Oil paintings of fictional women

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I had a fabulous find, fab oil paintings of women by Jeff Lyons which I can't wait to show Mica tonight. They are awesome and pretty, I would love to pose for him for a painting, I wonder how I will look like on an oil canvas. These are some of my favorites

They are all pretty actually and it reminds me of my daughter drawing

Mr.  Lyons was kind enough to reply to the message I send him, it was an honor for me, thank you sir,

Thank you very much Carla. I appreciate your kind comments. The 'girlfriends' look good on your blog. Your daughters picture is cute, too. :)

Jeff Lyons
Visual Artist, Portrait Painter


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Hello Jeff,
I just love your art, I published your work on my website(www.myyellowbells.blogspot.com) linking back to you, when I saw them, I remember my 7 year old daughters drawing. Love it, my colleague saw It and she did like your work too.



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Playful Art

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Used MS Paint to make these - my signature incorporated in it. It is one of those days when scribbles help pass the time. It reminds me of Batibot's Luningning and Lugingging.

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Air Conditioning Woes

Its been a week since the AC broke down. Its been a week that we are relying on the only electric fan we have at home. Why now, why not before when the heat was still tolerable? My kids are both sick, coughing and having runny nose like me and their dad. We all got sick because of the heat and sweating while asleep.

The AC mechanic promised to bring the new compressor only on Tuesday and that's two days from now, how can we survive the heat?

On the first day we made the complaint, an AC technician came to our house and took a part of the AC machine that is not working. I called up to follow up and he said it will take a week to finish the job. I ask, I beg, and I pleaded for him to work on it asap and bring it back to me the following day because I have kids and unlike us it is hard for them to tolerate the heat.  He did what he was told, he came back, fix the part back to the machine and left. But the AC isn't working still, not enough air blowing to cool down the room, I called the person but was not answering his mobile.

We rang his supervisor and he promised to take actions towards the issue but still nothing happened. My husband was furious. We went to the landlords office and on our way we met with the maintenance manager at the stairs, he told us that there is no need to file a compalint. He called the supervisor and the technician to see if they have completed the job, our other complaints were fixed but not the AC. They send another person but that guy only cleaned the filter not fixed the AC. He comes and goes and the AC temp is still 30 degrees and up. My husband was already squabbling over the phone with the technician, he was mad and was very upset now.

We visited the landlord's office again this time determined to make a complaint and we were assisted at once by the ladies at the reception. They called up to the technician but the guy told them the job was done, they let us talk to him and let him know that we are complaining about their unfinished lousy work. After some more calls, the ladies told us that somebody is at the house now checking the AC and let us go home to see how they are doing. We were asked to call them back if still the work is not done properly. We went back home, that technician was saying that they need to change the compressor, it is karban (broken). I called the supervisor again, I suggested that he can take another AC machine compressor that is working from some unoccupied flats in the building and fixed to my AC but he says they cannot do that and we have to wait for Tuesday. I told him I cannot wait for Tuesday, he must do something, he again promised to make it before Tuesday but I doubt it. I just hope he keeps his promise and fix that damn AC.
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No school for today

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Mica won't get out of bed this morning to prepare for school inspite of all our combined efforts to wake her up. First was a morning greeting from her aunt, then some shake-your-body technique from his dad followed by lots of chatting, talking and encouragement from me. Today nothing worked out, I felt she was exhausted and was complaining about the prickly pain in her arm resulting from the MMR injection given by the school resident nurse last Thursday. Eyes halfshut, she would whisper to me that the pain may last for five to ten days according to one of her schoolmate-friend who had the same vaccine which she actually believes :).  At the back of my head it says she has to get up and prepare for school but the mom in me doesn't have the heart the push my daughter to something beyond her health and stregth so I give in. No school today. I tuck her back into bed, give her kisses in the forehead. I told her lovingly that today she can take lots of rest and I headed out the door and went off to work.

