Bikes N Bites, Box Park

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Bikes N Bites opened a couple of months ago at the hip Box Park in Al Wasl, Jumeirah. This new restaurant has a casual, urban feel perfect for bikers and non-bikers alike.

With an urban and contemporary interior, guest can relax and socialize while enjoying a wholesome salad or a good plate of sticky ribs while adoring a line of high end bikes park out front.

The menu is straight forward so it is easy to order

I am dreaming about this now, cooked ‘low and slow’, the meats are best served with a handful of sides, like crunchy slaw, crispy fries, and onions rings, add up some fresh salad for your five a day.

The range of over 40 sauces can help you to customize any dish and to dip those to die for crispy chicken wings. 

Not on meat? No problem, why not have desserts and stay cool with some awesome drink

while shopping on some cool merchandise

There's also an amazing menu for kids so you can definitely bring the tots here too anytime.

Bike N Bites
39 2 b St. Box Park
Dubai, UAE

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Festive Menu Take Away

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Hello everyone!!!

Today is my last day at work before I take a week long leave. The kids are on their winter holiday from school and I thought I'd spend some time with them. We are two days away from Christmas and a week before we bid goodbye to 2015 and the kids are really excited.

I am not done with my gift shopping yet and I'm still thinking about what food to serve for our Noche Buena. Can you feel I'm panicking? The good thing, Hubby told me that we are spending Christmas eve at a friends house for a potluck party. Each can bring one or couple of dishes to share with everyone, which is fine by me.

Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet presents its pre-order Festive menu with a rich selection of flavors including its signature smoked duck with foie gras, canadian lobster, classic whole roasted turkey and much more, available for both take-away and delivery. If you are also looking for a place to get your festive dishes like me, this is one place I can suggest.

We tried their classic roasted turkey before priced at AED 690 with all its sides enough to feed 8 to 10 guest and family members. It was a lovely feast which I'm sure you and your guest will enjoy.

What's a Christmas eve without sweets? Minced pies, Christmas pudding and yule logs are also available for take away.

To complete your shopping list and not cram for gift shopping, why not gift a hamper?

Galleries Lafayette is at the second floor of Dubai Mall, for orders and take away you can call Le Gourmet at 04-3399933 email :

Problem solved!

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Benjamin Moore Holiday Worskhop at The Change Initiative

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I am not aware what The Change Initiative is about until an invitation to attend Benjamin Moore's chalkboard paint workshop landed on my inbox.

My daughter asked me before to buy her some chalkboard paints for her personal art projects which I never had the chance to oblige but then came this workshop invitation and I remember her request. I excitedly confirmed our attendance because it is a workshop designed for kids and I am sure that my son and my daughter will be delighted.

I honestly thought that The Change Initiative is an art exhibit but it turned out to be a store selling all sorts of interesting, unique, beautiful and most importantly eco-friendly products. They also house a cafe selling healthy food that suits the vision and mission of the company.

The other kids were halfway through their artwork when we arrive. Ana accommodated us and we were handed with a Benjamin Moore labelled salad bowl and a water bottle to work on. We were also given three small containers of washable red, green (the colors of the season) and black chalkboard paints to use.

Suited with our apron and armed with a foam roller and paintbrush, we work quickly to catch up. I let Mica work on her own and let the creativity flow while I help Prince with his bottle.

After we're done painting the glass bowl and bottle, we moved it to a table where everybody else placed their work to dry.

The kids work were all amazing! Each piece was labeled with the child's name.

After a delicious breakfast, they all went to doodle on this huge board that says "Chalk you holiday!"

Here's  Ms. Tony Snider - Color Specialist at Benjamin Moore who gave her tips and trick earlier in the workshop having some fun with the kids.

My son was indeed having fun who then raised both hands and said "raise your hands in the air like you even don't care!" It's so good to look at these free-spirited younglings! Just like an artist who is free to create anything.

Here are further tips on how you can used chalkboard paints to make your home a little more homey.

