Happy New Year 2014

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I kept on looking at the clock, waiting to see the time struck 13.00 31.12.13. Today is half day at work, also the last day of 2013 and I have tons of things to do or so I thought. I remember last year when we planned to see Burj Khalifa fireworks and its been a year since we lost our car key on the day of new years eve.

Only this morning we have decided where to go for fireworks viewing. We are actually spoilt in Dubai with so many fireworks display to chose from and they are all promising spectacular show tonight to usher 2014. Dubai Festival City fire, water and fireworks show is a good option because it's the nearest to us and Burj Khalifa can be seen from this area as well, then there is Burj Khalifa fireworks expecting to have 1 million spectators tonight, Burj Al Arab will illuminate the sky for fifteen minutes and there is the record breaking attempt by Atlantis the Palm with 400,000 fireworks from 400 locations in total of 6 minutes, they say it will be visible from space. Dubai sky will surely be the brightest tonight.

Someone said that the house should not be left empty on New Years Eve and it should be kept open to allow good vibes to enter to have a good year ahead. My parents followed the same belief and I still believe in it and I have nothing against it. I guess I am a new age person of the 21st century and tonight I am packing our media noche to the beach of Burj Al Arab to usher the New Year there with my family and friends. The house I am closing it as I don't want burglary on new years eve, not another thing missing on NYE please.

Bye 2013 Hello 2014, please be good to me!

I am out, where is that roasting pan?

Where ever you are now, how ever you are celebrating tonight, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and may 2014 bring us all good tidings.
with love MYB

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Santa Clause Meet and Greet @hamleysuae

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Hamley's UAE brought in Santa Clause to meet and greet children and sign autographs too. He will be there until the 25th of December between 4 pm to 9 pm everyday.

We went to see Santa this Friday and Prince was hesitant and a bit scared to come near him, he spoke to him and he wasn't so scared at all, even took a photo with him while my eldest seems to be taking a photo with an old friend :)
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Easy Gingerbread House

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I never made a gingerbread house before. It is not part of our holiday traditions while I was growing up and since my kids are growing far from our home country,  they were not able to experience and practice Filipino Christmas traditions but it doesn't mean they have to skip the Christmas cheer! More importantly, as Christians, I make sure they are aware of why we are celebrating this very special occasion.

At home, we made some gingerbread house last Thursday night, on Friday we went to Dubai Mall to see Santa Clause at Hamley's so they can give him their Christmas wish list. I also bought for them some advent calendars to make the countdown more exciting. They are so excited of Christmas, they are looking forward to this day and can't wait to open their gifts, also some of our friends, relatives and my brother will be joining us on Christmas Eve.

This is an easy gingerbread house recipe, I opted to get graham crackers instead of baking the bread, I have no time to bake and I am not sure how it will come out as I have not baked ginger cookies before.

We used 6 graham crackers for each house, a serrated knife, some chewy candies (orange and watermelon) saltine crackers with different shapes, and icing (one or two egg whites mixed with 1 lb confectioners sugar)

They all turn out fine and the kids love it. This one is Mica's design with my help.

Ginger Bread House

This house is more elaborate, it's for Prince and Daddy helped him to put up the chimney over there

Ginger Bread House

This one is for Lance, my nephew. The final product has a chimney but I have no photo of it though.

Ginger Bread House

It wasn't that hard at all and it was such fun making gingerbread houses. I promise next year to bake the bread. It will be more work but it will be awesome.

I wish that the kids would somehow remember us doing this, maybe if we do it every year and then it's going to be part of our family's own Christmas traditions.
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Bu Qtair Restaurant: A gem it is!

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I've heard of Bu Qtair before, seen videos of it, read blogs written about it and even one of my favorite chef and host Anthony Bourdain featured it in his show No Reservations. Now it's my chance to share my own dining experience. I don't know why I am so excited to write about it but it seems that this restaurant has a charm that no one else will fully understand but certainly feel. It's probably the humbleness that goes with this little shack that pulls people to come and just simply love it.

