The World's Longest Graffiti


Vandalism or drawing graffiti in Dubai is an offense with AED 500 fine and double (AED 1000) if repeated but the leaders of this Emirate got a better idea and took graffiti to a sophisticated level.

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Glambox's All Natural Faceshop Beauty Kit

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I already like Faceshop but what hooked me into its first Glambox kit is because it's all natural.

The use of aloe, sunflower, white seed, pomegranate and mixed berries in Faceshop's products sounds very promising and indeed it did not disappoint.

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Ripe Market Zabeel Park Visit

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The day we went to visit RIPE Market in its new home in Zabeel Park was the same day of Burjuman Center's Pink Walkathon. It is our first time to visit RIPE market and we were told it was extra crowded that day because of the event earlier.

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