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When In Vienna, Don't Forget the Schnitzel

Apart from history books I've read and movies I've watched, I first heard about Vienna when one of my college classmates bid farewell to us one day. She said she will be moving to Austria to continue her education over there. We were sad that a friend is leaving us but at the same time we were happy for her. I haven't heard of her until the internet and social media made the world closer. After many years, we meet again on Facebook. Looking at my friends photos around Austria made me include this country particularly Vienna in my wish list to visit. The longing to experience Vienna intensified when I accepted this project. After a good chat with my friend earlier today, I wanted to pack and jump into a plane to Austria even I know in the back of my head that that's a ridiculous plan. Me in Vienna in winter? I always say that my body was designed only for tropical and arid weather as I can't stand the cold. I always have cold hands and feet and I freeze in the s

Dubai Food Scene: Tuesday Asian Night at The Avenue Restaurant Gloria Hotels and Apartments

I am sold to those who give reverence to Filipino cuisine and I am elated to know that The Avenue Restaurant in Yassat Gloria Hotel and Apartments serves Filipino dishes in their Asian Themed Nights every Tuesday. Something that we seldom see in other restaurants who offered Asian themed nights dinner.

The White Room

I've recently discovered one of the best salons in Dubai Marina area, The White Room Beauty and Spa Lounge . It's now on top of my list when I want some highly efficient, affordable and luxurious pampering. My appointment was at 7 pm on a Thursday but due to work load, I needed to call them to adjust it at a later time which they accommodated even with a very tight and busy schedule. When I arrive, the staff greeted me with a smile and offered some refreshments. The lady who assisted me showed me a large collection of nail polish to choose from. I picked Esse leading lady and it suites my hands perfectly. We entered a stunning white room, it was immaculate. I don't have a photo of it though, it felt awkward to take photos with other ladies having their hands and feet done and with just a towel wrap around the waist The pedicure started with a warm foot soak, scrub and foot and leg massage, it felt heavenly. The same for the hands follow suit

5 Easy Steps for a Smooth Philippines Passport Renewal in Dubai

When our passports expired in August last year, I dreaded the renewal process. Philippines passport renewal in Dubai can be tedious but surprisingly this time around, it wasn't that hard and lengthy as I expected it would be. It was easier and faster compared to the process I've gone through five years ago. Even with two kids in tow whose passports are also to be renewed, we didn't feel annoyed nor waited too long in line.

Life Updates!!!

Finally, I have the time to post an update, and honestly, I don't know where to begin. How about this? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!!  I know, I'm too early for next year hahaha :D but better late than never sabi nga nila! OMG, I got so busy and caught up in all the action during the holidays, I never even had the chance to post a greeting here on the blog. To make up for the lost time and to ward off all the dust and cobwebs here, I'll just give you a random update of what has transpired with our life during the holidays. The first thing I remember now is how much fun we had during the bloggers Christmas party. 2015 was my year of friendship, these are the wonderful bloggers and their family I am privileged to be friends with online and offline. Beautiful, unique and witty people!