It is quite a popular restaurant in Dubai, a gem as it is dubbed by many, tourist hot spot, located at Jumeirah beach near the seven star Burj Al Arab just opposite the fishermen accommodation. It is a little modest porta cabin that houses the restaurant as well as the kitchen while in front of it is a large lot that serves as the dining area under the stars alfresco of course with few mono block tables and chairs, it's dark and diners rely on the lights coming from some lamp post nearby and mobile flash lights. I know I hate to eat in the dark especially if I am eating fish with bones on but this one is just different, I just don't care, I eat and enjoy.

I came with my family - husband and two kids. The parking is hard to find and we have to go around several times. It was 7:30 pm when we finally start queuing, the line is long and there are about 20 people ahead of us so I took the liberty to take some photos while standing in the queue. Forgive the photos as I used only my phone camera in capturing these and curse the phone for not having enough battery that night to use the flash, the photo turns grainy after editing the brightness though.

Inside the cabin, the scenario is this, people order in the small window in the kitchen. There is no menu just the fresh the catch of the day.

You can chose the fish either big or small just tell the Mr. who's taking your order, also don't forget to asks for some prawns , tell him how many grams you want and he will put both the fish and shrimps in a tin plate, he writes your order with your name on a small sheet of paper and you pay cash  but don't expect a printed receipt cause there's none. It's like a barter exchange. Your order will be cook and expect to have it after about 45 minutes. How to know your order is ready? Yes I will tell you just keep on reading.

Outside the atmosphere was busy, the diners sits in white mono block chairs chatting and patiently waiting for their orders to come. The staff are so busy serving and taking orders. Once your food is ready, you will hear your name reverberate twice or three times. A table will be given to you and you take the chairs you diligently guarded while waiting. Don't feel violated though when your table is taken from you if you haven't placed your order just yet. You will get it back once you order is ready. It's just the way it works.

I pity myself for not being able to get a decent photo of the cooked fish and prawns but it only serves a promise that I have to go back one more time or even more bringing friends and family to this humble fish shack.

Our bill:
2 medium sherry (1 spicy 1 normal- they just washed the fish to remove the spices to make it not spicy)
200 grams prawns
4 paratha
1 plate of steamed rice
1 bowl of fresh fish curry
4 cola
1 big water
Total : AED 195 or USD 53
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42nd National Day Celebration Overload

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We loved the Grand Parade at Downtown Dubai. I'm glad that event was held on the 1st of December so we had more chance to further celebrate UAE National Day. We took the kids to DFC to watch the musical fireworks, they also have other events happening in the mall.

Like a fashion show, models clad in stylish Arabian style dresses and abayas,

which you are served with some Arabic coffee while waiting for the models to come out

Arab dances later on

and at the end of the show is a huge UAE flag

Outside, three majlis where loqaimat and ragag are freshly cooked by emarati women and distributed to people who'd like to sample authentic traditional Emarati sweets. My kids love it and it's free for everyone.

Ladies are queuing for free henna

The night was not over yet because the most awaited part of the celebration is the musical fireworks display at the marina accompanied with fire and water show. By 9 pm, the sky was burning with beautiful colorful fireworks

If that kind of celebration won't make you jump on a plane to Dubai on your next holiday, I don't know what will but one thing is for sure, UAE or Dubai has gone beyond belief in taking this country to stardom and making the people happy and proud, locals and expats alike.

Happy 42nd Birthday UAE!

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42nd UAE National Day Grand Parade in Pictures

Now that Dubai has been crowned as the host city for Expo 2020 and with everyone rejoicing for this victory, ever so proud that Dubai is their home, thousands turn up at at Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard at Downtown Dubai to witness the parade showcasing vibrant and colorful display through themed floats, dances, novelty balloons, camels and horses, drum and lyre bands, all coming from different government entities, schools, private companies, sports club, bikers etc come together to show their support and solidarity that is paralleled to the National Day celebrations.

As we watch in awe, we cannot help but to immerse ourselves in the culture rich event that is unfolding and feel the cheer in our hearts. It was festive and everyone was with a smile on their faces especially the young ones. It lasted two hours and I took hundreds of pictures which I'd like to share the nice ones to you.

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