Option #1: Wall painting to create the right mood
Paint one of the walls in chalkboard paint in your kids’ bedroom or paint some piece of furniture somewhere in the living. The paint helps turn any space in home into writing surface, making it a more functional and fun to use. It’s safe so even if your children have any allergies there is no need for you to worry. If you are bored with classical colours, with more than 3,300 hues in the Benjamin Moore system you can go creative and create any design you want.

Option #2: Create an easy-to-update family calendar
Planning a vacation or don’t want to miss your kids’ football match? Use the chalkboard paint to create a family calendar on your kitchen wall or even fridge that you can easily update every month. Use it to keep track of everyone's schedules, from school events to meetings and games. Assign each family member a different colour so you can not only keep track of things but have fun as a family. 

Option #3: Table painting to enjoy your every meal
Turn any space in your home into a writing surface. From a reusable, eco-friendly list maker to a drawing surface, wall calendar, or child's activity centre, these creative ways to use chalkboard paint will make your home even more functional. Your kids can’t sit still while whey are eating, then paint the surface of your table with the chalkboard paint. Now they can enjoy their meal and paint at the same time. How easy it is!

Option #4: Labelled Dresser Drawers
Forget about those days when your children were fighting for drawers. With the chalkboard you can allocate each dressing drawer, labeling them with your family members’ names. You can go further and add categories like shirts, jeans, dresses; even your husband will know where he can find his favourite socks now.

Option #5: Flowerpot Labels so you can enjoy your hobby
If you enjoy growing herbs indoors, paint terracotta planters with chalkboard paint. Then label the pots with chalk to keep track of exactly what's growing where—from basil to mint.

Option #6: Organize your day in creative way
Do you have too many errands to run every day and afraid of forgetting something? Then keep track of all the things you need to get done by applying chalkboard paint to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. This way your message space will be easily accessible to you, but not visible to your visitors.

Be different and creative every day with fabulous designs. Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint, available in any colour, lets you turn virtually any interior surface into an easy-to-clean chalkboard. It goes on smoothly, just like other paints—and with lots of fun colours to choose from, the interior no longer has to be boring.

Founded in 1883, Benjamin Moore is North America’s favorite paint, color and coatings brand. A leading manufacturer of premium quality residential and commercial coatings, Benjamin Moore maintains a relentless commitment to innovation and sustainable manufacturing practices. The portfolio spans the brand’s flagship paint lines including Aura, Regal Select, Ben & UltraSpec as well as the most environmentally friendly premium paint in the marketplace today, Natura. Benjamin Moore is renowned for its expansive color portfolio, offering consumers and designers more than 3,500 colors. Benjamin Moore paints are now available in GCC markets through locally owned and operated paint and decorating retailers.
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Al Aryam Island Camping

We discovered a new camping and fishing site in Abu Dhabi that rendered us memories to cherish for a lifetime.

This is a longish post, you might want to grab a cuppa and snuggle a little inside your duvet while reading, I promise this one is amazing!

Al Aryam Island Abu Dhabi

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Friday Double Brunch at Nosh Movenpick JBR

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Another Friday yet another fantastic brunch, this time at nosh Restaurant, Movenpick Hotel, Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

We've been in this restaurant twice before and both times were amazing. You can read about our dining experiences here and here.

nosh never seizes to amaze me. The kids buffet spread inside the kids room is wonderful. This is a wow factor for families and parents like me. It was so thoughtful of nosh to actually put up something really special for the kids, one notch higher. I think even the picky eaters can't say no to these, it's not just pretty but healthy too.

I have no problem with my kids eating habits, they eat what we eat but this surely made them smile wider.

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Pik-Nik at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi

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I woke up this morning with the sun peeking at my windows sill.

I jumped out of the bed to take a look outside and it already stopped raining. It was raining for a couple of days but today is bright and sunny. 

