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Chimes of our Lives, Crab Fest 2014

Last week my friends and I headed to Chimes Dubai - one of Al Barsha's casual Far Eastern restaurant that caters delectable street food of the Eastern Pacific rim including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia October is the beginning of the crab fishing season around the world and Chimes Dubai Crab Fest 2014 is still on offering six crab dishes, perfectly marinated crabs smothered with your favorite sauce served with steamed rice or Mantau buns for only 99 Dirhams. Each crab weighs about 500 grams and is good for 2 people.

Barefoot Lounge is Back!

After a long and warm summer, the cool season has finally arrived! Yay!!  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one excited, in Dubai we all have been waiting for this day to come because it means outdoor life and the end of hibernating inside our temperature controlled homes. To welcome the return of this great outdoor weather, Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa's Barefoot Lounge, one of Dubai's most romantic open-air lounges has opened its doors. Ferald and I with fellow bloggers and members of the press were invited to celebrate this event.

Pinoy Themed Restaurants Making Waves in Dubai

This next feature is about two hip, trendy and innovative restaurants that are currently making waves in the Filipino community in Dubai. We tried and tested their toothsome recipes and did not fall short of our expectations. The first one specializes in seafood served in galvanized buckets lined with wax paper. Here you can chose your seafood (fish, clams, crab, calamari, lobster) and the sauces. You can also have it mild, hot or fiery. The place is hip, trendy and not hard on your pockets, it's called Seafood in a Bucket . The new place has more spacious dining area and has a light and airy atmosphere. We needed to wait in line to get a table, they are very busy especially at dinner time and on weekends. They are serving breakfast now but that we still have to try. Here they provide you with plastic apron and gloves to wear to keep your hands from getting too sticky and shirt getting stained but mind you no forks and knives needed no plates either. How do you eat then

A Peri Peri Special Treat

The family was out and about during the last three-day Eid holiday. On the second day of Eid, we went to Qanat Al Qasba in Sharjah for a Peri-Peri special treat. QAQ is a stone throw away from where we live, it is the place with the iconic Ferris Wheel called Eye of the Emirates which you cannot miss when you drive around Sharjah Al Khan corniche. Funny enough, I haven't blog about this gem of a place even I have been here for so many times. ( I didn't mean to keep it for myself! ) Loading Qanat Al Qasba #qaq Eye of the Emirates #sharjah #sharjahblogger #myyellowbells #smileyoureinsharjah View on Instagram  Al Qasba was a picturesque display of festivities during the Eid Holiday. It was bright, buzzing with people, children running around wearing happy faces while their baba and mama seat and relax al fresco in front of packed eateries. Live mime comedy acts and some science experiment show was there for the kids too. On both ends of each of the two bui

Blog and Breathe Bloggers Meet

Time for a beauty post. I know it's a rare thing for me to do but I guess girls will always be girls. A midweek pampering wouldn't hurt anyway plus it's October, the pink month is all about caring for one self especially for us ladies. Loading Pretty colors #nailart #beautyblogging #tiisganda #myyellowbells View on Instagram Last night's bloggers meet up was at the cozy Fellaa Beauty Care and Spa in Ansar Gallery in Karama. The place is owned by the Indian film actress Nisha Joseph. We also met the manager Gauri as well as the organizer herself, the bubbly Chhaya of Your Bubbly Butterfly , a full time beauty blogger herself.

11th Wedding Anniversary Dinner at Royal Orchid Restaurant at Downtown Dubai

Ferald and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary last month and chose to take the whole family out for dinner instead of just the two of us. If you follow me on Instagram , you must have seen the voucher I've won during the Amazing Taste of Thailand 2014 Launch at the Armani Hotel . We put it to good use and took the family out to try some authentic Thai food at the Royal Orchid Restaurant in Downtown Dubai.

Meet up with Laurence Norah: Professional Travel Blogger/Photographer

I have always been honest and tell people when asked that I haven't been to any other country except my own and the UAE. I do hope that one day I could travel and visit other countries with my family. The first on the list would be Hong Kong or Tokyo Disneyland for my kids, Istanbul and Izmir because I would love to see Pamukkale and the Blue Mosque, then maybe Morocco-it fascinates me, seems to be a very interesting place to see, Paris for the Eiffel Tower, Thailand for its food and beaches, Egypt to see the great pyramids of course, Rome and The Vatican, and the list could go on and on. Will definitely take the kids with me, can't imagine holidaying in a far away land without them.

Original Wings and Rings DIFC

Great food. No Bull, Eat Drink and Talk Loudly Casual ambiance, beautiful layout, lively colors, bright clean interiors, large screens, attentive/polite staff, and good old tasty bbq wings, succulent beef burgers and freshest salads promise you of a good family/friends day out and an awesome night out with friends, that is what this first American sports bar joint in the heart of DIFC offers its diners and patrons.

My Thai Culinary Adventure with Thailand Consulate

When I think of Thai food, the first thing that comes to my mind is Pad Thai, my favorite Thai noodle dish and the artistic garnishes in Thai cuisine. The recently concluded Amazing Taste of Thailand 2014, a 10-day event saw me through the tastiest Thai food, astounding Thai music, incessant Thai creativity, and unabating hospitality of the Thai people here in Dubai. The experience got even better when I was invited to a cooking class organized by the Royal Consulate of Thailand in Dubai with the Thai diplomatic wives and ladies. Myself among other participants were given the opportunity to learn how to cook three famous Thai dishes the Pad Thai, Tom Yum goong (spicy and sour chicken/prawn soup) and Tub Tim grob also know as the red ruby (water chestnut in coconut sauce.)