25 Rules for Mothers of Daughters

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Thank you to the people who had been sharing this article on Facebook that it reached my wall.  And thank you to Sarah Driscoll of Diapers and Daisies for writing the rules, it slowly melt my heart until it's as soft as a s'more.  After reading it, it makes me ponder for the dept of  love I have for my daughter and my mom too. Every one knows that no rules exist about motherhood because this job do not and must not have any reservations, when you're a mom you have to give it all out,  right moms? (did I see you nodding?) I am a mother with a daughter who just turned 9  today. I am posting this to constantly remind myself that a mother's love is endless and has no boundaries and that there are certain things that only mothers can give. 

Mica, happy happy birthday! I love you so much and I want you to remember that I am not a perfect mother but I will give everything for you to be happy. When you grow older you will understand and when you have a daughter of your own (in case) I would like you to read these rules guidelines too and in no doubt follow these rules like I did.


1. Paint her nails. Then let her scratch it off and dirty them up. Teach her to care about her appearance, and then quickly remind her that living and having fun is most important.

2. Let her put on your makeup, even if it means bright-red-smudged lips and streaked-blue eyes. Let her experiment in her attempts to be like you…then let her be herself.

3. Let her be wild. She may want to stay home and read books on the couch, or she may want to hop on the back of a motorcycle-gasp. She may be a homebody or a traveler. She may fall in love with the wrong boy, or meet mr. right at age 5. Try to remember that you were her age once. Everyone makes mistakes, let her make her own.

4. Be present. Be there for her at her Kindergarten performances, her dance recitals, her soccer games…her everyday-little-moments. When she looks through the crowds of people, she will be looking for your smile and pride. Show it to her as often as possible.

5. Encourage her to try on your shoes and play dress-up. If she would rather wear her brother’s superman cape with high heals, allow it. If she wants to wear a tutu or dinosaur costume to the grocery store, why stop her? She needs to decide who she is and be confident in her decision.

6. Teach her to be independent. Show her by example that woman can be strong. Find and follow your own passions. Search for outlets of expression and enjoyment for yourself- not just your husband or children. Define yourself by your own attributes, not by what others expect you to be. Know who you are as a person, and help your daughter find out who she is.

7. Pick flowers with her. Put them in her hair. There is nothing more beautiful than a girl and a flower.

8. Let her get messy. Get messy with her, no matter how much it makes you cringe inside. Splash in the puddles, throw snowballs, make mud pies, finger paint the walls: just let it happen. The most wonderful of memories are often the messy ones.

9. Give her good role models- you being one of them. Introduce her to successful woman- friends, co-workers, doctors, astronauts, or authors. Read to her about influential woman- Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie. Read her the words of inspirational woman- Jane Austen, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson. She should know that anything is possible.

10. Show her affection. Daughters will mimic the compassion of their mother. “I love yous” and Eskimo kisses go a long way.

11. Hold her hand. Whether she is 3 years-old in the parking lot or sixteen years old in the 

mall, hold on to her always- this will teach her to be confident in herself and proud of her family.

12. Believe in her. It is the moments that she does not believe in herself that she will need you to believe enough for both of you. Whether it is a spelling test in the first grade, a big game or recital, a first date, or the first day of college…remind her of the independent and capable woman you have taught her to be.

13. Tell her how beautiful she is. Whether it is her first day of Kindergarten, immediately after a soccer game where she is grass-stained and sweaty, or her wedding day. She needs your reminders. She needs your pride. She needs your reassurance. She is only human.

14. Love her father. Teach her to love a good man, like him. One who lets her be herself…she is after all wonderful.

15. Make forts with boxes and blankets. Help her to find magic in the ordinary, to imagine, to create and to believe in fairy tales. Someday she will make her 5 by 5 dorm-room her home with magic touches and inspiration. And she will fall in love with a boy and believe him to be Prince Charming.

16. Read to her. Read her Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle. But also remember the power of Sylvia Plath and Robert Frost. Show her the beauty of words on a page and let her see you enjoy them. Words can be simply written and simply spoken, yet can harvest so much meaning. Help her to find their meaning.

17. Teach her how to love- with passion and kisses. Love her passionately. Love her father passionately and her siblings passionately. Express your love. Show her how to love with no restraint. Let her get her heart broken and try again. Let her cry, and gush, giggle and scream. She will love like you love or hate like you hate. So, choose love for both you and her.

