Julie and Joseph Baby Shower Party (Part II)


We arrive at Julie and Joseph's house and rang the doorbell. The door opened and we went in, ang daming bisita (lots of guests), I scan the people and see familiar faces, there's Joseph and then Julie and then Maan. I felt very excited.

Joseph was my high school classmate and Julie was his longtime girlfriend, both of them are member/officer of the Military Police (MP) of the school while Maan is Joseph's cousin who was then a junior student and a member of the music family where I also belong. This meeting was important for me because I rarely meet up with old friends since I went to work in Dubai and if I remember it right, it was only on Facebook that I learned Joseph and other old friends are here as well.

Back at the baby shower party, it is such a fun event and honestly, it's my first time to attend a party with this theme.

The couple will name their angle SAMANTHA JULIANNE, very feminine, I googled the meaning and etymology of both names - Samantha Julianne. She is now eight months expecting to pop come January 2011. With the permission of her mom, I present to you, Samantha Julianne...

Oops! Guys let's keep the excitement at bay for the meantime until we see her in person after all January is just a month away, a little party here and there for Christmas and New Year, we will be welcoming our friends' new bundle of joy.

As per Julie, it wasn't hard to plan and prepare the baby shower party after all the help she gets from his ever loving partner and closest of friends. Two days was enough for them to buy all the materials for the games and giveaways, decorate the house, send the invites, and most specially cook the food

We enjoyed the Baby Bingo even though it was the only game we played. Apart from that, they played a lot of games like...

Fastest Drinker- baby bottles full of Laban (yogurt drink)

Baby Dress Relay

Other games played were baby name guessing game, guess the tummy size, don't say the word baby game, know the wife and the husband game, baby treasure box guessing game and a lot more. I did enjoy the Baby Bingo a lot.

When it comes to ideas, the gals and guys of Julie's baby shower party has plenty of it, they even thought of sticking a pink backdrop for photo shoots as well as masks and other accessories to wear to make it more lively and fun.

Aren't they pretty?

We tried it on too

Baby shower dates back the most ancient times. According to my research evidence suggest that mothers got together to give new parents items they would need for their new child. Often these were items that had been used by their own children or what we call nowadays as hand-me-downs but basically, the purpose of these events was to help prepare parents for the birth of a new child.

Later on, as the event evolves, it became associated with entertaining the soon to be mom. In Victorian times, new moms are sequestered with their infants for one month and were said to be pretty lonesome which is no longer true today as we all feel that having a baby is such a joy and staying with her gives us happiness and feeling of fulfillment.

Baby shower is for the wealthiest families only until the World War II, after things change and more people afford to throw a baby shower party as family income increases. At this time the baby shower purpose is to bring the family of both parents together and to remember that a new bundle of joy is on its way and it is definitely the best time to throw a party.

Julie and Joseph live to the true meaning of baby shower and even though not all of their family members are present because they are both here in UAE and miles away from them, they are still able to reunite friends and few loved ones. Those of us who brought presents which are not really hand-me-downs will help the couple to have the necessary things they need during the first few months of their angle Sam.

I have given birth twice and having to see your child for the very first time is always a different high. The feeling of having to meet the newborn is a priceless moment in the lives of new parents.

To Julie and Joseph, my family and I wish you a safe delivery and a very healthy baby girl


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Flaws of Perfection

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The certainty on the perfection diminishes
The fact that no one is to admit the case
Cheated is the word when the witnesses are mute
The system is a rock that cannot be moved
Nor melted by the water from the windows of the soul
Keep hiding the flaws of perfection

What a perfect time to throw hefty amount of patience
The simplest blunder that doesn’t deserve it
The only cure is hibernation to calm the restless
But not to eliminate the disease
Prior to that is a magnitude endeavor
Exploiting the depths of a human heart

Stirred of the whirlpool that pours beneath
Femme fatal dangerous and coercive
Consign to benevolence with fervor
Virtue engraved in the sands of time
May or may not

Written by: Yellow Bells
28/11/2010 15:30 Dubai, UAE
Inspired by Femme Fatal
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Julie and Joseph's Baby Shower Party (Part I)

Usapan bago pa kami makarating sa party

Me: Achoooooooooo! (on the phone) Joseph I am sorry but I can't make it to your baby shower party. Ang sama kasi ng pakiramdam ko. ( blowing my nose, holding a tissue)
Si John: Huh? Why not? Ikaw pa naman ang guest of honor ko...nagluto talaga kami for you.
Me: (On the other line, red faced) Asus!!! really? OMG what a shame, sige, we will try just to pass by.
John: wait eto si Julie (pass the phone to Julie)
Julie: (same dialogue as John) Carla nasan na kayo? oo nagluto talaga kami para sa inyo :)
Me: Naku ganon ba sige nakakahiya naman, nag-aalala kasi ako baka magkalat kami ng virus diyan, lahat pa naman kami dito sa house may sipon at ubo.
Julie: naku, hindi ok lng yun sige punta na kayo.
Me: Ok sige hintayin lng namin ang daddy namin. (hang up)

8:30 pm wala pa ang daddy namin

Me: (on the phone) Dad nasan ka na ba? Nakakhiya kina Joseph, nagluto daw talaga sila for us (pang convince)
Dad: Dumaan lng ako saglit para magpalinis ng sasakyan.
Me: o sige bilisan mo na nakakahiya naman sa mag-asawa.

