Tresind Modernist Indian Fine Dining

Tresind is the newest addition to the ever growing Dubai dining scene. What makes it unique is the use of molecular gastronomy in cooking and preparing delicious classic Indian specialties, not to mention sleek ambiance and excellent service.

Molecular gastronomy is a sub-discipline of food science that seek to investigate the physical and chemical transformation of ingredients that occur in cooking  giving emphasis to  social, artistic and technical components in food preparation. Also known to chefs as multi-sensory cooking, modernist cuisine, culinary physics, and experimental cuisine. 

Derived from the French word "Tres" meaning very and "ind" which is short for India or Tresind is a Modernist Indian Fine Dining and Mixology Lounge nestled at the second floor of the 5 star Radisson Royal Hotel along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Deepti and Me - love her outfit and earrings!!!
In collaboration with Deepti of Jivewithdeepti, I was invited among a few more friends and guests to a cocktail evening to preview the impressively stocked mixology lounge.

Our cocktails made by the in-house mixologist were not left lonesome, these plates arrived by storm, each were cooked and prepared to perfection. From baba ganoush to portions of chicken shawarma, everything taste awesome except for the brain dish that I chickened out to try so I cannot comment on that.

This paneer with roasted mango chutney is a winner.

paneer in mango chutney

the crispy white fish coated with curry sauce is destined to please, it reminds me of shrimp dynamite 

mini burgers with mashed potato patties

brain masala or Moolai Varuval
Tasting uniquely concocted mocktails, signature cocktails and crisp ice cold wine alongside tasty modern Indian hors d'oeuvres while enjoying the company of new friends with good sense of humor was second to none.

We've met the people behind WeTrendStyle Moe and Jeni. I swear Moe is the life of the party, he also have a flair in astrology. :D

Also met a young jewelry designer and owner of Kazaar, the gorgeous Menka who happened to be best friends with a Pinay and I was surprised for her love of Pinoy food.

Menka, me and Gaganjeet
There was a never ending parade of plates that carries mouth watering works of art. So surprisingly the Indian dishes has subtle flavors that still explodes in your mouth at every bite, something that would cater to every palate, not too hot nor over spiced, very modern, can be out of the very classic Indian dishes comfort zone but defo a must try.

Matt and the rest of the crew provided us superb service, thank you for taking care of us. Special thanks to Deepti and the management, Kudos to Chef  Himanshu and all the team.

Ferald and I definitely had a great night.

04 308 0440 

I was invited to preview Tresind therefore everything was complimentary but it will never affect in anyway my reviews since I experience to write not write to experience, all words and photos are mine except otherwise stated. 

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  1. How yummy does that food look!? Very cool of the use of molecular gastronomy!!

  2. I have never had Indian food before. That sounds great night out.

  3. It does look like a fine place to dine. I would love to try a few of their dishes.

  4. Wow, the food is gorgeous! And I love the decor in the dining area. Sounds like an amazing place!

  5. Moe looks like a fun person, even in the picture. :) Glad you had such a wonderful dining experience!

  6. Looks like a great event with wonderful people and looks like the food are delicious. To be honest, I have never been to an Indian Restaurant before, and I have always wanted to sample some real authentic Indian Food. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  7. I would love to try that roasted mango chutney. It looks so good. I love your outfit

  8. You're so lucky that you were able to taste everything. It all looks just divine!

  9. The setting looks wonderful and that dessert tray was calling my name.

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