18. Encourage her to dance and sing. Dance and sing with her- even if it sounds or looks horrible. Let her wiggle to nursery rhymes. Let her dance on her daddy's feet and spin in your arms. Then later, let her blast noise and headbang in her bedroom with her door shut if she wants. Or karaoke to Tom Petty in the living room if she would rather. Introduce her to the classics- like The Beatles- and listen to her latest favorite- like Taylor Swift. Share the magic of music together, it will bring you closer- or at least create a soundtrack to your life together.

19. Share secrets together. Communicate. Talk. Talk about anything. Let her tell you about boys, friends, school. Listen. Ask questions. Share dreams, hopes, concerns. She is not only your daughter, you are not only her mother. Be her friend too.

20. Teach her manners. Because sometimes you have to be her mother, not just her friend. The world is a happier place when made up of polite words and smiles.

21. Teach her when to stand-up and when to walk away. Whether she has classmates who tease her because of her glasses, or a boyfriend who tells her she is too fat - let her know she does not have to listen. Make sure she knows how to demand respect - she is worthy of it. It does not mean she has to fight back with fists or words, because sometimes you say more with silence. Also make sure she knows which battles are worth fighting. Remind her that some people can be mean and nasty because of jealousy, or other personal reasons. Help her to understand when to shut her mouth and walk-away. Teach her to be the better person.

22. Let her choose who she loves. Even when you see through the charming boy she thinks he is, let her love him without your disapproving words; she will anyway. When he breaks her heart, be there for her with words of support rather than I told-you-so. Let her mess up again and again until she finds the one. And when she finds the one, tell her.

23. Mother her. Being a mother - to her - is undoubtedly one of your greatest accomplishments. Share with her the joys of motherhood, so one day she will want to be a mother too. Remind her over and over again with words and kisses that no one will ever love her like you love her. No one can replace or replicate a mother's love for their children.

24. Comfort her. Because sometimes you just need your mommy. When she is sick, rub her back, make her soup and cover her in blankets - no matter how old she is. Someday, if she is giving birth to her own child, push her hair out of her face, encourage her, and tell her how beautiful she is. These are the moments she will remember you for. And someday when her husband rubs her back in attempt to comfort her...she may just whisper, "I need my mommy."

25. Be home. When she is sick with a cold or broken heart, she will come to you; welcome her. When she is engaged or pregnant, she will run to you to share her news; embrace her. When she is lost or confused, she will search for you; find her. When she needs advice on boys, schools, friends or an outfit; tell her. She is your daughter and will always need a safe harbor - where she can turn a key to see comforting eyes and a familiar smile; be home.
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Weekend Fillers

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Thank God Its Thursday. What are you gonna do this weekend?

I'd probably take my kids and my husband to the beach in the morning to soak up on some Vit. D which he lacks apparently. Attend the Friday mass in the afternoon and then watch some professional figure skaters at Dubai Mall Ice Rink skate their way for the win at the Dubai Golden Cup and our Saturdays will be very busy  with doctors and landlord visits.

Doing something interesting this weekend? Catch up with some breakfast inspiration from a lady from Oslo, Norway Iadafrosk, making breakfast a lot more fun especially for your kids.

Fancy learning a new language - sip on some Livemocha.

Who says losing weight is hard, its fun here at Blogilates, make sure you check out Transformation Tuesday

iPod, iPhone, iPad... iCar?

Happy weekend guys!

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Wild Wadi Water Park

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No, I did not go on a safari trip this weekend. This wadi is just around the corner of Jumeirah at the end of the Beach Road situated between the majestic 7-star-hotel Burj Al Arab and picturesque Jumeirah Beach Hotel. A friend of a friend took us on a treat to Wild Wadi last Friday. It was the exact same date we officially became a couple. This outing was a perfect coincidence to celebrate our special day.

"Wadi" is the Arabic term for Valley. In some cases, it may refer to dry riverbed that contains water only during times of rain or simply intermittent stream- definition by Wikipedia

Wild Wadi is the first theme park in the UAE and now one of the 6 water parks around the country. (Yas Waterworld, Aquaventure, Iceland, Dreamland, Wonderland, Wild Wadi.) Wild Wadi is nothing but fun fun fun (humming) in the sun that spans over 12 acres of land. It has 23 water rides that suit every age. Jumeirah Sceirah is for riders not less than 1.1 m tall. The anxiety heightens as you climb the 32-meter tower to reach the slide. You will be popped into a tube with your arms and legs crossed and dropped into the 120-meter slide at 80 km ph speed. When I tried this ride, it was not a tube yet, it was an open slide like this one.