9:00 pm, naiinip na si Mica

Mica: Tagal naman ni daddy, mommy!
Me: Ano bang gift ang bibilin natin? Naku bahala na nakasale ang Baby Shop, titingin na lng ako kung ano maganda.

Ang gift namin? 6 Pink Dedes
to be conitnue...
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GO Overseas: Blogs We Love in the United Arab Emirates


Go Overseas no longer has its Top 10 Blogs in the UAE because the list is growing and it now has 15 lovely blogs on the list including yours truly at number 12.

I am truly honored that despite the fact that sometimes my thoughts get tangled up, I am able to contribute articles with high quality content in the blogging community.

"I enjoyed reading through your content and learning a little more about life in the UAE.
I am delighted to inform you that all of our staff agree that your blog definitely deserves to be included in our list of top blogs in the UAE. Congratulations! We're confident our users will enjoy reading your content as much as we have." A.D.

Thank you Go Overseas for having me on your list, it is such an honor. Thank you to my lovely readers, commentators and everyone who appreciates Yellow Bells.
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Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort Fujairah Review

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To celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, we chose Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort in Fujairah for a weekend getaway. I did my research and as suggested by trip advisor, it is the number one hotel in the area.

The summer rates given to us when I booked was $217 all inclusive of taxes, breakfast and dinner at Views Restaurant. The room was spacious and has a balcony, all 218 rooms are sea view facing the Indian Ocean and with a backdrop of the beautiful Hajar Mountains.

Before we check-in at 3:00 pm, Ferald and I went first on a road trip to see some historical sites and attractions in Fujairah.

We visited the famous Wadi Wurrayah - a protected area deep inside the Hajjar Mountains which is believed to be the home to the last Arabian leopard. We also visited the oldest mosque of UAE - the Al Badiyah Mosque.

We check-in at half past four, we were given some refreshing welcome drinks and some wet towels to freshen up. Check in was quick and easy and the bellboys helped us with our bags.

Our room was not what I've expected from Le Meridien, I thought it need a little update in the furnishings but still it is equipped with all amenities you can find in a five star hotel. There was a hair dryer, air conditioning was good, small safe/vault for our valuables, free newspaper, refrigerator and free in room wireless Internet access. It was very spacious too.

I forgot about the room once I opened the balcony. just look at this view! It was breathtaking.
So peaceful, so pretty and so romantic and all the rooms have this view and I think it is more than enough to be thankful we chose this hotel.

The 21-floor hotel itself is picture perfect.

We hit the pool after taking some pictures and resting for half an hour at our room. The water was cool and relaxing, perfect for a dip on a hot and still humid day of September.

Dinner is at the Views Restaurant from 7 pm until 10 pm with different themes every night. It was Friday night so we get to feast on the bounty of the sea. It was an open buffet and there were so many mouth watering dishes to chose from. Free flowing drinks, some are chargeable like the alcoholic ones so it is advisable to go for all inclusive dining while making your reservations. We also had our breakfast here and we were not disappointed. It was a lovely breakfast.

Most of all, I admire the staff because the ones who served us the night before were the same staff who serve us the following morning but they remain calm and happy serving us. Thank you all for making our dining experience wonderful.

When it comes to activities, Le Meridien Al Aqah is action packed however we chose to be a bit more into the relaxing mood.

We only had a stroll outside the hotel near the pool area after our dinner and we went back inside to play billiards. When we reached the game room there was no one to assist us. We were told that we have to collect the billiards set from the lobby reception ourselves and return it as well after the game. It was surprising but we wanted to play so the heck if we have to do it ourselves. We had a nice game after all.

They also have a squash room, a cinema, a small reading corner, a gaming room and dart board at the teen club.

For those sports enthusiast, Le Meridien Al Aqah has lot of water sports to offer as Al Boom Diving is just right around the corner.

For the family oriented vacations and trips, Penguin Club is a friendly place for your tiny tots. On your way to the Penguin Club is a giant snake and ladder and chess, they also have a mini golf if you fancy the game.

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort is a five star hotel with the stunning view of the Indian Ocean and the majestic Hajar Mountain as its backdrop, definitely a place of relaxation and fun filled activities.
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Pink Walkathon-In Pictures


The Pink Walkathon was a big success.

The Logo

Me, Prince, my sister-in-law and our friend S.