We usually have an unlimited perfectly painted blue sky like this every single day here in Dubai and since we are already in November, there's a hint of winter in the air.

I hope the weekend will be as bright, clear and sunny like today so we can all have a wonderful time outdoors, go to the beach or the park or go on a picnic...

Pik Nik - British style at the grounds of The Westin Mina Seyah would be nice, just like what we did a couple of weeks ago.
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Super Mom Forum: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Children

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Super Mom Forum

Technology has become a part of our daily lives. Everybody uses technology one way or the other including small children. Technology is not limited to just TV and smart phones or tablets. There are also the gaming consoles, handheld gaming devices, radio, music consoles, navigators in our cars and many many more. All these made our lives so much easier and communication so much faster

In a recent forum I attended called Super Mom Forum, organized by Little Explorers Dubai and Key Nursery in coordination with Dubai Tourism and Majid Al Futtaim, the speaker and psychologist Celine Chahine gave an insightful talk about technology, its advantages and disadvantages to our children and I'm glad I attended it. Knowing the harm it can bring to my children, it only strengthen my desire to keep guiding my kids in the use of technology.

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Yum Cha Night at the China Club

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Dim Sums are amazing. Those small pockets of dough wrapped around a delicious filling is something I can't say no to. The most common dumpling I know and grew up with are sui mai (siomai) and siew bao (siopao) but there are so many kinds of dim sums and I'm crazy about them.

When my sister came to Dubai for another training, we seize the opportunity to catch up over dinner at the charming The China Club in Radisson Blu Deira Creek.

Each corner of The China Club is balanced and relaxed, something so distinctive to every Chinese restaurant.

Yum Cha is an eat all you can dim sum experience which got our dumpling cravings covered. It's not just all about dim sums though, there's a lot more and for just 99 dirhams per person with free flowing iced tea infused with fresh fruit juices.

We started off with some hearty hot and sour soup for me and chicken and corn soup for the rest of the family and some individual serving of cold noodles for starters.

I like noodles but I like them hot. I still tried it and it wasn't bad at all. The heat of the spice gives a kick on that appetite required for all the dim sums we planned to devour later.

And as I was thinking about it, platters of fried dim sums arrived.

All are delicious but somehow one will still stand out from the crowd. We love the deep fried banana/custard milk, it is sweet inside and crunchy on the outside perfectly paired with the other savory dim sums on the platter.

Nothing can beat a mix of sweet and savoury fried dim sum. We just keep on reaching for each pocket of goodness one after the other.

It's comfort food overload for us.

I tell you the steamed counterparts were equally delectable. When we're done with the fried ones, the staff wheeled the red dim sum trolley and we ordered different types for our table

One by one, different dim sums still steaming hot inside its bamboo steamer was placed on our table. honey chicken char siew bao, chicken mushroom and ginger, chicken in black bean sauce, har gau and siew mai with crab roe etc...

Prince's favorites were the steamed honey chicken char siew bao, and steamed chicken in black bean sauce.

Each dim sum has its own distinct flavor and we liked them all including the exotic diced octopus in satay sauce.

When everybody agreed that they had enough, we ordered dessert. We all had a serving of chilled coconut cream and sago pearls. It was sweet, creamy and satisfying, perfect ending for one heavy meal.

I know dim sum is suppose to be a light meal but with all that dim sum we had, it gets quite heavy so some hot tea was in order.

We linger some more in the restaurant loading up with more stories of our lives in Dubai and in Qatar. A couple of hours is sure not enough but at least we had chances like these to bond.

After we finished our tea, we say our thank yous to our host and bid farewell.

Have you tried Yum Cha nights at The China Club Radisson Blu Deira Creek? How was your experience? Please feel free to share it in the comment box below.

If not yet, I recommend you to take the whole gang to try it, it will be fun!!!

Radisson Blu Deira Creek
Tel: +971 4 205 7033/7034
12:30 - 15:00 (Daily)
19:30 - 23:00 (Daily)
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