This is how it looks now but unfortunately, I couldn't try it this time. The brave and thrill-seeker in you must also be cautious to tie your swimsuit tightly to avoid any beachwear mishap if you know what I mean.

My not so faint-hearted 8-year-old daughter Mica eagerly try her hands on surfing at Wipeout and Riptide Flowriders.

She wants to come back for more even after this wipeout

and then it was dad's turn. Ferald liked this ride a lot and he has been to Wild Wadi three times and never pass the chance to try surfing.

In the end, all get wiped out anyway. hehe

This was me, yes I tried it too and it was awesome.

You know I have another kid. The little guy enjoyed dipping at Breakers Bay. This is a wave pool that produces 1.5-meter waves. Complimentary life jackets are at bay for the not very confident swimmers. I almost stayed here all day to accompany Prince. He is still scared to wade into a deeper part of the pool but we managed to teach him to jump and move his leg like bicycling and he is not so scared anymore.

In front of the wave pool, the play structure behind us is Juhas Dhow and Lagoon perfect for families with little ones

but I couldn't make Prince go to play here because of this huge bucket that pours water every two minutes, it scares him.

Another favorite is the Master Blaster, it is a series of high-powered jets to take you on an aquatic roller coaster ride. In this ride, you'll use a single ring or double ring inflatable. Kids below 1.1 meters are not allowed in this ride.

Lifeguards are everywhere which is really good and if you do not have a water camera, it's alright because they can take your pictures too during the ride and you can pay and collect your picture at the souvenir shop later on.

We have more to explore because we haven't tried everything. We still have the Flood River

 Burj Surj and Tantrum Alley and Juhas Journey

When you feel your stomach rumbling already after all that adrenaline rushing rides, there are several food outlets to chose from. We opted for Julshans Kitchen, ordered some burgers with potato fries and soft drinks, the burger is big and good for sharing. I shared mine with Mica or you can have it to yourself but I'm sure you'll find yourself stuffed after that. I find it odd though that the veggies in the burger are served on the side. Burgers, Sausage sandwich, chicken burgers are priced from AED 32 to 39 AED. Salads are also available and cost AED 40-50. Bottled water is ridiculously overpriced at AED 9 per bottle. Ice cream is AED 10 each.

There are also other things you can engage yourself into inside Wild Wadi water park. Fisho is a fish spa available for a fee of AED 35

Just dip your feet on the water full of small fishes and enjoy the tingling sensation

or get an Air Tatoo that apparently would last up to 5 days.

And this place is picture-perfect, so take loads of pictures

And capture some more nice things

And if you get lost there are maps like this around the water park and if you lost something, they also have lost and found near the entrance.

Entrance fees to Wild Wadi are AED 225 for adults and AED 175 for kids and free for kids below 2 years. They are open from 10 am to 7 pm daily from March to May and adjusted depending on the month so be sure to check this out.
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Expat Stories: Daily Commute after New Dubai Salik Installed

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Just recently two new Salik toll gates were installed in the UAE, one at the  Ittihad Road between Dubai and Sharjah and one in Beirut Road near Dubai Airport Tunnel. People are aware about these planned gates because it had been announced before but when the news came out that it will soon be operational, everyone was fidgeting and dreading about it because it's an additional expense topping up current expenses. We in particular as Sharjah residents thought of moving back to Dubai for awhile but as rents in Dubai hike up to more than 10 percent and more we took a step back with our thought. Also a lot of employees especially field based suggested that companies must give Salik allowances.

April 15 marks the opening of these toll gates and improved traffic flow has been reported on the tolled roads above average than the traffic in many alternative routes such as Al Nahda, Al Ghusais and Emirates Road formerly known as Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, which is good right? There are other Salik gates in Dubai, two in Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Maktoum and Al Garhoud.

Each time a tagged vehicle passes these gates, AED 4 is charged. Each day now, we are spending AED 8 for passing in Al Mamzar Salik in the morning and Airport Tunnel Salik in the evening. That is AED 160/month and AED 1920 or $ 522 in a year exclusive of fees paid over the weekends and extra trips to Sharjah and Dubai at a given time.