Before lunch break, I gave her a call. "Did you have a good sleep, at what time did you wake up?" "good and I woke up at half past eleven" she replied. "Did you have some breakfast?" "No not yet and I am not hungry yet." Here goes mom, "Mica today I allow you not to go to school so you can take a lot of rest to make you feel better but tomorrow we are going to school." " yes mommy!" I am but worried that YES today and NO tomorrow morning, oh dear.

I read an article from a fellow blogger called Mrs. Dubai that she has to put her DD to bed by eight pm because that's the only way she can get up at six in the morning. How can I do that when I only reach home at eight pm, cook dinner for an hour, have dinner on the next, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen for another thirty minutes which means by the time I finish, it is half past ten and we still have homeworks to do and bedtime stories to read?

Oh dear!
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So it was mother's day yesterday and everyone was greeting their mothers, mine was a mess because mommy's mobile was apparently switch off or out of coverage area. Northern Luzon was experiencing a tropical depression and it might be the reason of the phone signal interruption. :( well probably not-maybe my mom needs a newer gadget :)  and so I told my sister. :) :)

I ring my sister too and we share the same story of an unreacheable mobile phone of mom, I felt bad but what else can I do. I later on send her an sms hoping that she will receive it and might call me back. 

When I reached home last night , I saw my daughter working on a sheet  of paper at the dining table, she was excited and was in a hurry to finish whatever she was doing, she was hiding it from me, she said it was surprise. After sometime, she handed me an envelope, I knew that it was a mothers day greeting card but I was suprised more to see two identical drawings of me and her.  I liked the drawing a lot, Mica seems to have a talent for it, a budding artist. I showed it to Ferald and he had the same idea about the art. I asked her to add some colors but she refused but then I guess even without colors it is just perfect. My daughter emulates me is a fact that makes my heart leap for joy, well I hope not just in drawings but in real life. That only means that I must as her mother serves as a perfect role model. Parenting is a tough job for mothers but we are created by God for this job and we are entrusted with lives that we need to shape up untill they can live on their own.  My prayer is this "Dear God, thank you for the soul you have entrusted on me, may you give me courage and strength to endure the hardships of parenting and savour the joys of it. May I lead and shape the life of my children to the best path and form and that I may we worthy of becoming their mother. Amen"
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Prince 1st Birthday and Mica's 7th Birthday party - planning

After watching the video of our son and daughter‘s birthday celebration the other night I whispered to my husband “ok rin naman pala ang kinalabasan ng birthday ng mga bata” (the birthday celebration of the kids turned out fine) while squeezing his hand feeling relieved of the stress I had while planning the event.

Two months before, I started scouting for the things needed to put up an exceptional birthday party for them. My kids share the same birth month and it is very special because Prince turns one and Mica turns seven, both a milestone. It wasn’t easy to plan a party so I got a pen and paper, write down the questions in my head and answer them myself too and by doing that I had the complete idea of what I have to accomplish.

What will be the party theme?
Answer: I thought of having a dress up party and the theme would be prince and princess but then I find it hard to get hold of a prince costume for my son so to make things simple, I have decided to make a general dress up party theme where kids can enjoy wearing their favorite costume whether a super hero, a fairy, or a princess. I was a good move though because I had nine charming characters at the party.

What will be my kid’s costume?
Answer: Mica wanted to dress up like a princess and as a rock star. We have searched every store to find a beautiful Disney princess dress and a Hannah Montana costume but to no avail. When I am settled with the dress we bought for her, madam Lina - a long time family friend gifted Mica a gown in gold color like that of Disney princess Belles ball gown and for the Hanna Montana – I got everything from Claire’s except the white shirt. On the other hand, we dress up Prince with a superman costume anyway he’s too young to decide for himself :)

How about the cakes?
Answer: Following the kid’s costumes and theme of the party, we ask a local Filipino bakery shop to make for them a picture cake with their picture wearing their costumes and some cupcakes to make it more appealing to the kids. It was courtesy of Jhoce - my sister who now lives in Qatar.

