The Art of Brunch at Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai

Our brunch experience at the Art of Brunch at Fountain Restaurant, Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai was nothing short of grand. It was stellar. Definitely one to repeat over and over again.

Location and Ambiance

Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai is one easy hotel to locate. If you are taking a cab, just tell them it is opposite of American Hospital and Al Nasr Leisureland in Dubai and the driver can easily take you there. If using the metro, the closest metro would be Oud Metha metro station, part of the Green Line, but you still need to take a cab to take you to the hotel, about a five-minute drive. For those driving, finding a parking was a breeze. We could have asked for valet but the husband was in the mood of finding his own.

The weather was glorious outside that day! Surprisingly, it was also all bright and sunny inside the hotel.

It was all thanks to the high glass ceiling overhead the hotel's lobby. It lets the light in. Highlighting the grand staircase carpeted in blue tones, where a big spread of desserts was laid beautifully at the bottom of it, serving as a focal point. I can't help to imagine my daughter coming down this grand staircase on her 18th birthday. I'm sure it's going to be a dramatic entrance.

It was Friday but the restaurant was already full when we arrived and the brunch service was in full swing.  It only tells me one thing. A restaurant full of people means good food and good service. The sound of that made me all the more excited to dine here.

The Art of Brunch at Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai

The Art of Brunch buffet spread occupies the entire lobby of the hotel spilling some in one for their ballrooms where Kids Paradise, a dedicated buffet, and play area for kids was set up.

Whenever we go to a brunch like this, my children's needs comes first because happy kids mean happy parents. It is one rule I live by.

Kids Paradise

Prince and I walk down the hotel's corridor together to have a look at Kids Paradise.

A hotel staff supervises the Kids Paradiseensuring the kids are safe and having a great time while their parents dine outside at the restaurant.

It is equipped with TV and loungers, arts & crafts, bouncy castles, and video games to keep kids entertained. There was also a kids size buffet table where children can easily choose and help themselves with the food of their choice.

We let Prince choose the food he wants but he didn't want to stay at Kids Paradise all by himself. He brought his plate with him and dine with us at the main restaurant. When they're both done eating, his sister accompanied him back to the kid's section to play while Ferald and I sit back and relax to enjoy our food.

The staff who received us walk us through it and showed us each station. Big buffets can be overwhelming sometimes and when I am unsure where to begin, one thing I do is to walk towards the sushi and sashimi station. A foolproof kick-starter especially if it looks as good as this.

Other Asian dishes were in the same live cooking station including dim sums (one of my favorites), grilled chicken and beef teppanyaki style,  Korean and Thai dishes as well as seafood like mussels and prawns.

Made to order food fresh from the kitchen

When I am almost done with my sushi platter, we were handed with an ala carte menu. As if the food at the buffet table wasn't enough, comes more options. The Art of Brunch allows you to order food fresh from the kitchen. They literally spoil you with options here. There are fish and chips, eggs benedict, and a mixed grill seafood platter. We ordered the latter. Just one plate to share.

It comes in a big plate fresh and hot from the grill. It has tiger prawns, fresh fish, salmon steaks, and calamari served with tartar sauce.

After admiring the grill platter, I went to check out another station where the main dishes, salads, charcuterie and roasted meats were. The tables were full to the brim with all kinds of delicious food.

This beef dish easily became a favorite. The meat was so tender it falls off the bones. I can't help but indulge on some bone marrow that comes with it. I swear I only had one. I can't have more even if I wanted to. Nothing serious, just being careful with my joint health here.

I came back to our table with these dishes on my plate. I had it with some of the freshly cooked seafood served to us earlier. I was near my limit after finishing all of these mouth-watering dishes and almost have no room for more.

It is a little surprising to find a pork station at the Art of Brunch but I am sure glad it is there. I helped myself with jus a couple bacon strips and two or three salami slices and paired it with a little bit of cheese and cold white wine. I didn't intend to order any alcohol at the beginning but this right here is best paired with a bubbly or beer. That's it. That's all I can eat. Except for papadom. Yes, we keep coming back for more of papadom. A new favorite around the house too.

I could barely touch anything anymore from the Indian dishes even if I wanted to but you all know how much I love Indian food.  I may not be able to taste any of the Indian dishes that time, I am sure with the quality of food I had, the ones I haven't tried would taste as good. Plus I may need some space for dessert, even just a tiny bit.

We were again spoiled with options from the desserts table. Not to mention that there was also an ice cream parlor and crepes and gummies in the opposite direction.

I had a spoonful of the rich and creamy creme brulee and a small slice of cheesecake to satisfy my sweet tooth. The kids and Ferald had their own choices and were happy and satisfied with everything they had up to desserts. My husband and kids gave the Art of Brunch a two thumbs up rating and so am I. Highly recommended guys.


We were serenaded with beautiful and soothing music played by a beautiful and talented pianist


We were happy and satisfied. All the staffs were all eyes and ears with each and every guest request. Drinks were served promptly, water glasses filled once empty, used plates were cleared immediately. Everyone has genuine smiles on their faces. The chefs manning the stations were all happy to help.

The Art of Brunch is every Friday at Fountain Restaurant. Priced at AED 209 per person including soft drinks, or AED 309 per person, including house beverages. Kids below 12 years old may eat for free (up to 2 kids if above 6); those from 12 to 16 years will receive a 50% discount.
For more information, call 0097143366000.

Food for Thought

I wanted to share this also with everyone.
While I was writing about our dining experience at the Art of Brunch at Movenpick Hotel Bur Dubai and searching for ideas on how to host a foolproof brunch and how to perfect the art of brunch, I came across this article about Brunch Rules that applies to the brunching crowd. It reminds me of the two guests who arrived at the Fountain Restaurant when the brunch service was about to close and when we are about to leave. It was almost around 4 pm. One of them was rude and overly demanding. I try not to be judgemental coz it's probably hanger but I couldn't pass to raise an eyebrow when he raises his voice to one of the girl staff who politely approached him. They were seated right next to us and witnessing the whole theatrics was inevitable but the staff and management handled the situation with finesse. I think reading the brunch rules, will benefit us all and we all can learn from it one way or the other. For us all to have that guaranteed stellar experience when brunching.

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