In the first two days we have noticed that traffic eased up and I've caught that in a video.

Ittihad Road at 6:40 am (yes my friend that you see on the video-that already eased up)

Dubai Airport Tunnel 7:33 pm, the whole tunnel was free flowing but wait until you reach the bridge and the intersection

Yesterday night on our way home was different; everywhere we go it is bumper to bumper in Ittihad Road. Have you seen an ant colony poured with hot water and ants are running in all direction away from from danger, yesterdays scene was like this, I see red color lights everywhere, everyone trying to access  roads without traffic to get home and just like any other commuters we keep on ending up finding traffic where we've headed.

I am sure this is not the case all day everyday and it helps to think that we are home few more minutes earlier than usual, time is most important and oh few more minutes of sleep in the morning too.

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Al Marhabani Mandi and Tradition Food is Back!!!

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Our favorite restaurant is back! It used to be me and my colleagues in Goldas eating out for lunch in this Arabian inspired restaurant located near our office until I introduced it to my husband. It was a hit not only to him but to friends whom I have recommended it but then one day we learned that it had close down and we were left clueless whether it has relocated or went bankrupt. There was an Arabic note on the door but who can read?

But yes their back and bigger with another branch in Jumeirah. The staff I asked told me that there was a big fire in the old restaurant that's why it close down. The new restaurant is still in Al Mamzar next to Al Mamzar Center. There are two sitting areas, one at the lower ground where usually men sits and the other is at the first floor mainly for groups and families. The stairs to the majlis is on the right corner of the restaurant, there is always a staff to direct the diners.

When we came, the majlis were full and we were offered a table, the kids are hungry so we took it otherwise we would have love to be seated in Arabic style. The majlis are so comfortable and private, ideal for friends and families to have lunch or dinner. Majlis by the way is a salon or place for sitting.

The main reason why we keep on coming back here is because the food of course and the majlis too. Bukharee with chicken is our favorite dish with red rice and very soft chicken that the chicken meat is literally falling off from the bones. The rice for some is bland but for us who eat steamed rice all our lives, this flavored rice is absolutely yummy. It is served with pureed tomatoes as dipping sauce mild and spicy and a platter of uber fresh vegetables that consist of romaine lettuce, carrots, sliced tomatoes, onions and chili. All of what you see in the photo above cost AED 50. An order of bukharee with chicken is AED 25. We ordered two in one dish plate. The rest of the menu is priced lower than 50 except for the banquet. The specials are mandi rice, mandi-bukharee, kabsa rice and biryani rice with options of meat, fish, shrimps or chicken. We haven't tried the appetizers yet but some say that the yogurt cucumber is a winner.

As always, the place is clean and fresh, the service is fast and the staff are friendly. We are planning to come back but maybe we will try the Jumeirah branch next time.

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I like Psy but I am into Gwiyomi right now

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I was recently made aware about a Korean song Gwiyomi (kiyomi) meaning cute. Its fun and kid friendly and I lurve it especially with the pretty Korean Girl doing it. On the other hand, the new song and vid of Psy "Gentleman" is no good compared to his first hit Gangnam Style which I also like better. Here is the vid of his new song if you haven't seen it yet.

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Prince 3rd Birthday Celebration

Prince turned 3 last Saturday, it's like yesterday when he turned two can you imagine its already been a year. Our little guy is growing fast we almost can't keep up. We are proud parents even sometimes we go nuts. The little guy is almost potty trained and he stays dry almost all nights now with a few accidents, we can understand him as he narrates his day to us in broken sentence, he sleeps in his own bed, eats on his own using spoon and fork like an adult, and brushes teeth on his own. He loves to play with other children of his age and favors toys like Ben 10, Superman, and Transformers.

We celebrated Prince birthday at Al Mamzar Beach Park but we did not go to the beach because the weather is very unstable instead we went to the pool area. Inside the park is a separate facility with three swimming pools, one of which is very kid/toddler friendly. The kids pool is knee and waist deep only, the water is still chilly nonetheless the children still love it. We brought cooked food and his Ben 10 cake. It was a small celebration more like of a family outing.

Here is our precious one enjoying his day

There is a separate entrance fee of AED 10 for adults and AED 5 for kids, the park entrance fee is different AED 5. If you have car, the entrance fee is AED 30 irregardless of how many people are in the car.

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