My family

We are in pink

Pool of pink hats

Happy and enthusiastic faces during the walk

United Colors of Benetton-different nationalities

Another pose - not tired at all just happy

Police escorts at every corner

 Friends who also joined the walkathon

Mobile ambulance at bay ready for any emergency

3M Family supports Pink Walkathon

Filipinos from Shangrila joined too

We love Linda

Dubai Drums

Entertainers during the event

Bazaar Shops

Face painting and coloring activities for the kids

Pinoy band for the mini concert after the walk

Book donation

Clown entertainer

Pink display @ Burjuman

the Pink Pledge Tree

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From My Inbox-Kids Are Honest

This is the second time I am posting something that comes from my inbox, the first was about fighting cancer cells, this one is so cute I could not help myself but to share it to you guys.

I am actually excited to ask my daughter tonight what she would tell or ask Jesus if she were to write Him a question or a letter. An experiment to know what is her idea of our Creator at this tender age. She is yet to attend her catechism class although we have taught her how to pray and told her stories in the bible that we grew up with.

When she was younger, she used to address the Filipino priest at St. Michael's church as Lord. Funny right, but all the time she thought that the priest was God. One time she asked me a question about the priest and she address him as Lord, I hug her for her innocence and we sat down and I explained to her that the priests name is Father Zacky and he is not Lord. She has grown a bit more and she now have better understanding who God is.

be continued....)

This is the continuation of the story...

Last night at bedtime, I ask my daughter what she will ask Jesus or what she will tell Him if she is to write him a letter? She replied...

"Jesus, salamat po sa food, sa house, at sa family, salamat po sa lahat ng blessings mo, mahal na mahal po kita, mahal na mahal ka po namin, sana po bigyan mo ako ng lahat ng Hanah Montana things."( Jesus thank you for the food, shelter and my family, thank you for all your blessings, I love you so much and we love you, I hope that you will give me all Hanah Montana things)

I am so proud knowing that my daughter learned to thank God for all the blessings she receives and now I have the idea what she wants for Christmas.

Kids are so honest and innocent and can speak their minds. How about you? What would you ask God when you write him a letter or if you were to ask Him a question? Ask your kids too and see what answers you'll get. It's nice to know what your young ones think about sometimes.

So after a long story here is what comes from my inbox...what kids ask Him. There are 12 but I chose 5 of my favorites, which one is your favorite?

Have a lovely day!
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Diwali - Festival of Lights

Just like Hirji New Year for Muslims and New Years Eve for Christians, Hindus celebrates Diwali or the Festival of Lights (Hindu New Year) between the months of October and November. It is a 3-5 day holiday and is official holiday in countries like India, Nepal, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji.

Diwali involves lighting of small clay lamps (diyas) full with oil to signify the triumph over evil. Houses are cleaned and windows and doors are opened to welcome Lakshmi-the Hindu goddess of wealth. During the festival, people wear new clothes and share sweets and snacks among family members and friends.

Diwali commemorates the return of Lord Rama along with Sita and Lakshman from his fourteen-year-long exile and vanquishing the demon-king Ravana. In joyous celebration of the return of their king, the people of Ayodhya, the Capital of Rama, illuminated the kingdom with earthen diyas (oil lamps) and burst crackers

Diwali in Dubai is celebrated among Hindu expats like my neighbour. They have lighted their front door with colorful lights and decorations, draw beautiful designs like above and one that looks like a peacocks tail below.

We chanced to meet them at the corridor and we greet them a "Happy Diwali", the woman and her daughter was wearing beautiful saree, only I missed to ask them for a photo snap. They kept the door open for sometime and we chanced to take a peak at a well decorated colorful living room. This is my neighbours door with festive lights.

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Pink Walkathon-Dubai


I am running again or shall I say I will be walking? This time I will be walking with friends and some family members for a cause. We are participating the 3.6 km Pink Walkathon organized yearly by Burjuman Breast Cancer Awareness Programme - Safe & Sound since 1997.

"Safe and Sound campaign is one of the regions largest, most comprehensive breast cancer awareness programme. This year round program focuses on the key message of survival through early detection and treatment."

Yellow Bells is personally inviting all women in the UAE specially the Pinays to participate in the event. Registration is until 7:00 am on the 5th of November at the New Burjuman. Printed tees are given on registration and a cap will be given away on the day of the event. Registration fee is 50 AED only. This is non-profit, non competitive event and all funds raised through walk registration fees and donations will go towards raising further awareness for breast cancer and patient care. Fund usage is monitored by the UAE Red Crescent Society.
Special events after the walk
Live jazz performance. Breakfast offers from various food outlets. Free drumming with Dubai Drums. Pink Bazaar. Free arts & crafts corner for kids. Roaming entertainers. Close up Magicians. Free face painting and more.

Prizes to be won!
Registered participants have a chance to win the below prizes:
One free annual membership from Fitness First
Dhs. 2000 gift card from Saks Fifth Avenue
One night complimentary stay with breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children at Fujairah Rotana Resort and Spa
Dhs. 800 worth of gift vouchers from Bebe
Dhs. 1000 worth of gift vouchers from Dubai Gifts
3 winners get 1 voucher each from Dragon Fly Spa.
Skincare treatment voucher worth Dhs. 700 from Kaya Skin Clinic

*photos courtesy of safe and sound website
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