles how to potty train but as they say it is always different with every child. Well I guess they are right about it. I have two kids and they have big age gaps between them. My eldest stop wearing diapers by the age of two, we had few accidents but she learned from that day and become independent from nappies all the way.

We are actively potty training my two year old son right now. His auntie was so supportive of him. Thanks to her. It is much easier now that he can talk and tells me, his aunt, his dad or even his older sister to take him to the toilet to pee. Everyone in the house applauds him for good behavior and encourages him to use the toilet every time he needs to including pooping.

In the beginning, I was the one taking him to the toilet but I thought that to do it visually will help him a lot. His dad was too excited when I told him the idea to show him how men do it and he is the happiest dad on earth when he saw him doing it. He still needs to learn how to poop in the toilet and they are getting there so I guess sooner we will bid goodbyes to the nappies too.

If you need help how to potty train please click here
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Back to school and a few observations

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School is starting next week at my daughter school and I think majority of schools in Dubai and UAE are also up. I guess I will need to say goodbye to the traffic free Dubai-Sharjah  highway by this weekend. It will definitely become packed with everyone hurrying up to get to their destination from Sunday morning and then add up to that all the students heading to school transported by their big yellow buses.

I have two kids but just the eldest is attending school, for now. It's not only the traffic that's going to get congested and so is my schedule. I will not only bid farewell to a traffic free road but also to the fuss free mornings that I enjoy when there is no school.

I was at my daughter's school yesterday to settle her tuition and transport fees, buy new books and uniforms as well. On the queue, another parent was paying the fees of his kids. When the accountant told him the total amount, he took his wallet and emptied it counting thousand dirhams bills. After paying, he checked the receipt and ask where are the school uniform fees? The accountant informed him that school uniforms will be paid separately in another counter. He was disappointed, I cannot blame him you know, we are standing there for about an hour already only to learn that we have to go to another counter for another payment, why not let the parents pay everything at once in just one counter?

I got M her uniforms and paid the books although it is not ready for distribution. We left her school and headed to the mall to buy school necessities. She didn't like to have trolley bag this time, she wanted a back pack just like her friends have. This is rooted from the difficulty carrying trolley bags to the second floor of their school using the stairs since there is no elevator. I am not suspecting any other reason because I have seen this and she's telling the truth which reminded me to mention this during parent-teachers meeting.

I have nothing against my daughters school but it surprise me that I have these strange observations while writing this down. We are almost ready for the new school year and I am bracing myself for it from now.
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come take my hand

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 Frienship is a union of spirits, a marriage of hearts, and a bond thereof virtue
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Applaud the early doodles

Prince is 18 months now and the first time he gets hold of crayons was on his first birthday that was celebrated in Chili’s - Mega Mall. At Chili’s, kids once seated are given three different colors of crayons along with a comic like kids menu with puzzles and games to keep them busy until the food is serve. This was the first time also that we have noticed that our little guy is a lefty, according to baby experts it is too early to determine now if he is a lefty or a righty but as we observe, he seem to favor his left hand over his right. Take a look at these photos of Prince at 12 months trying to make doodles.

This is Prince almost 18 months when we gave him a notebook and a pencil to write. Expert encouraged parents to applaud early doodles to cultivate a whole raft of new activities. Drawing with crayons includes fine motor skills such as holding and grasping as a well as boosting your child's visual insight and tapping his imagination.

We even captured it on a video

hey little guy, this is you when you were little and see, we thought you will be a lefty, we will wait few more years to confirm that. love you mommy
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