Thais with Armani

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Sawasdee Dubai!

After attending the Amazing Taste of Thailand's relax and informal pre-launch dinner party at Nosh Restaurant Movenpick Hotel, it was followed by a more formal ceremony and main event the next day to officially launch the 10 day-long exhibition of Amazing Thailand at no other than the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa in a very classy setting at the Armani Ballroom, Armani Hotel.

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Amazing Taste of Thailand: Pre-Launch Dinner Party

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A trip to Thailand is still on my bucket list waiting to be strike off and while I await to experience it firsthand, I had the privilege to taste a slice of Thailand and feel the genuine and warm hospitality of its people in Dubai. If you are a fan of Thai food and Thai fruits and other products and services hailed from Thailand, please read on, I have some exciting news for you.

The Amazing Taste of Thailand began last September 18 and will run until 27th September to showcase Thailand through the country's exotic taste that is defined not only through the culinary taste, but also through decorative items, wellness and services.


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Preview of Marks & Spencer Autumn Winter Collection 2014

Just as I am excited about the change of weather in Dubai after a heavy sandstorm last week that signals the coming of winter, the people in the fashion community here are looking forward to see the new season trends.

I had the privilege to preview Marks & Spencer Autumn Winter 2014 line in a grand thematic fashion show "London Calling" held at the Waldorf Astoria The Palm Jumeirah Dubai last September 17.
London's beauty and contemporary sophistication set the stage to present the new collection. It was highly attended by a very fashionable crowd and members of the media.

The women's wear collection was divided in to five key trends

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Modhesh World ++

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Modhesh World hasn't changed in years, after fifteen years in operation it is still one of the happiest place in Dubai keeping kids entertained summer after summer.
My nephew and kids taking a selfie
It did got better and better each year as they bring back old and new characters kids love like hello kitty, Transformers and Angry Birds. They have also added a lot more interactive games and activities aimed at educating young minds. Prince loved lego duplo, Mica was into more physical and ask me to join her into high ropes and as a family our favorite was the famous Angry Birds interactive games and we also went ice skating.

My kids day out at Modhesh World was one of the best they have had this summer vacation including a stretch limousine round trip from our residence to Modhesh World.

Now that my daughter is back in school and my son has just started his, I have the time to share our wonderful experience.

Thank you to Modhesh World and Ahlan Dubai.

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Prince is now a school boy

My four year old son started school today. We made him skipped the bus ride so we can drop him to school personally on his first day. We are excited and proud parents.

He sat quietly while waiting for the other kids to arrive and when the rest of the children settle down in class we prepared to leave. Everything turned out fine but tears are inevitable, he must be just as anxious as we are but the teachers consoled him and advised us to leave so he will not cry further. We left and when we came back to pick him up he was just so happy to see us.

We eagerly listen to all his stories. It seemed that all turned out fine. He showed us his first school work and we are very proud of him. Tomorrow is another day and he will go with his sister on the bus this time.

I cant wait to hear more from him tomorrow. Our son is on his way to exploring and learning outside of the four corners of our home and we are so excited.

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Hello and Farewell Pinay Flying High

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Dubai is a sad place to make friends sometimes. Just when you are getting along really well with your new found friends, one is set to say goodbye because he or she is moving to another place. It is one reality of expat life, people come and go into your life and you have no power over it. The only consolation is that we are in the era of modern technology where is it easy to keep in touch.

Still I was glad to meet Noemi, the adventurous Filipina behind the travel blog Pinay Flying High the day before she left Dubai for good. Along with my other blogger girlfriend Sheila of ABandMe, we chat, giggle and nibble the night away talking about blogging, girls stuff, family, work, and our life in Dubai. We really wished that we have met long time before (but what to do yanih) we can only hope that our paths cross again.

(me, Noemi and Sheila)

With maybe an hour left to us before we actually say our goodbyes, we moved to a different venue for some dessert I mean drink

and some fun. I never thought fruits could be this fun

especially with these girls wild imagination (sorry to be vague but I'm sure ma girls get what I actually mean)

One last selfie with the girls. Take care PFH and mabrook to you and the future husband.

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Riding in Style For A Day

Dubai road is crowded with luxurious cars, name it and they have it. It has become the norm to see a Ferrari or a Lamborghini sports car side by side on our daily commute. Limousine is not limited to a black Lincoln either, there are exotic limos like the Hammer and this...

a green Challenger limousine. 

I have never imagined myself riding in super expensive cars like this or even to rent one for a day, it's just not practical except of course if it's on my wedding day (maybe). It's surreal to see it down our building waiting for us.

The kids were super excited

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Kabayan Family Fun Day at Modhesh World

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Modhesh World is a gargantuan playground for the young and the young at heart. The sounds, the music, the bright colors, the entertaining games and rides makes it a popular destination among families in Dubai this summer. It also stage different shows during the day. Last August 26 was the day given for the Filipino community to showcase its talents in a concert and we were invited to see the event with our family and friends.

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