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Shayan Persian Restaurant Press and Bloggers Dinner Party

The last time I dine at Shayan Persian Restaurant was to meet and greet a Professional Travel/Photography Blogger Laurence Norah. Only during my second visit for a Press and Bloggers dinner party hosted by Shayan I get to explore and adore the beauty of the rest of the restaurant, talk about ample seating with private nooks, elegant interiors, traditional music from a Santoor player and of course once again the taste of good authentic Persian food with some new addition.

Santoor - A Traditional Iranian music instrument
This was our table with whom I shared delectable Persian dishes with Dubai based foodies and bloggers

Apart from the grilled meats that I have tried before, we also get to try one of the three newest dish on the menu called Kebab Meygoo or Skewers of marinated grilled tiger prawn. For seafood lovers, they also serve Omani lobster and salmon grilled, oven-baked or pan-fried.

For our dessert we had Sholeh Zard - Rice pudding flavored with fine saffron, pistachios, almond and cinnamon which reminds me of our very own chocolate flavored rice porridge (champorado) back home, only this is spiced with the expensive saffron but it has the same sweetness and texture.

It is always a pleasure to come to a bloggers and press gathering like this one. When you are in the blogging business it is always good to network and to collaborate with the people in the industry with whom you share the same interests.

It was also my pleasure to meet another talented travel blogger in person, Mr. Kenneth Surat of KennethSurat blog and maker of the Surat Journals that night. 

Special thanks to Ferry and to Marie and the management of Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana for once again having us.

Shayan Persian Restaurant
 +971 (0)4 293 3000 
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