What will be the giveaways and what will be inside the loot bags?
Answer: We wanted to have something extra for the kids aside from the toys to be given away by KFC so we have prepared loot bags filled with toys and sweet treats!

Where is the venue?
Answer: This one is quite complicated and a bit tiring too, searching over the internet will give you names of party venues in Dubai (there is a huge list) a personal visit can give you a bigger picture of what and how will be the set up of your party. There are things to consider like the size and the number of guest, the location – is it accessible for everyone and is it easy to find, parking area – do they have an ample parking space, I also consider the ambiance if my guest will be comfortable. I have checked venues of parties we previously attended, each one has a lot to offer but there is another thing I need to consider and that is the budget. KFC Party Hall between Dubai Sharjah Highway gave me all the answers and I was happy about it.

Shall I use the invitations provided by KFC or I prefer DIY?
Answer: Most of the time, I prefer DIY invitations, I always get a little help from the internet for ideas and more often I come up with my own design like for example that of Mica’s first birthday, Prince Baptism and now for their 1st and 7th birthday. Since most our friends are on FB, I just upload the DIY invite and tag them one by one. For those friends who hardly have access to the net, I printed some invites and distribute it to them. I created this using only MS word.

What food to serve and what kind of entertainment is available for kids?
Answer: KFC Party Hall have a tailor made party package and we opt for it, less hassle since they will take care of the food (Hardees, KFC, Chicken Tikka, Pizza Hut, Krispy Kreme etc), giveaways (Hardees toys, free tickets to Dubai Dolphinarium for kids and 50% discount vouchers to Wonderland), and entertainment (Balloon twisting, Face Painting, Magic Show and their very own mascot for Chicky Show). They also allow two dishes to be served apart from their menu.

How much to spend for the party?
Answer: We wanted the party to be exceptional – we only wanted the best for our kids but not to the extent of being too lavish. Let say we make sure everything is sufficient but still within the budget.

At the last minute, I prepared and had printed a banner design for the photo booth but it wasn’t’ used that much except it became a stage backdrop. To sum it up, the party was indeed a success more than ever we wanted our children's happiness!

Did you find this article useful, do you have more tips about planning a children's party, go ahead share it to us at the comment section.
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Characters at the dress up birthday party of my kids


Disney Princess - Belle (Mica-birthday celebrant)

Hannah Monatana - Mica (birthday celebrant)

Superman - Prince (birthday celebrant)

Twin Bikers - Justine and Grant

Ladybird - Amstel

Harry Potter (best costume boys category)- Renzo

Flower Fairies - Chinchin and Lean

Baby eggplant (best costume girl category)- Samantha

Goblin - Bambam
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Summer is here and we must enjoy the sun before it gets too hot. We were at Dreamland Aqua Park-Umm Al Quwain yesterday for an extension of Prince and Mica's birthday celebration.

Before that, I got two complimentary tickets from Sharaf DG and was valid until 30th of April so Ferald and I decided to use it. We will have to pay for Mica, Ferald's sister and his sister's friend while Prince get to enjoy for free. :)

I visited the parks website beforehand to see if they have any special offer and I got 100 AED off for the second ticket with minimum purchase of two general admission. It was a great offer indeed, not only that, I got another 100 AED off for tickets on our next visit, ticket is valid up to end of August plus a free water gun for kids. It was amazing and I assure you, you'll get the value for your money. Dreamland Aqua Park has over 30 thrilling rides. crazy slides, and other attractions. They also have an Amphitheatre and a mini zoo, overnight waterside camp, pool bar for cocktails and shisha.

Dreamland Aqua Park is in Umm Al Quwain, Ittihad Road, through Emirates Road, Exit 103

Note: Fridays and Public Holidays are family days

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