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Teachings about Positive Thinking

"Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done." "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned" The teachings of Buddha holds true in my last weekend happenings. The good thing despite the fact that every planned activity did not materialized, we still went home happy and sated. Part of what inspires me was the iconic tower Burj Khalifa... Have you noticed the golden glow of the tower and the white dot in the sky, the effect is due to the sun setting and the white dot was actually the moon (photos were by my phone camera) and the beautiful Downtown Dubai No matter how upset we are, we can always find something to cheer us up, we just have to look around. If we dwell on our frustrations, we don't know what we

Look who's baking!

Mica is trying her hands on baking and she's baking here her favorite walnut chocolate chip cookies. Ingridients and procedure are at  Mommy's Cookbook She watches All For Kids and Lindsay-the little chef is her favorite. With my supervision, she made these cookies herself. Please have some :)

Losing weight gracefully

I never been this concerned with my weight until I had my blood tested for diabetes on a free check up conducted in a mall many many months ago. The doctor said my sugar is a bit elevated and I must control my weight, must exercise regularly and eat balance and healthy food. She advised me to get proper lab tests to be sure but I never went to get the lab test (not scared duhhh!) but I started to exercise regularly and try to eat as healthy as I could (wink). The building in which I work allow commercial tenants to use the gym conveniently located just on the upper floor of our office. The heaviest I've become was about 70-75 kilos or 154 -165 lbs while I was pregnant with my son, I am not tall so I know I’m really BIG at that time. Three years later after giving birth, I still find it hard to lose those baby weights and as I age, it gets even harder. Lately, I discovered one website called Blogilates - it is a blog of Casey Ho-a Pilates instructor. Her videos are awesome

Beware of Budol Budol Gang

Recently we heard news about Budol Budol gang striking again in some places like Cavite (City in Philippines). This time they are targeting old women shopping alone, coming out from banks and remittance centers or wearing gold jewelries. Many of the victims killed are those who fought back. One photo of a dead old woman flashed on the screen. She had only gone shopping in the wet market but never came back. The husband and her family desperately searched for her but when they finally found her, she's dead, victimized by Budol Budol. Several cases like this have been reported. The police authorities apprehended some members of the gang and are now behind bars. These gang members are men and women, the women pretend asking for help, once the victim fall prey to their tricks, they will continue their drama; they have a van to drive around their victim while they sequestered all valuable belongings. This news left me fuming. These people don't possess a heart, they are a living

Today I am a Commuter

I am a commuter today. I have always been a commuter, during college when I decided not to stay in a boarding house in Manila I commute from my province in Bulacan to my University - PUP and back everyday for two years so it's not actually new to me. When I came in Dubai (that means Sharjah coz my family stays in Sharjah) years ago, I also take sharing taxis to go to Dubai that used to be very popular before until the laws got stricter where in cabs cannot car pool. And then we had a car and my husband always drops me to my workplace. (Yeah we have a car and we brace ourselves to traffic every single day (I am wishing and hoping that Dubai and Sharjah will agree to extend the Dubai Metro to Sharjah and to all other emirates-its good that Abu Dhabi started it but unfortunately I don't leave there) As I was saying, today was no different, when my husband mentioned that we have to get up at 4:30 am and leave the house at 5 in the morning because they have a meeting at work, I l

Framing Artwork and Creating Photo Collage

I heart everything , I see them everywhere, why not put it in my daughters room? For this project I got a white card stock, pair of scissors, a black marker, a red pen and an old frame Out of the white card stock, I cut out a square that fits perfectly to the old frame, I used the black marker for writing  I and Micaela and for the black frame on the edge of the paper while I used the red pen to draw the heart and color it. This was a pretty very easy-to-do art. I stick the art on the frame and mount it on the wall. For the photo collage, I printed small pictures of Micaela in the places she's been to. Arranged it and stick together to a frame and mount it on the wall with a double adhesive tape. The letter L stands for Lanna my daughters first name. This was a jewellery holder I got from Claire's during a sale. The pink bear is Mica's lovey toy posing as my model. I printed these pictures randomly and later on I realized that the pictures are from different exp

Shared Room - Creating Two Rooms in One

We are used to co-sleeping , in fact our kids co-sleep with us until a week ago before I decided that they get their on beds and separate bedroom. My daughter is turning nine this April and she was very eager to have her own bed (again). Since I divided the room in two parts using an Ikea wardrobe unit, we are literally still in the same room and she is not going to sleep alone. My dilemma before when I allow her to have her own bedroom was she's staying up late. I would put her to bed early, read her her favorite book and sing her lullaby's and leave the room when she is sleeping and since I went to bed thinking she's asleep, I didn't know that at some days she stays up doing some stuff which I discovered later on. My solution to this was to go back to co-sleeping since she really goes to sleep when we are also in bed. At present this is no longer a problem because she easily goes to sleep after I put her to bed knowing that we are in the same room, she is also a lo

Mommy's Cookbook

I said I wanted just one blog so it's easy to maintain but then I couldn't. For the sake of my son and daughter, I created another blog dedicated to food. I can't tell you how much of a foodie I am but I am. I love to cook, eat out, shop for groceries and watch cooking shows, browse cook books, watch and follow celebrity chefs, surf the net for food blogs, read restaurant reviews and I even want to plant edibles for my cooking. :P I didn't study culinary art, I am just a daughter who was raised by a cook and I am a mom who loves to cook for her family. I love to have breakfast, I remember lunches in my aunts house where I spent my adolescent years and dine for dinner with my family now that I am married. I 've always wished that I have asked my dad to write down for me all his recipes but I couldn't and so I try to recreate his dishes using my instincts, I know how his dishes taste like, that's why. Now I know very well that although my children might have