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Bicol: Mayon Volcano Tour

One of the many things you can do in Bicol and one that is highly recommended is the Mayon Volcano Tour in an  All-Terrain Vehicle or ATV . M ayon Volcano is the most active volcano in our country but it is also one of the most beautiful, popular for its perfect cone shape. My family ready for our ATV adventure

Bicol Family Road Trip

Bicol, Albay in particular, is our mom's province. Although she didn't grow up there, our grandmother did. You can say that we have roots in Bicol so this was some sort of a homecoming for all of us. This trip is one of our mom's wishes granted, to see her mom's province once more. Her last visit was so long ago she has little recollection of it. And for us, this trip is one to tick off our own bucket list - to see the majestic Mayon Volcano. Majestic Perfect Cone Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines photo credit August is the wettest month in our country and although it didn't rain much while we were in Bicol, it was always cloudy even early in the morning. They said the best time to see Mayon Volcano is in the morning at sunrise, between 6 to 8 am. However not always guaranteed, it is ideal and preferably when it is clear and the weather is good. The photo above was taken by my good friend and famous blogger Doc Gelo when he visited Bicol last November.

7 Good Reasons to Visit Truckers Summer Warehouse

1. Truckers DXB summer edition is indoors. Teehee!!!! Man! It is scorching hot outside and it will still take another couple of months to enjoy Dubai's outdoor life. But with Truckers DXB Summer Warehouse, you can enjoy summer at this hipster hangout and can forget at least for a while, Dubai's natural sauna outside. Truckers DXB Summer Warehouse is located in Hall 8 of the World Trade Center. It is big and there's plenty of space to move around. Open from 5th July to 2nd September 2017 taking place from Wednesdays to Saturdays every week for the whole summer. Entrance Fee is AED 10 for adults and free for kids age 12 and below.

Palawan: Island Hopping at Honda Bay

Our last-minute activity in Puerto Princesa Palawan was a do-it-yourself island hopping tour at Honda Bay before we fly out in the evening. Three islands in two hours, is it possible? With only three hours to spare, we weren't sure island hopping is a good idea. Ferald and I were like, it's now or never, discussing the pros and cons over lunch at KaLui. We actually packed our beach essentials in the morning when we were leaving the hotel for the half-day city tour just in case we decided to do it. In the end, we did it anyway because we'll never know when the next time could be. #yolo After our scrumptious lunch at KaLui , we headed to Honda Bay alight a tricycle with the same manong driver we hired when we went for firefly watching the day before. Color-coded tricycles are the most common form of transportation you can hire in the city if you're not on a package tour. More than half an hour later, we reached the wharf. It was around 2:00 pm. We hurriedly r

Palawan: Art & Food at KaLui Puerto Princesa

Tired and hungry from our half-day Puerto Princesa city tour , we requested our driver and tour guide to drop us at KaLui where we have a lunch reservation. I've been trying to book at this restaurant since we arrived in the city but I only got a confirmed booking on our third day. On the same day, we are flying back to Manila in the evening so no way we could come for dinner. When the reservation staff told me there was an available table for lunch, I immediately confirmed. I promised myself not to leave Puerto Princesa without dining in this restaurant which was highly recommended by our friends. People who have been to this restaurant will tell you that your trip to Puerto Princesa is never complete without dining at KaLui. And so we did and it was truly amazing.

Palawan: Puerto Princesa City Tour

When you are visiting Puerto Princesa Palawan, a city tour is highly recommended. A half-day city tour is usually included in tour packages offered by travel agencies and their hotel partners costing about 600 pesos per person although you can also do it yourself if you'd like. What's good about taking a package tour is that you will be sitting in an air-conditioned van, have a licensed driver and tour guide to take you around and entrance fees and permits are included. This is recommended especially if it is the first time you are visiting Palawan and/or your time is very limited. Ours was included in the package and we went on a city tour on our 3rd and last day in Palawan. Pick-up time was at 8:00 am from Hotel  Casitas De Az Pension  where we are staying. It was a shared tour with a couple from Germany but for some reason, they couldn't join the tour so by chance, it suddenly became an exclusive guided tour for me and my family, without any extra cost. We w

Thai Food for Iftar? Lemongrass Thai Restaurant Please!

While I already blogged about a few interesting places for iftar just recently, I think I may have just one more up my sleeve. One more place perfect for breaking your fast and enjoying an iftar meal with family and friends. They may not serve you your traditional iftar dishes but they serve fantastic and authentic Thai food. If you ask me if I would like Thai food for iftar? My answer would be a big fat YES! Actually, you know what, I can eat Thai food any time of day. Who doesn't love Thai food anyways? You just have to know where the gems are hidden like this one right here. I am talking about  Lemongrass Thai Restaurant . It is a casual dining restaurant located on the ground floor of Bu Haleeba Building, Oud Metha next to Lamcy Plaza with another branch in Al Ghurair Center in Dubai and 3 more branches in Abu Dhabi.

Ramadan in UAE 2017: 20 Iftar and Suhoor That's Worth A Try

Ramadan Kareem! or Ramadan Mubarak! That's how we greet our Muslim friends and colleagues during the holy month. Also in this season, you will hear a lot about two things, Iftar and Suhoor. Those are the two main meals of our Muslim brothers and sisters in a day during Ramadan. SuhÅ«r  is an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning before fasting, before dawn during or even outside the Islamic month of Ramadan. The meal is eaten before fajr prayer. On the other hand ,  Iftar is the evening meal when they end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. Muslims break their fast at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer. It is also a time when families gather on one table to share a meal.

Street Food Fiesta Every Wednesday at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai

When asked what I miss the most about my home country, my common reply is the food. Authentic dishes I grew up with. The ones my parents cook and those found and sold on the streets while I was growing up while studying high school in Bulacan and university in Manila before moving to Dubai way back in 2002. In fact, when we went for vacation last year, I took Ferald where I used to go for my daily dose of street eats. We ate isaw, pork barbecue, fish balls, kikiam, and balut. We also ate binatog and chicharon.

Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai's Impressive Friday Brunch

Ferald and I were invited to a Friday Brunch by our good friend Doc Gelo to join him celebrate his 10th-year anniversary in blogging. The venue, the 24th Floor of Dusit Thani Hotel Dubai where three of the hotel's finest restaurants joined together to create one impressive brunch offering.  PAX Italian ,  Benjarong  for Thai, and  The Californian, their all-day dining restaurant for Arabic, Mediterranean, Indian, Mexican and other international cuisines.

Palawan: Firefly Watching at Iwahig and Dinner at Kinabuchs Bar & Grill

photo credit Fireflies are nature's indication of how good the ecosystem in a particular area is. It signifies a healthy natural environment. Although Puerto Princesa is a city, it remains to be about 75-80 percent forest hence the name "city in a forest" While growing up in our province, I used to catch fireflies at night whenever I see one. My husband shares the same childhood experience. The mention of fireflies in the Filipino romantic TV series Dolce Amore is how my kids came to know about these pretty little insects. Growing up here in the desert, our kids never had the same experience as we have. We wanted them to experience it too so when I was planning our trip to Palawan last year, I included firefly watching in our itinerary. Once we've reached Puerto Princesa, I called  Mangrove Eco-Tourism & Wildlife Park  to book   our visit. Booking ahead of your visit is necessary especially during peak season as it gets quite full easily. We went in A

Palawan: Family Visit to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

My bucket list used to be a long list of things that I wanted to do. Things that I don't know when I can fulfill and whether I can fulfill so I decided to just delete it. Of course, I change my mind and so I wrote another one. A shorter one this time with fewer things in it. It does not include the trip to Puerto Princesa Underground River anymore because I got to tick it off last year when we went to Palawan. It was the highlight of our last year's vacation. I guess it is on everybody's bucket list. Our second day in Palawan was spent going on a paddleboat cruising down the river surrounded by a lush mangrove forest and a hike up the mountain before zipping across the sea on a zip line into an islet off the coast of Sabang. Although both were just a side trip, it was both enjoyable and a must-do when you visit the island. The main reason though for this family trip was to see the  UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 Wonders of Nature  - the  Puerto Princesa

Creekside Dubai

As much as we love visiting new and futuristic project locations like the Dubai Water Canal and Dubai Creek Harbour , we also love Bastakiya , Meena Bazaar , and the Old Dubai Creek . These places remain to be some of our favorite places in Old Dubai. If you want to know more about Dubai's tradition, architecture,  heritage and culture, these are the right places to visit. It was one rainy afternoon in March (I know it is odd to say it was still raining in March in Dubai but we had a bit of a crazy weather lately) that I found myself dragging my family to visit the creek in old Dubai again. Well not really raining, we only had overcast skies and a bit of drizzle.

American Friday Brunch at Original Wings & Rings Dubai

I have not been to Original Wings & Rings in a while but it seems nothing has changed since the last time I was here. It remains to be that relaxed sports bar with large TV screens and floor to ceiling glass windows I used to know. We arrived around 1 pm last Friday with a group of young adults also heading for the restaurant. Naturally, they were asked at the reception to present their IDs and while they produce their IDs, the receptionist asks for my name to confirm my reservation and showed us to a table at the non-smoking side of the restaurant. I used to be asked for my ID as well when I was younger and it feels strange but now that I am a grown up with my own kids, seeing these young adults head for a bar that serves alcohol, I cannot agree more with the establishment. I think it is a good standard practice.

Max's Restaurant New Menu

Max's Restaurant, our favorite authentic Filipino restaurant here in Dubai, has recently launched a new menu. The new addition to their ever-growing menu of Filipino dishes varies from beef, chicken, and seafood dishes as well as some addition to desserts with a new take on its presentation plus a couple of new refreshments. I missed the launch but we were invited to sample the new dishes and had a taste of these new offerings from Max's Restaurant in Bur Dubai. Max's Restaurant New Menu

Dubai Creek Harbour Promenade

Dubai Creek Harbour Promenade, also known as Rise DCH is one of the newest outdoor entertainments in Dubai we've visited recently. This project by property giant Emaar sits adjacent to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary , an asset to the project which they promised to keep untouched and protected. Dubai Creek Harbour will be both a financially viable and ecologically responsible city, built with future generations in mind, using every innovation to minimize its environmental impact. This world-class development will offer spectacular views of the creek and Dubai skyline-Emaar and by that, they mean this. A post shared by C A R L A | myyellowbells (@myyellowbells) on Mar 26, 2017 at 2:21pm PDT

The Art of Brunch at Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai

Our brunch experience at the Art of Brunch at Fountain Restaurant, Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai was nothing short of grand. It was stellar. Definitely one to repeat over and over again. Location and Ambiance Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai is one easy hotel to locate. If you are taking a cab, just tell them it is opposite of American Hospital and Al Nasr Leisureland in Dubai and the driver can easily take you there. If using the metro, the closest metro would be Oud Metha metro station, part of the Green Line, but you still need to take a cab to take you to the hotel, about a five-minute drive. For those driving, finding a parking was a breeze. We could have asked for valet but the husband was in the mood of finding his own. The weather was glorious outside that day! Surprisingly, it was also all bright and sunny inside the hotel. It was all thanks to the high glass ceiling overhead the hotel's lobby. It lets the light in. Highlighting the gran